The use of green tea for weight loss

For centuries green tea by the peoples of the East and Asia remains one of the most popular drinks. It is well quenches thirst and cleanses the intestines. Nutritionists say that it also helps to get rid of extra pounds and promotes longevity. How it works and how useful green tea for weight loss, let's deal today.

This healthy beverage has become popular with residents of China, who first began to use it. Today green tea is famous around the world. It is widely used for healing the body and weight loss.

The benefits of green tea

green tea for weight loss

Green and black tea is a beverage from the leaves of one plant. But the first is more useful than the second. Why? When creating green tea leaves are less subject to oxidation than the leaves black. Therefore, the properties of green tea remain intact.

In addition, it consists of useful elements that positively affect the body. Among them:

  • catechins;
  • tannin;
  • caffeine;
  • theanine;
  • vitamins a, B1, B2, C, E, K, P;
  • manganese, potassium, zinc;
  • phosphorus, copper, calcium.

Besides, this healthy drink affect weight loss, improves the digestive system, strengthens bones, nails and hair.

The secret of slimming green tea

It is scientifically proven that this drink is able to burn extra pounds. But how exactly green tea helps with weight loss? Start burning fat is due to the substances that are part of the tea. In addition, they are able to temporarily dull the feeling of hunger and bring the excess fluid from the body.

Connoisseurs of this drink prefer tea with large leaves. And this is understandable, as in the packaged product add harmful additives — flavoring agents and dyes. Use this tea to anything good will not, so it is better to buy real loose, the price is usually higher.

The benefits of green tea for weight loss has long been known. There is even a special scheme of drinking the beverage, which helps to lose weight.

  1. Recommended to drink a Cup of green tea 30 minutes before meals and a Cup after.
  2. Necessary to abandon the sweet and starchy foods, less fried and fatty.
  3. The diet should be complete.
  4. Daily serving of tea — no more than 5 cups. Drinking in excess leads to poor absorption of iron.
  5. You need to eliminate bad habits and to move more.

How to brew

Tea saves the properties only if it is properly brewed. There are two main rules:

  • For welding use clean purified water without calcium and chlorine.
  • The temperature of the liquid in the preparation of the drink should be 80-90 degrees.

The perfect drink for weight loss

Tea helps to get rid of the unloved volumes — a question that nutritionists definitely answer "Yes!". On the effectiveness of green tea they say, and customer reviews. However, the types of tea there are so many. Some of them have a beneficial effect on our mood, some on the General state of the organism. We are also interested in those that start the process of losing weight. Here are some of them:

  • with ginger;
  • with lemon;
  • with honey;
  • mint;
  • cinnamon;
  • Oolong;
  • PU-erh tea.

With ginger

Green tea with ginger is effective for weight loss. In addition to root, you can add lemon and mint and other natural supplements.

So what is the secret of losing weight with green tea? It is a perfect combination of antioxidants and amino acids that are contained in the root and tea leaves. This combo is able to carry out "cleansing" the body and bring all the excess. Also ginger is a known source of vitamins. It contains:

  • vitamin b;
  • vitamin B1;
  • vitamin C.

To prepare the drink for weight loss, you need to use fresh ginger. It either crushed, grated or cut into small pieces. Then the mixture of green tea and crushed root pour the brine boiling temperature is about 90 degrees. Also in the mix you can add 1 teaspoon of honey, which gives a special flavor.

With lemon

green tea

Green tea with lemon fights well with the extra curves of the body. It tones and has a diuretic effect, that is able to excrete the excess fluid. This causes a visible slimming effect.


  • The combination of lemon strengthens the immune system and nourishes the body with vitamins.
  • This drink is able to normalize the blood sugar level.
  • Lemon is a powerful diuretic.

Recipe loose green tea with lemon peel is very simple — first, prepare a drink of green leaves, pouring them with boiling water twice and then add the citrus juice and grated lemon zest. In this case, lemon tea, you can add pieces of ginger root, dried chamomile and mint leaves. It would be a betrayal of the broth extra flavor and will give a nice taste.

With honey

Green tea with honey is a great substitute for ordinary tea with sugar for the sweet tooth who want to lose weight. Of course, when losing weight of sugar should be abandoned altogether. However, this natural Supplement is a good way out.

Honey green tea is an excellent drink for weight loss, cleanse your body and quench your thirst. It is recommended to add one teaspoon of honey in a serving of tea.

It is known that the nutrients contained in honey, can not stand high temperatures: when exposed to boiling water, they lose their properties. So add the honey should cold water. So can keep all substances in this product. In addition, honey not simple carbohydrates, so it is impossible to recover.


Green mint tea improves the function of the GASTROINTESTINAL tract, and is used in disorders of the stomach. Mint leaves contain vitamins A, C and B12, menthol, and other useful items.

If you decide to lose weight with this drink, then, according to dietitians, green decoction should be prepared from fresh mint leaves. There are two popular method of brewing tea.

  • 1-2 tsp dried mint leaves pour boiling water and leave in the glass for 10-15 minutes. Solution, pre-filtered, drinking five times a day. For added flavor, in a Cup add 5 fresh leaves.
  • In a Cup of infusion prepared with various herbs or plain black tea, add one drop of natural peppermint oil.


Spices for many centuries, are a favorite additive in the East. Nutritionists recommend adding different seasonings to the meals to speed up metabolism and fat burning. One of the favorite lose weight spices — cinnamon. It is added to food and drinks to start the process of weight loss and, of course, give a special flavor.

Experts say that green tea with cinnamon has beneficial effects on the body:

  • enhances immunity;
  • promotes weight loss;
  • cleanses the intestines;
  • speeds up metabolism almost 20 times;
  • removes toxins and harmful substances;
  • reduces the level of blood sugar.

Brewing green tea with cinnamon just — in-brewed drink for a few minutes and added a sprig of spice. It is important then to extract it, otherwise it will be very bitter. Instead of twigs you can add 5 g of powder of ground spices. In the broth, you can slice the Apple, his pieces give the tea a fruity touch.

As in all cases, make green tea, it is also possible to add various herbs, spices and sweeteners honey, which will not damage your figure.

Oolong Tea

Chinese Oolong tea, or otherwise "turquoise tea", still remains one of the most favorite drinks in the East. Due to the special method of preparation, the product is valued for its useful properties and unusual taste. Oolong tea has beneficial effects on the human condition, it is a source of useful elements and vitamins like E, B1, B6, B12, D, C, K.

A special substance that promotes weight loss, here is polyphenol. He "breaks down fat and speeds up metabolism, so the Oolong tea for weight loss sometimes even put in the first rows.

Drink recipe:

  1. You need to boil water and cool it to 90 degrees.
  2. Warm up the teapot, pouring him a couple of times with boiling water.
  3. Wipe capacity dry.
  4. Add the tea, at the rate of 1 tsp per Cup.
  5. Pour hot water and leave the drink to infuse for 5 minutes.
  6. Pour into cups and add honey to taste and lemon.



Tea Shu Puer is a type of Chinese green tea Puer. Its main value — the impact on the human body. Special microflora developing during maturation of tea, normalizes metabolism, promotes fat burning and reduces bad cholesterol.

Like any other form of green tea, this drink is good in hot weather. It removes harmful substances, has a beneficial effect on the GASTROINTESTINAL tract, normalizes chair. Nutritionists recommend active weight loss to eat Chinese Shu Puer. The reviews of this tea say that it is an effective way to find a figure of dreams.

For welding must comply with the following ratio — 4 g leaves pour 150 ml of hot water, temperature up to 90 degrees. To prepare tea better for weight loss in an earthen or porcelain dish with the best Chinese traditions.

Tea extract

Green tea extract is a dietary Supplement for weight loss. It effectively stimulates the metabolism and take it as a tonic.

There is a huge amount of positive feedback from happy women who are happy with the result of the action of this extract. Doctors recommend to use it as immunostimulating and bracing means.

Green tea extract is a wonderful antioxidant that will cleanse the body of excess fluid and excess blood sugar. All this has a beneficial effect on the process of weight loss.

Studies show that natural green tea promotes weight loss. While taking tea the purification of the body, normalization of metabolic processes, strengthen immunity and rejuvenation. And with the help of additives such as honey, various herbs and spices, you can every day to change the taste of the usual drink.