The Dukan diet with a detailed description of each phase and tables

The Dukan diet designed by the famous French nutritionist by the Fifth courier Dukan in 1975, a 30-year history of continuous development has reached perfection.

Pierre Dukan

Differs from most analogues in the fact that weight loss does not pop associated with the overworking of the body, limiting yourself to the amount of food, and more associated with reliable fastening result. It is not surprising that such a successful method has been wildly popular.

Dr. Dukan is one of the largest and most influential experts in the field of dietetics. The recipes of its techniques of confrontation obesity in millions of copies. Continuing to improve your weapon against fat around the waist, Pierre Dukan EP subsequently created an Express version of its diet, "the Ladder of weight loss".

The essence of Dukan diet

Protein diet according to the method delineated includes 4 phases:

  1. Short-term protein "Attack" excludes all but the rich protein content foods. At this point, jumping lost excess weight.
  2. "Cruise" ("Striping") a more lenient thou develops the theme: fully alternating protein days with mixed protein and vegetables, weight to reach the target.
  3. Phase of "Consolidation" ("Consolidation") required to restore normal diet. Smoothly are therefore fruit, bread, cheese, starchy foods.
  4. From the normal mode to the power phase "Stabilization" differs only in the fact that one day, once a week is pure protein, as in the "Attack".

Food enriched with protein (eggs, lean meat, seafood, dairy products to 1% fat) used unlimited. Since the beginning of the compliance methods the result is obvious. Pounds melt at the sight. Lose weight adipose tissue, soft references are maintained. So m atovi tone, forms a smooth elastic curve remains. Clear and smooth separation of the phases not only removes weight but also secures a successful weight loss. Skin, hair, nails improve. Feeling on top.

The author, Pierre Dukan EP insists on the need to comply with "protein days" (every Thursday) until the end of life. One fasting day will allow you to fix dialed in a week or two weight.


The duration of the diet Ducane unstable. The duration of each phase of the Dukan diet are defined by the number of pounds which are going to get rid of. Each person has their own, best suited for other options, weight, worth striving for. Faster and easier to find out your ideal weight based on which to calculate the number of days of diet, make online calculator calculate ideal weight placed on the website.

A list of products

Weight loss not so much of human limits in the available dishes. Moreover, with each phase, the range of used products is increasing.

A list of recommended protein products. On them is based the whole methodology:

  • Lean meats (lean ham, beef, white meat chicken, Turkey, rabbit);
  • Internal organs (tongue, kidneys, liver);
  • Fish and seafood (mussels, shrimp, squid meat, crayfish, caviar);
  • Dairy products without fat (milk, yogurt, cheese, yogurt – up to 1%);
  • Tofu.

Non-protein foods for Dukan diet:

  • Tea (black, green, herbal);
  • Coffee (brewed, instant, but not 3 in 1);
  • Every day you can consume 1 teaspoon of cocoa-fat to 14%;
  • To 3 tablespoons corn starch or skimmed milk per day;
  • Wheat bran – 1 tablespoon per day;
  • Seasonings (salt, dill, cumin, zest, mustard);
  • Flavorings, such as vanillin, gelatin, food flavors, leavening agents of the dough.
Products Diet

Do not forget that spices can irritate the mucosa of the mouth and stomach and exacerbate hunger. It is recommended not to overdo it with the pepper, paprika, curry and hot spices such. Onions – enough for one piece a day.

Will definitely ruin the mode at all stages:

  • To drink alcohol;
  • Sugar, and sorbitol, sucrose, fructose, dextrose, and the like;
  • Fruits like bananas, grapes, cherries;
  • Potatoes;
  • Butter, fat, mayonnaise, fatty sauces;
  • White bread.

If you want sweet well very much, you can use synthetic, non-carbohydrate sweeteners.

Start diet

Begins the most time-consuming stage, where there is only a food on the allowed list. Then added low-calorie vegetables, on the third valid is a little pasta or cheese, when there is consolidation. Plus, to avoid mental stress and possible disruption, once a week you can arrange a holiday.

Even prohibited alcohol or chocolate desserts will cease to bring to mind with every trip to the store became available.

The fourth stage is normal diet six days a week, also changing the kind of Holy, but already the handling of the day, food is only permitted in the list of protein products. The time spent on each segment calculate a special calculator, starting from the required weight.

Need to cook without oil and fat. Roasting of dietary products will fit pans with Teflon coating, cook the recipes without oils grease can and in the microwave, grill, steam.

Diet products

A little secret of success – oat bran. Daily intake gives a feeling of satiety with minimal calories and regulates the excretion of toxins accumulated in the body. And it is a great product to cook porridge, homemade bread and delicious diet desserts.

1.5-2 liters of water to drink per day, non-carbonated mineral or laboratorians ensure the normal results of the body even without dieting. A glass before eating the glass after, to help thoroughly digest food.

Daily walks not only to the store and back, the duration is 20 minutes and a simple exercise, light fitness or body Flex will help you to feel good and to form an attractive shape. Pierre Dukan EP shares another secret to fast weight loss is to avoid the Elevator.

First phase: Attack

To start overcoming their wrong habits difficult. Plus, the body can painfully react to every process of purification of toxins. Stage Attack the grueling procedure and in any case not exceed 10 days. Normally, if there is a slight malaise, tachycardia, drowsiness.

But, this period is the most impressive results. At maximum output for this phase will take at least 60% immediately. After the first unpleasant experience of the body is optimized to include new resources and status will improve. For step Attack, you will lose weight instantly and inevitably.

Protein diet, recommended only for product permitted lists, gives the results: removal of excess fluid in the tissues, the skin will lose splendor, becoming more supple and elastic.

The daily menu for phase Attack is generic. Dishes can be interchanged and combined in its sole discretion. Pre-planned daily diet and recipes will help make every day pleasant and bright. Healthy food is not synonymous with tasteless.

Table menu Attack:

Products of protein breakdown with lack of fluids, disrupt the functioning of the kidneys and lead to serious intoxication. The results can be quite disastrous. It is important to drink more than two liters of water a day and eat bran to cleanse the digestive tract from the residual substances.

The second phase: the Cruise (Alternating)

By the end of this phase of the diet the weight will reach the intended mark. Now a days fall into two categories: protein, which alternate with protein and vegetable. Protein days are reminiscent of the stage of Attack, no different. Nothing but products are valid for the previous period. Mixed protein and vegetable days, but already solved, the connection is in the use of new dietary ingredients:

  • Vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, spinach, cabbage (both conventional and cauliflower, broccoli, asparagus, radish, pumpkin), lettuce, bean pods;
  • Mushrooms;
  • Soy;
  • Filling low-fat dressing sauce.

For the rational use of the method of weight loss Dukano in advance is to consider a scheme of alternating days. The author recommends one protein one day then mixed. But you can find other recipes changing modes, such as three in three, the main condition – that the sum of the duration of the match.

The second phase-the Cruise

For adequate digestion of the increased number of products, bran is now at 2 scoops and like to drink at least 2 litres of water. Habit to walk in the fresh air for half an hour to finally fix the result.

First show after a mixed days the rate of weight loss to decline. In fact, all right: the protein diet, vegetables and bran fix the result of withdrawal of excess water from the tissues. Gradually normalizing your metabolism, water will partially return, but weight loss will continue.

Increased the range of available products will help to diversify the recipes you can cook with pleasure not trivial meals. Below shows an example: daily diet Cruise phase (Alternating), itemized separately on the protein and mixed days.

The third phase: Consolidation (Consolidation)

Heavy days are over. Remains to gain a foothold there. How much time it will take, depends, first, from such a regime, on the basis that every 1 kg lost at a rate of 10 days on average, the exact numbers can be calculated by the calculator. In the calendar tightly prescribed protein per day.

Expanded diversity allowed foods. Already have than to go to the store:

  • Fruit or berries per day, for example Apple, slice of melon, orange. In addition to high carbohydrate (cherry, grape, banana);
  • 100 grams of wholegrain bread;
  • 40 grams of hard cheese with fat content up to 40%. Desirable specialties cheese, goat and processed.

Times a week fit starchy garnish: to 220 grams of whole rice, jacket potatoes (only cooked), lentils, pasta or a maximum of 200 grams of soybean, chickpea, pea, wheat, couscous, polenta. Allowed 2 glasses of dry wine and a couple of tablespoons of honey. Once a week soft the meat ration to expand 150 gr pork meat (even fried).

Protein Thursday: beginning phase of consolidation, once a week (the author recommends every Thursday) is only from the diet phase of the Attack.

In accordance with the principles of the technique Ducane, the use of regular weekly protein discharge end with Timi grams that are recruited for other days and keep permanent results for life. It is important to observe the rules of water intake, bran and half walk. Check out an example of a weekly menu the Consolidation phase.

Fourth stage: Stabilization

This cut is difficult to call a full-fledged stage. Restrictions in the diet is not, as you like, even desserts. Made and fixed the target weight. The differences of this period:

  • Every week – "protein Thursday (or another day);
  • Bran 3 tablespoons in the morning. Do not have to get into the gray product, it is possible to bake bread, lovely desserts: crackers or biscuits;
  • Water and walk. However, it has already become a habit;
  • Try not to consume sugar, flour and potatoes. The more this will be the protein component in foods and vegetables in your menu, the healthier the state of the food;
  • Remember that the person who is active and mobile lives, not recovering at all.

Express option "Stairs weight loss"

The author of the Dukan diet clearly understood that not everyone is able to follow exactly the prescriptions of the long stages. A lot of people wanting to lose weight, you will not be able to do that by using the proposed method, with medical considerations. Protein Dukan diet 7 days to deliver less discomfort, reducing extra pounds.

Continuously upgrading can healthy weight loss, in 2007, he published the book "the Ladder of weight loss" instantly became an international bestseller. Her Fifth EP Dukan offers shorter and not as tedious recipes.

One week is divided into seven conditional degrees by day. Daily, starting Monday, the menu increases with each passing day on one type of product. Consistently growing as a step ladder, Express Dukan diet rises to the resurrection circle is allowed a grocery store. Basic course menu is already known protein Attack phase. Auxiliary elements are also present – there is a bran (2 large spoons), a daily walk 30 minutes and drink 2 liters of water.

After the obtained results begins an analogue of Consolidation with the full version – fixing. For every lost kilogram Sprouts weight loss requires to go to the store 10 days in a row only on Saturday diet.

Daily menu Express diet "Stairs of weight loss":

  • Monday: the Day of a protein meal, as in the full version;
  • Tuesday: Mixed protein and vegetable menu in the Cruise phase (Alternating). You can eat vegetables do not contain starch (cucumbers, cabbage, lettuce, zucchini, onions, tomatoes);
  • Environment: To proteins and vegetables with the opportunity to 150 grams of fruits, except for sugar (banana, cherries, figs – all on the list);
  • Thursday: the Above + whole wheat bread (two slices);
  • Friday: the attached piece of cheese with a fat content of up to 40%. Now, the menu is the phase of Consolidating the full version.
  • Saturday: yesterday's diet combined with 200 grams of cereals, pasta, boiled potatoes;
  • Sunday: good nutrition will crown two glasses of wine and desserts. Every morning, bran.

This simple and healthy diet without any problems gives the results of 750 – 1000 grams per week. Protein ladder, by slow weight loss, gradually rebuilds the metabolism, you're not on the psyche, and most importantly, the skin droops and does not occur rostaski typical for sudden weight loss.