Healthy eating menu for a slim figure on 7 days

Strict diets designed to get rid of excess weight, significantly harm the body. The rejection of certain products and a sharp decline in the energy value of food allow you to lose weight quickly, but violate the metabolism. That's why after returning to a normal diet rapidly weight gain, digestive problems and systemic failures in the body. In addition, prolonged malnutrition leads to a deficiency of vital minerals and vitamins. To lose weight correctly, you must observe the following rules:

  • To eat varied. The diet must contain both proteins and fats with carbohydrates, as this will help to maintain the balance of macro - and micronutrients. This daily energy value of food should not exceed the figures of 1200 and 1600 kcal for women and men respectively.
  • To observe the correct proportions of fats, carbohydrates and proteins, while increasing the consumption of vegetables (both fresh and thermally treated). This group of food gives the body lots of vitamins and fiber, which not only normalizes the GASTROINTESTINAL tract, but also cleans it.
  • To minimize the proportion of fast carbohydrates in the daily menu. They provide increased body fat and trigger diabetes. Sugar, various desserts and sweets should be replaced with fruit.
  • To limit fat intake. To completely abandon them is impractical, both vegetable and butter contain a variety of valuable micronutrients. However, fatty meats or fish it is better to replace meatless.
  • To consume enough dairy products. They are rich in essential calcium and contain a lot of protein, but you need to choose yogurt and cheese with low fat content.
  • To comply with the regime. Rare and abundant meals slows down metabolism. To accelerate metabolism and speed up the process of weight loss, that is necessary every 3-4 hours in small portions. This will reduce the volume of the stomach and hasten the feeling of fullness.
  • To reduce the amount of salt. It is quite enough food, and excess of sodium chloride leads to many diseases.
  • To cook properly. That is completely abandon zazharivaniya products in favor of stewing, and steaming.
  • To give up alcohol. Alcohol – a source of "empty" calories, especially if you combine a drink with a hearty meal.
  • Drink plenty of fluids. Priority should be given pure water, tea and coffee without sugar, natural juices and compotes of berries. In the latter case the sugar should be replaced with artificial sweeteners.

These principles must be adhered to all the time, then the extra weight will quickly go away and will not return. Dietary restrictions does not mean complete rejection of gastronomic pleasures. The following menus with recipes allows you to eat a very varied and delicious.

How to plan menu

First of all, you need to pay attention to the calorie content of foods. The article presents a sample weekly menu with a daily energy value of which does not exceed the recommended norms. Making a diet yourself, observe restrictions.

In addition, the daily need to eat a sufficient number of different types of food. A large proportion of the diet should be fruits and vegetables. They provide replenishment of vitamins and mineral reserves of the body and are rich in fiber, gives a feeling of satiety.

About a quarter of the healthy daily menu consists of proteins. As the source of optimal use of dairy products, as well as lean fish and meat. About the same volume you need to eat grasses and legumes. They saturate the body with energy, are digested slowly. In addition, complex carbohydrates are deposited under the skin as fat.

The last point is the importance of fractional power. Sample menu for the week consists of 4 meals, but between them it is useful to eat an Apple or a small handful of dried fruit. This will prevent hunger and stimulates the metabolism.

Sample menu for a week recipes


Below are some delicious and very healthy meals for weight loss. In that case, if the accurate description of the finished product does not need to eat the recommended amount of food nutritionists. For cereals as a garnish or a separate dish is 150 g soup – 250 ml for fish and meat – not more than 120.Dairy products one can eat about 200 ml (a Cup of yogurt, for example). As for vegetables, they can be used practically in unlimited quantities.


For Breakfast prepare a fancy omelet with vegetables and cheese:
  • 2 eggs;
  • 50 grams of spinach and low fat cheese;
  • spoon oil (vegetable oil).

Mix the eggs with a couple tablespoons of water, cheese and foverentur, pre-butter spinach. Under the hood, bring the omelette until cooked.

For lunch eat a portion of chicken broth with vegetables and noodles. In the afternoon will approach the Cup of yogurt and one unsweetened fruit (e.g., kiwi). Dinner without butter and salt fish (cooked in foil with aromatic herbs) and a salad of cabbage with carrots and apples. Tuesday Breakfast cook porridge in water or milk, drink a glass of unsweetened tea or coffee. For lunch you can make folliculos germinaret beef with a side dish of rice:

  • a piece of lean beef weighing up to 1 kg;
  • half a Cup of rice;
  • spices (Bay leaf and a few peas black pepper);
  • dill and parsley;
  • small fresh cucumber;
  • spoon of soy sauce.

To cook this delicious dish you need to start the day before, soak the rice in water and leaving it in the fridge overnight.

The next day folliculos germinaret beef:
  • For this obmyty a piece of meat filled with cold water, boil for a few minutes after boiling, and then oily the broth is drained.
  • Cut into several large pieces of meat placed in water with a small amount of salt and spices.
  • After 50 minutes of boiling , add a bunch of greenand (molere fecerunt), ulcus another 10 minutes and remove the finished beef broth.

In parallel, the washed rice, boil in 1 Cup of water to her ferveret. Add a garnish of chopped cucumber and soy sauce, stir. A third folliculos germinaret meat cut into slices and eat with rice, and the rest put in the refrigerator. Beef can also be used in sandwiches and salads.

Afternoon snack is fruit and mineral water.

For dinner , drink a glass of yogurt and eat a portion of salad vegetables.

Environment For Breakfast prepare a couple of sandwiches with yesterday's boiled beef and slices of fresh cucumber, brew coffee.

Lunch can be meatless pulmenti.

In the afternoon take a dietary cheese cakes:

  • pack low-fat (1.5%) cheese;
  • 1 egg;
  • 2 tablespoons semolina;
  • a little vegetable oil.

Making a dough from eggs, cottage cheese and semolina, make a few small cheesecakes and fry them in vegetable oil until Golden brown. You can add a spoonful of honey when serving.

For dinner today, boiled fish and fresh vegetables. Thursday Breakfast – a portion of buckwheat porridge on the water, tea with sugar substitute and a piece of cheese. As lunch is perfect soup of dried or fresh mushrooms:

  • half a Cup of fresh or previously folliculos germinaret dried mushrooms;
  • 1 Capsicum annuum;
  • small onion;
  • 1 carrot medium size.
  • tablespoon of olive oil.

In a quart of boiling lightly salted water add peeled and chopped potatoes. Finely chop the mushrooms, onions, grate carrots on a coarse grater and lightly fry the mixture. Then add vegetables and mushrooms to the pan with the potatoes, simmer for at least an hour, when serving, add the greens.

At lunch make a salad of cucumber, cabbage and beef with lemon juice. Dinner, preferably natural yoghurt and 1 totum grano tortam. Friday For Breakfast you can eat fresh, low-fat cottage cheese with a small amount of honey. Lunch – oven baked flounder with tomatoes and cheese:

  • one small fish;
  • tomatoes;
  • 50 g of Parmesan
  • lemon juice, pepper.

Clean rinse fish, arrange on a sheet of foil, drizzle with a little lemon and pepper. Top evenly spread out mugs of tomato and sprinkle with cheese. Tightly foil wrap it up and ship flounder in the oven for 25 minutes.

As a snack eat fruit salad and drink mineral water. Dinner can be any vegetable salad and a Cup of yogurt. Saturday Today's Breakfast – casserole of cheese with raisins:

  • a pack of cottage cheese;
  • a couple of eggs;
  • one-third Cup of washed raisins;
  • 3 tablespoons of flour.

Mix the egg yolks with cottage cheese, raisins and flour and then add the well beaten egg whites. Put cotagium caseum mass in the baking form and send half an hour in the oven (temperature — 180⁰).

For lunch eat a serving of boiled chicken breast with buckwheat. Afternoon tea today – fruit and yogurt. For dinner suit baked fish with salad. Sunday For Breakfast you have a few sandwiches with cheese and fresh tomatoes, and also drink a Cup of coffee. For lunch eat a plate of vegetable soup. Sunday afternoon tea – a Cup of yogurt and a small whole wheat loaf. For dinner, make meatballs: meatballs</3_img>

  • 200 g minced meat (beef);
  • half a Cup of boiled rice;
  • one egg;
  • bulb;
  • a spoonful of oil.

The stuffing lightly with salt and pepper, then mix with egg and rice. In caldario liquefactam saute the onion, add half a Cup of water and let boil. Boiling onion dip gently dip one of the balls from minced meat with rice, lap cover and reduce heat to low. Simmer for about 20 minutes.

Following the advice on nutrition and properly matching diet in record time to lose weight. And using the sample menu of proper nutrition for weight loss in a week with recipes, you can eat delicious and healthy meals.