Diet for 4 weeks Maggi: menu, reviews and results

Most girls who strive for a perfect figure and preserve female proportions choose a protein diet based on a high protein intake. Weight on such diets (Kremlin diet, Dukan's system) goes away very slowly, and most importantly, returns to excess immediately after the abolition of increased protein intake and the inclusion of carbohydrate foods in the diet. But what if you have to lose weight as soon as possible and at the same time ensure a stable weight at the end of losing weight? There is a way out - this is a balanced diet for 4 weeks "Maggi", whose menu includes both proteins and carbohydrates.

a small portion of food for the maggi diet

The so-called egg diet is not based on calorie counting or even on a trendy exchange of proteins and carbohydrates. Its basic principle is simple, as is everything ingenious: products that are eaten for a certain meal enter into a special chemical reaction with each other and thus contribute to the rapid removal of toxins and excess fat from the body. That is why it is extremely important to follow the instructions on the diet and in no case add new dishes to the finished menu. It is also not recommended to organize a day of fasting or switch to therapeutic fasting until you have completed a full four-week "Magic" course. The menu for each day is detailed below.

Key recommendations

  • You must strictly adhere to the menu. If you want to exclude any product from your daily diet, it will not interfere with your diet, but you cannot replace this product with another - otherwise a chemical bond on which the effectiveness of weight loss with the help of Maggi is based.
  • You can drink water in any quantity. All soft drinks are allowed, even diet cola.
  • Coffee and tea (without sugar) are allowed to be consumed in unlimited quantities. However, there is a rule: you cannot sweeten these drinks with anything. Even sugar substitutes are forbidden. For a more efficient diet, it is better to refuse the addition of milk.
  • Vegetables are cooked in plain water, not in meat or fish soup. You can add spices, herbs, onions and garlic in any amount to vegetables and other dishes.
  • A proper Maggi diet categorically forbids animal and vegetable fats in addition to main meals. This list includes lard, margarine, sunflower, olive and butter.
  • If there is a feeling of hunger, you should not bother and endure, comforted by thoughts of a beautiful figure. You can eat cucumber, carrot or a little lettuce between the main meals, but only if at least two hours have passed since the previous meal.
weighing during maggi diet

Additional tips

  • Strict adherence to the prescribed regimen is the foundation on which the entire 4-week Maggi diet is based. The menu consists of breakfast, lunch and dinner; at the same time, you can’t swap two meals in places, or replace lunch with dinner and dinner with lunch.
  • You should get on the scales every morning, after going to the toilet.
  • Sports activities with this diet are not mandatory, however, if you had minimal physical activity before starting to work on your figure, increased activity will have a positive effect on weight loss and approaching the desired figure on the scales.
  • If you have eaten a product that is not on the menu or you have replaced lunch with dinner, or you have rested from losing weight, there is no point in continuing to adhere to this diet: the sequence of chemical reactions is already disrupted and the desired effect can not be achieved. To lose weight and consolidate the results obtained, you must start the diet again, from the first day.
  • If you like the results and the four-week "Maggie" diet suits you perfectly, the menu of which will be presented below, you can continue it for another four weeks, but in this case you need to repeat the first seven days of the diet twice and twice - the last. Since the consumption of animal and vegetable fats in "Magga" is significantly limited, it is not recommended to repeat it more often than once in six months or a year.
  • Due to the balance of protein and carbohydrates, the diet is suitable for people of all ages. You do not need to take extra vitamins or other dietary supplements.
  • If the meal description for the day does not specify a certain amount of products or dishes, you can eat as much as you want.

Breakfast in the first two weeks

eggs for the maggi diet

For the first fourteen days after this diet, the same breakfast is repeated: half a grapefruit (you can replace it with an orange if desired) and one or two hard-boiled eggs (chicken). Usually most people find this breakfast nutritious enough not to feel hungry until lunch.

The first week

On the first day of the diet, fruit of any kind and in any quantity is allowed for lunch. It is better to choose citrus fruits, green apples, yellow or green pears, apricots, peaches, melons or watermelons. For dinner, you can cook or roast any meat other than fatty lamb.

On the second day for lunch you can eat boiled or roasted chicken (the skin must be removed before roasting the poultry). Dinner consists of two boiled eggs, vegetable salad without dressing (mixing cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, carrots, cabbage is allowed), one piece of bread, dried in a pan without adding oil and one grapefruit or orange.

On Wednesday, they eat low-fat cheese and tomatoes for lunch, and crispy toast is also allowed - a piece of white bread dried in a pan. Dinner is the same as on Monday.

Thursday is completely repeated on Monday. This is how the "Maggi" diet was conceived, the essence of which is to saturate the body with vital proteins and carbohydrates with a lack of fatty acids at the same time.

On Friday, two boiled chicken eggs with boiled or boiled vegetables are eaten for lunch. You should choose one type of vegetable from the list: either zucchini, or beans (cereals, green beans), or carrots or peas. Cooked or boiled fish with vegetable salad as well as one orange or grapefruit is allowed for dinner.

boiled carrots for the maggie diet

On Saturday, the menu is repeated on Monday and Thursday.

On Sunday, for lunch, they eat boiled chicken or grilled skin, steamed vegetables, tomatoes, citrus fruits. For dinner, only boiled vegetables remain, which can be replaced with those cooked in a steam boiler.

Another week

If your choice is a four-day "Maggi" diet, it may seem a bit monotonous to me at first. However, do not worry in vain: the body will get all the necessary vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables, and protein and a minimum amount of fat from meat and fish.

In the first two days of the second week, the diet is completely repeated. For lunch there is a salad of fresh vegetables and cooked meat or grilled meat, for dinner - the same salad. It is served with two boiled eggs, an orange or a grapefruit.

On Wednesday for lunch they eat boiled meat with fresh vegetables (preferably cucumbers), for dinner - two eggs, one grapefruit or orange.

On Thursday, boiled eggs (no more than two), any low-calorie low-fat cheese and boiled or boiled vegetables are given for lunch. Only one more pair of boiled eggs can be served for dinner.

On Friday, boiled or boiled fish is scheduled for lunch, and a few hard-boiled chicken eggs for dinner.

On Saturday for lunch and dinner you can eat orange or grapefruit, as well as pamper yourself with fresh tomatoes and any cooked meat except lamb.

On Sunday, lunch and dinner are repeated (that is, they are conditionally interchangeable) - it’s boiled or boiled skinless chicken, steamed vegetables, fresh tomatoes, grapefruit or oranges.

chicken breast for maggi diet

Third week

The third week may seem quite difficult and the most monotonous of the four, but it will help you consolidate the great results that the "Maggie" diet will give you. The table of calories and protein and carbohydrate content in a particular food will no longer be useful to you - diet developers have calculated all the indicators especially for those who want to build without harm to health.

On the first day of the third week, you can eat any fruit in any quantity and in any combination. Almost all types of fruit are allowed - except bananas, mangoes, grapes, dates and figs.

On Tuesday, they eat any vegetables - cooked or steamed, with or without spices and herbs. Only potatoes that contain excessive amounts of carbohydrates and starch are strictly forbidden.

Wednesday combines the previous two days: you can use fruits, cooked vegetables and a salad of fresh vegetables - at any time of day, in any quantity. However, remember: Maggie’s four-day diet, whose menu is based on the chemical interaction of foods, includes the division of meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This rule does not apply directly to the third week, but experts advise you to adhere to the default routine.

On Thursdays, they eat boiled or boiled fish, boiled vegetables, leafy lettuce or white cabbage.

Steamed meat and vegetables are allowed on Fridays.

orange for the maggi diet

Saturday and Sunday are similar to fasting days: only one type of fruit is allowed on weekends. For example, on Saturday - only apples or pears, and on Sunday - only apricots or plums.

Fourth week: menu for Monday and Tuesday

Maggie's diet describes in detail the meal plan for the past week. All listed products and dishes must be divided into three meals.

So, on Monday it is allowed:

  • 4 small pieces of cooked meat or a quarter of a chicken carcass;
  • vegetable salad without topping;
  • 1 can of tuna (pour oil);
  • 1 piece of bread dried in a sherpa;
  • 1 orange or grapefruit.

Then on Tuesday you can:

  • 2 pieces of cooked meat (up to 200 g);
  • vegetable salad without topping;
  • 1 toast;
  • 1 any fruit or piece of melon.

Fourth week: menus for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

One of the foundations of the Maggi diet is vegetables. Accordingly, meals are planned for the middle of the fourth week.


  • 1 tablespoon low-calorie cottage cheese or low-fat cheese;
  • cooked or cooked vegetables (small portion);
  • vegetable salad without dressing (in smaller quantities than in the previous two days);
  • 1 piece of bread dried in a sherpa;
  • 1 orange or grapefruit.


  • half-cooked or boiled chicken;
  • vegetable salad without topping;
  • 1 piece of white bread dried in a sherpa;
  • 1 orange or grapefruit;
  • any fruit of the same variety.
fruits and berries for the maggi diet


  • a couple of boiled chicken eggs;
  • salad;
  • 3 fresh tomatoes;
  • 1 orange or grapefruit.

Last days child


  • 2 pieces of cooked chicken breast;
  • a little cottage cheese or feta cheese;
  • 1 piece of white bread dried in a sherpa;
  • vegetable salad topped with yogurt;
  • 1 orange or grapefruit.

The last day (Sunday) is repeated to me on Monday.

If you are allergic to eggs or oranges (grapefruit), the Maggi Curd diet may be ideal for you. The menu is similar to the one presented in the article, but at the same time the eggs are replaced with 200 g of fresh cheese, and the citrus fruits are replaced with any other allowed fruit. Diet reviews will surely inspire you to start the path to slimness: among those who followed the menu exactly all four weeks, they were still not dissatisfied with the results!