10 rules of weight loss that really work

*The result is not guaranteed and is individual, because it depends on many factors.

weight loss

Appetite improve your physique without diet and heavy exercise? Here is a 10 rules weight loss that really work.

It's no secret that success in weight loss depends on respect for the essential conditions: proper nutrition and his regime, more exercise and the appropriate motivation. As would all simple. However, many weight loss familiar problem, when diet and exercise do not provide the desired result. Temptation to prevent follow strict rules. Either the weight comes back after the end of the dieting and trips to the gym.

But strict restrictions on food and challenging the economic of sport – is not the only way to get rid of excess kilograms. Amending some of the habits that often do not attach importance to, can improve the figure and shape and make your life better. We bring you the 10 rules of weight loss that really work.

Discard the sugary drinks

People who want to lose weight, often is not taken into account the fact how many calories they get with drinks. Between caloric cup of tea with 2 h. spoons of sugar is approximately 70 kcal. For comparison, the calorific value of a cup of tea without the additives - of about 10 kcal. Due to the fact that normally we drink tea several times a day, then the daily standard drink will match the caloric intake of food.

So discard sugary soda, from adding sugar to tea or coffee. Replace these drinks are useful: plain water, green tea with lemon.

Drink more water simple

Excessive drinking large amount of water is the basic condition for natural weight loss. It will increase the absorption of nutrients, skin hydration, detoxification, and weight loss. Because the number of drinking water affects fat exchange, helps to naturally reduce appetite. Drink the daily 1,5 l of drinking water.

a small plate
Use the small plates

In order to lose weight, or not gain new ones, it is recommended to eat small portions. For these purposes, perfectly suited to small bowls or plates. If you give such a portion on a large plate, it may seem that you will stay hungry. It is important to eat slowly so the body has time to realize that he was sated.

Watch diet

Learn to eat at the same time, do not skip meals. Otherwise, your body decides that it is hungry, and begins to hold fat. Get rid of it in the future will be difficult.

Avoid harmful products

Mayonnaise, convenience foods, chips, cookies, chocolate bars and other unhealthy products can be called a source of empty calories. Because of these products is not beneficial substances, but it is the preservatives, trans fats and high calorific value.

Learn how to cook in a double boiler. This method of cooking helps to keep food vitamins and other useful substances. Meals will be low calorie, because during cooking the oil can be added.

If you lose weight, try not to use spices with the taste or the smell. Spices do not apply to harmful products, but they provoke hunger.

Follow the "rule of apple"

The urge to snack by far not always appears from hunger. Under the feeling of hunger can mask the taste. Or just want to chew out of boredom or in a bad mood. If you develop the desire to snack, think, to you apples. If so, you're probably really hungry. Not for nothing do they say "do you Want to eat - eat an apple. You don't want an apple - there's no you".

Use every opportunity to move

Each additional movement – a way to burn at least some calories. Therefore, movement on any occasion. These include housework, walk the dog. Stand and walk while talking on the phone, perform squats or stretch while watching tv. When you work in an office, get up from your desk every 1-2 hours.

Do morning exercises

Morning exercises will be cheerfulness for the whole day. In addition, scientific studies show that in the morning fat is burned, it is easier, than in the evening. This is due to the fact that in the first half of the day your metabolism is set on the consumption of energy, including fat.

Get enough sleep

Quality of sleep affects the production of hormones, appetite leptin and ghrelin. Get enough sleep or restless sleep contribute to a reduction in the concentration of these hormones, which subsequently leads to the development of obesity.

From that, get enough sleep, whether you are, depends your mood for the whole day. And in a bad mood, easily break and eat harmful or high-calorie foods.

Get the right motivation

One of the 10 rules of weight loss that really work – find a decent target of dropping weight.

The desire to look attractive, competitive and be healthy – robust motivation, in order not to succumb to temptation on the way to a lean physique.