4 basic principles of lazy diet + menu for the week

Summer, sun, sea, beach. . . and mass bodies on deckchairs. This is the image most commonly seen in resorts. But you want to be slim and beautiful all your life, but you do not have enough will to give up harmful "snacks" - smoked fish, sausages, pies and large amounts of milk drink. How to lose weight without changing eating habits? The lazy diet promises you to save as much as 12 kg (! ) Of extra pounds in just two weeks. Is that real?

Water is the basis of a lazy diet

How to lose weight on water? Is a lazy diet a new stupid way to lose weight or a proper water balance to normalize metabolic processes? Let us think, analyze and understand controversial issues.

Diet for the lazy - the essence and principles

If you don't differ in chiseled shapes, and the fat hanging on the side and shiny cheeks prevents you from charming a posh man from the next door, while you can't even be lured to the gym with a poppy seed ring and you can't tear yourself out of a pot of ear borscht, and then try to lose weight for the lazy.

Basic principles

  • Drink 1-2 glasses of water every morning on an empty stomach. It is best if it is hot. Do not sit down immediately for breakfast, wait 20-30 minutes.
  • Before each next meal you need to drink one or two glasses of water and only after half an hour to sit at the table.
  • Never drink anything while eating!
  • After a meal, do not drink anything for an hour and a half to two.

Why you have to drink warm water in the morning

Oriental medicine (the oldest and wisest) has long recommended drinking a glass of warm water (about 40 ° C) in the morning on an empty stomach. This helps to "wake up" the body and all metabolic processes, "washes out" all the mucus and waste products of microorganisms accumulated during the night.

Tibetan monks believe that warm water in the morning prolongs life, gives youth and health. Cold water or iced drinks are the worst things the body can get at the beginning of the day.

Cold water causes vasospasm in the stomach and gallbladder, to eliminate the body secretes a large amount of mucus to protect the walls of the stomach. As a result, digestive processes slow down and bile stagnation occurs.

Instead of preparing the digestive system to absorb nutrients, the body expends energy to heat cold water to body temperature. And this does not contribute to the loss of calories at all, but is stored "in reserve" from the shock.

Hot water on an empty stomach relaxes the muscles of the digestive system, washes away the remnants of long-lasting food and regulates the acid-base balance. And also - improves bowel motility, normalizes daily bowel movements.

Why food cannot be washed with water

Water on a lazy diet should be drunk half an hour before a meal.

Food begins to be digested in the mouth, with the help of saliva. Fluid taken with food degrades the quality and effect of saliva and disrupts the digestive process literally in the first stage.

Once in the stomach, water dilutes gastric juice, which in turn slows digestion. In addition, it significantly stretches the stomach, and this contributes to overeating (the person does not feel full until the entire volume is filled with food) and weight gain.

While eating, you should always chew food thoroughly so that the resulting saliva begins to break down even in your mouth. In addition, prolonged chewing contributes to faster satiety - the brain has time to receive the necessary signals.

Dry food is wrong. It is possible, and even necessary, to include liquid soups and cereals, meat sauce, as well as fresh juicy vegetables in the diet.

Which drinks should be limited or completely excluded during meals

  • Carbonized- contribute to excessive gas production.
  • Hot tea or coffee- slow down digestive processes.
  • Alcohol- adversely affects the liver, irritates the mucous membranes.
  • Chilled drinks- thanks to them, food from the stomach immediately passes into the intestines, without time for digestion. They are one of the reasons for the appearance of overweight.
  • Milk- activates the fermentation process
  • Vegetable or fruit juices- prevent the breakdown and assimilation of proteins due to increased acidity.

If you really want to drink while eating, then the ideal liquid will be warm water in limited quantities.

Mechanism of action

  • Drinking water before meals fills part of the stomach, thus reducing appetite, earlier meals are reduced in a natural way. Accordingly, the amount of calories consumed is reduced.
  • A ban on fluid intake after a meal helps the food to be properly digested and absorbed.
  • Meals become controlled - constantly chewing on something will no longer work.
  • Intake of "wrong" fluids during meals - juices, alcohol, milk, will be significantly limited.
  • Normalizes the water balance in the body, removes excess toxins, regulates the digestive system.


Light dietdesigned for seven days. Its essence is as follows:

  • Half an hour before each meal you need to drink only one glass of water.
  • During the day, eat one and a half to two kilograms of vegetables, preferably without starch (avoid too fatty and high-calorie avocados). Vegetables can be eaten raw as salads, stewed, baked, cooked.

Fast water dietsuggests that you must drink up to three liters of water a day. It is very difficult to drink such an amount daily, so it is recommended to adhere to the diet for no more than three days. These days, it is imperative to take vitamin complexes because calcium, organic compounds, salts and other beneficial substances can be flushed out of the body with fluid.

Permitted and prohibited products

A berry smoothie with a fruity menu on a lazy diet menu

A water diet for the lazy assumes that you cannot change your diet, but for the best effect, it is still advisable to stick to a proper diet.

What can you eat? What is undesirable to eat
  • Vegetables and fruits.
  • Milk products.
  • Seeds and nuts.
  • Fish and seafood.
  • Low-fat varieties of meat and poultry.
  • Eggs.
  • Unpolished cereals.
  • Wholemeal bread.
  • Sugar and sweets.
  • Sausage, smoked meat.
  • Pickles and pickled vegetables.
  • Sauces for fatty stores.
  • Fast food and ready meals.
  • Alcoholic beverages.

Water diet - a menu for every day

The "lazy" diet assumes that you can eat anything, the most important thing is to maintain a proper water balance. However, the positive effect will come faster if the diet is balanced, devoid of fast carbs and unhealthy foods.

3 days

The first day
  • Breakfast. . . "Lazy" oatmeal on kefir with prunes, dried apricots and nuts. Oatmeal, chopped dried fruit and chopped walnuts are topped with low-fat kefir overnight.
  • Dinner. . . Roasted chicken breast decorated with fresh vegetables.
  • Dinner. . . Cheesecakes. Slices of fruit.
Other day
  • Breakfast. . . Omelet of two eggs. A piece of cheese.
  • Dinner. . . Meatball soup. Much of the vegetable salad topped with natural yogurt.
  • Dinner. . . Baked mackerel stuffed with tomatoes and onions.
Third day
  • Breakfast. . . Two boiled eggs. Fresh cabbage salad with carrots, tomatoes and fresh herbs.
  • Dinner. . . Steamed chicken cutlets decorated with brown rice or buckwheat. A mixture of vegetables.
  • Dinner. . . Zucchini fritters. A glass of fat-free kefir.

If you feel hungry between meals, you can eat one or two snacks. But don’t forget the "water" rules - drink 20 minutes before a meal and don’t drink at all two hours after.

In a week

Day of the week Daily meal
  • Breakfast. . . Buckwheat porridge. A mixture of vegetables. Chees Feta ".
  • Dinner. . . Green borscht with sour cream and sour cream. Chicken chop. Fresh cabbage salad with carrots.
  • Dinner. . . Cottage cheese with pieces of fruit.
  • Breakfast. . . Oatmeal with dried fruit.
  • Dinner. . . Vegetable salad. Chicken breast decorated with brown rice.
  • Dinner. . . A slice of roasted fish with vegetables.
  • Breakfast. . . Homemade cottage cheese with pieces of fruit.
  • Dinner. . . Boiled beef. Vegetable stew.
  • Dinner. . . Buckwheat porridge in a pot with mushrooms.
  • Breakfast. . . Omelet with cheese.
  • Dinner. . . Borsch. Steam chops.
  • Dinner. . . Greek salad.
  • Breakfast. . . Cheesecakes.
  • Dinner. . . Vegetable stew.
  • Dinner. . . Fish cakes. Fresh vegetables.
  • Breakfast. . . Two boiled eggs. Sir. Toast.
  • Dinner. . . Roast meat. Fresh vegetable salad.
  • Dinner. . . Milk buckwheat porridge.
  • Breakfast. . . Zucchini pancakes.
  • Dinner. . . Turkey fillet. Millet porridge with sauce. Fresh vegetables.
  • Dinner. . . Hotpot.

Contraindications to diet

Water weight loss is not recommended for those who suffer from diseases of the cardiovascular system, kidneys, liver and digestive organs.

The diet is contraindicated:

  • during pregnancy and lactation;
  • with vitamin deficiency, weak immunity, osteoporosis, diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • children and the elderly.

Doctor's opinion on nutrition

Doctor on the benefits and dangers of a child for the lazy

Everyone knows that clean water is a source of life, health and longevity. You have to drink water, but good! Recently, there is an opinion that a person should drink at least two liters of water a day. However, there is still no scientific explanation for this statement.

Traditional medicine believes that you have to drink as much as you want. And at the time you want. The amount of water you drink depends on many factors - gender, weight, age, climatic conditions, health, physical activity, diet and others.

The "trick" of a lazy diet is to reduce the number of calories ingested by strict drinking control. Even if this is a simple snack or you want to eat sweets, the inner "Cerberus" makes you drink water first, wait 20 minutes, and only then you can eat something as a reward and suffer from thirst for an hour and a half to two hours (fruit is forbiddenalways sweet).

After such manipulations, the diet will be strict and relatively low in calories. Losing weight will automatically give up salty, fatty, sweet, fried and smoked foods, because it is these foods that cause thirst. And you can’t drink after a meal!

The diet "promises" a loss of 8 to 12 kg in two weeks. In such a period it is physically possible to lose weight, but only in a concentration camp. At best, you can lose a few pounds, and then if you add physical activity and restrictions for fast carbs. But such a diet can no longer be called "lazy. "

Three to four pounds a month is weight loss that is safe for the body.

How you drink and how much water you drink does not play a huge role in weight loss, but your lifestyle, diet and the number of calories consumed and consumed. Do you want to lose weight? Eat "real" food, watch your physical activity, burn more calories than you receive. Then the result will be. You can at least drink water, but if you do not move and do not burn more than you eat, the weight will constantly increase.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages are as follows:

  • Decreased appetite. Due to the water that has already been drunk, the portion size is reduced, saturation happens much faster.
  • Lack of emotional discomfort. Since there are no restrictions on food and its quantity, there is no internal "setting" of the diet. The diet is virtually unchanged. The body does not think it is "sitting" on a diet, which means it is not experiencing stress.
  • Diet. Uncontrolled chewing and constant nibbling disappear. Weight loss will be considered three times before you drink tea with cookies. After all, every snack requires mandatory water before meals, half an hour of abstinence and another two hours after an apple, candy or cake.

There are also disadvantages:

  • Diet is not suitable for everyone. There may be contraindications for health or individual intolerance - not all people can drink that amount of water.
  • Great stress on the kidneys and urinary system.
  • It’s hard to stick to a "watery" diet, so good motivation is needed.
  • An accurate exit from the diet is necessary, otherwise you can get a kickback and regain not only the lost pounds, but also an extra supplement for a rainy day.
  • Flushing beneficial elements from the body.

Similar diets

The water diet has several variants.

On honey water

Honey water is a sweet way to lose weight effectively

For those who can’t give up sweets, a diet for lazy people on honey water is appropriate. It is believed that water mixed with honey changes its structure and becomes identical to blood plasma. In addition, honey contains many useful elements that are so necessary for the body.

If you drink honey water in the morning on an empty stomach, the body "wakes up" faster and starts all the necessary processes to work "like clockwork". Metabolism increases, digestive functions improve, the excretory system works better, and all these factors together contribute to the loss of extra pounds.

But no matter how useful honey is, for many people it is an inaccessible treat. First of all, it is impossible to lose weight on honey water for allergy sufferers, as well as for those who suffer from cholelithiasis and bile stagnation, pancreatitis, diabetes mellitus, cholecystitis, enterocolitis, ulcers and other diseases in which honey can only harm.

On water with vinegar

A diet for lazy people on water with vinegar is designed for three days. Add 10 ml of natural apple cider vinegar to each glass of water.

In small doses, apple cider vinegar is good for the body. It normalizes the acid-base balance and also stimulates the production of gastric juice. The acidic environment also reduces the number of pathogenic bacteria and qualitatively improves the intestinal microflora.

But if you exceed the dose, the effect will be just the opposite - the acid corrodes the gastric mucosa, damaging tooth enamel.

Such a diet can be used only by those who do not have diseases of the digestive system - gastritis, heartburn, stomach ulcers or duodenal ulcers.

There are several types of vinegar diets:

  • Method one.One teaspoon of apple cider vinegar is diluted in a glass of warm water and drunk half an hour before meals.
  • The second method.Opponents of a sour drink on an empty stomach prefer to drink vinegar water immediately after a meal.
  • The third method of nutrition is considered the most effective.On the first day, they drink vinegar water half an hour before each meal. For every 30 kg of weight you need one glass of water and a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. On the second day, vinegar water is additionally drunk in the morning on an empty stomach, and also in the evening before bedtime. On the third day, you can eat only three or four green apples and drink vinegar water (just imagine what a blow to the gastric mucosa! ).

Some especially zealous ladies who want to enhance the effect of weight loss drink vinegar undiluted. Never repeat their mistakes! This amount of acid harms the digestive system.

Reviews and results of people who have lost weight

  • "It's too hard to force so much water into yourself before eating - well, try drinking two glasses in a row! "I didn’t lose weight at all, but I stocked up on water for future use, like a camel, putting it in my hips and hips! "
  • "I give this diet a different grade. I did not lose weight as much as, on the contrary, I struggled with gaining weight. "
  • "The diet is suitable for real lakes. If you live only on coffee, tea and other drinks, and a glass of water is disgusting, then this system is not for you. You shouldn't force yourself to drink water in buckets. "
  • "Drinking water twenty minutes before a meal is normal. But it turned out to be very difficult to endure 2 hours after that. I was incredibly thirsty. I recommend this diet as a way to get rid of excess food in the diet and a springboard to switch to a proper diet. "
  • "My result is that the extra liquid from the can has left the body and lost 4 kg in two weeks. Only after eating can I last a maximum of half an hour without water. I don't think there is any need to force yourself - you have to drink water whenever you want. "
  • "You can't even imagine how tired I am of water! I lost three pounds, but I seem to be made entirely of water. The rings on the fingers are cut into the skin and will not come off. "
  • "The diet works and works great. It's unlikely that anyone will be able to lose the promised 12 pounds, but one or two pounds a week are real. Tested on me. "
  • "Although the name is tempting, don't expect quick results. It's very hard not to drink after meals, but otherwise, no problem. I started using less salt and sweets so I wouldn't suffer from thirst later. Most likely it gave a boost to weight loss. "

Experienced tips

  • Drink only clean, non-carbonated water of good quality. From the faucet is not good. Cooked is considered "dead", tasteless and useless. Prefer bottled or well-filtered.
  • It is best if the water is at room temperature and not cold.
  • Do not swallow water, drink slowly in small sips.
  • Try not to overdo it with pickles and smoked foods, which contribute to water retention in the body as well as creating edema.
  • If you are prone to swelling, do not drink water at night for several hours before bedtime.
  • Try to replace sweets bought in the fruit store or homemade desserts from quality products.


The name "lazy diet" was probably given to attract attention. In fact, no one can lose weight easily. Unfortunately, "fed" for years during two weeks of respecting the water regime will not go anywhere. Still, it is a great way to start a healthy lifestyle, as a proper water regime is vital for everyone. Be healthy!