Diet for weight loss

diet for weight loss

Here you will find the most effective diet, proven not only in theory but also in practice, the results of which you will learn only from us. Here You will be able to choose a diet which suits you. You don't have to read hundreds of diets, because we have collected only the best diet, proven not only by the people. But remember that the main goal is health! So don't forget about proper and healthy nutrition. Recommend that before you go on a diet, first consult with your doctor as diet is a serious test for the organism.

The list of effective diets for weight loss:

Weight loss diet – the most popular variety available diets. In today's world the standard of beauty is harmony, to achieve which may not in any diet.

Fashion for slimness dictates a large need for various weight loss diets. At different times, became a popular low-carb, protein, kefir, onion, Japanese, French, pavilion, Chinese and many other diets.

Which diet is right for you? What you can use constantly, and which one to use only as emergency ambulance assistance in order to lose weight 3-4 kg in a couple of days? What are the contraindications every diet? What might be the consequences for health? Who should not use diet and how to get out of the diet to gain the dropped weight again?

It is important to know that in the process of weight loss important role played by the consumption of sufficient amounts of vitamin D. This vitamin, in addition to its participation in the exchange is also directly involved in the processes of synthesis of protein (including muscle). These processes require no expenditure of energy, which the body has to break down existing fat stores. Therefore, in addition to diet and exercise need to take vitamin D, for example, in the form of chewable tablets Ultra-D. They contain 25 µg (1 000 IU) cholecalciferol (vitamin D3), due to the form of chewable tablets Ultra-D can be taken at any time, do not require zapivaniya water.

weight loss

Kremlin diet

Kremlin diet is the most popular. Thus you will never have to torment hunger! You just have to remove some of the products, checking with the special table.

The Japanese diet

Just 13 days you can lose 7 to 9 kg In the diet restricts the consumption of fats and carbohydrates, so it is difficult to pass, but the result is worth the effort! Not just because the Japanese diet takes the second place in popularity.

Kefir diet

Kefir diet is the most beneficial of all. Because kefir improves blood circulation, bowel function, and generally work the whole body! Yogurt is an essential product for a healthy life.

Diet for blood group

According to the diet for blood group, you just need to eat those foods that our ancestors ate during the emergence of this blood group.

Buckwheat diet

Buckwheat diet, this is the reason so that you can only have buckwheat and nothing more. But in unlimited quantities.

Rice diet

Rice diet is very beneficial. In addition to weight loss, you will simultaneously clean the body of toxins! Rice has long been the main dish in nutritionists.

Diet green tea for a week

Green tea is a drink that allows you to energize, improve mood, reduce appetite, to quench their thirst. It is good to drink during hot weather, after strenuous exercise.

Barley diet

Barley diet is an effective method for weight loss which is characterized by simplicity and cheapness. The diet allows you to not only lose weight, but also to solve health problems. In particular, it can be practiced for people suffering from digestive disorders.

Fastest diet for weight loss

Diets there are many that naturally made it difficult to choose fastest weight loss diet. Most experts in nutrition recommend my patients not to settle on a particular method, and alternate one-, two - or three-day methods.

Chicken diet

Chicken diet is one of the most effective methods for getting rid of excess weight. It is a great option for those people who can't bring himself to refuse meat dishes. Egg white refers to the full proteins.

Diet for freshly squeezed juices

Diet fresh juices made is a modern method of weight loss, which has a huge number of followers. In addition, the juice diet lets you quickly lose weight, it is also very tasty. On a juice fast a day, you can lose two pounds of excess weight.

Diet 7 petals, menu for each day

Diet "7 petals" is a revised version of the diet "6 petals", which was created by a Swiss nutritionist Anna Johansson. The diet of this weight loss program is based on the alternation of protein and carbohydrate foods.

Diet 6 petals: the menu for each day

Presumably, diet 6 petals were developed in the Swedish nutritionist Anna Johansson. However, this fact up to the present time there is no confirmation. Also remains "a mystery" if she practiced this diet for yourself, and what results it has achieved.

Oatmeal diet: pros and cons

Oatmeal diet is one of the most affordable, simple, effective and proven methods of getting rid of extra pounds. Reason oatmeal diet is popular with women of England of the oldest aristocratic families.

Diet on baby food

It is not known who exactly was the progenitor of the idea of weight loss in baby food. Fashion designer Eddie Slimane insists that it was his idea to feed baby food of male models. At the time, it helped him in the development of formfitting silhouettes for Christian Dior. Another contender for the authorship is the fitness trainer of celebrities...

Diet for chicken

Diet for chicken is one of the easiest ways to get rid of excess weight. It is perfect for those people who cannot imagine their daily ration without meat products. A protein that is found in chicken flesh can be called complete. It has all the essential human body amino acid.

Diet cheese and yogurt

Initially this diet was intended for patients suffering from diabetes. Its developer, American scientist, using his method intended to reduce their patients risk of cardiovascular disease. According to the Creator of the technique, through diet, you can get rid of the deeper fat.

Diet eggs and oranges for a week

Sometimes there are only a few days to get rid of 3-4 excess kilos. It is for these emergency designed diet eggs and oranges for a week. Although this method of weight loss is a short, but quite effective. This mono-diet will definitely yield results...

Vegetable diet

This power supply system is a fairly effective and enjoyable diet, as vegetable soups, as you know, have on the body stimulating effect is promote weight loss and accelerate metabolism.

Cabbage diet for weight loss for 10 days

The cabbage soup diet was originally developed for patients who have undergone surgery and are in the recovery phase. However, like most diets, the cabbage method of weight loss came "to taste" to people who are trying to get rid of excess weight. Therefore developed different versions of it and...

The Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet cannot be called instructions that you must follow to lose weight. Rather, it is the food traditions and habits, which are committed to the residents of the Mediterranean.

Ginger diet

Diet ginger root is perfect for those who don't want to give up their favorite foods, but strives to bring her figure in order. Lasts this power supply system is about one to two months.

Apple diet

There is a wide variety of Apple diets, to help people to effectively drop those extra pounds. In our days a very popular method are unloading Apple days.

Lemon diet

Contained in the lemon vitamin C enhances immunity, which is a significant factor in the fight against excess weight. It should be noted that the consumption of lemons helps the cleansing of the body and gives you the ability to normalize metabolism.

Grapefruit diet

This power supply system is excellent for people wanting to eliminate excess weight and not to harm thus to their health. Use citrus no doubt, the use of grapefruit contributes to the replenishment of vitamins.

The banana diet

The use of bananas in food has a positive effect on the human health. They act as a source of iron, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium. All these minerals contribute to the maintenance of normal heart function.

Beets for weight loss

It is proved that the beet is an excellent preventive measure to combat obesity. Nutritionists recommend to include this vegetable in your diet not only when when you decided to start to lose weight, but also in normal shape, not to lose its shape.

Strawberry diet for weight loss

To start strawberry diet the best season of the ripening of these delicious and healthy berries, when you can buy them at almost every counter. Only five berries contain the same amount of useful vitamin C as in orange.

Diet on tomato juice

Diet tomato juice allows you not only to quickly and effectively lose weight, but helps to bring back to normal metabolic processes, normalizes the digestive system, heart and blood vessels, promotes cleansing the body of toxins.

Water diet

The solution to the problem of excess weight occupied a great part of mankind, are no exception, and women during pregnancy. Their body for nine months working actively creates conditions for the development of the child.

The chocolate diet for 7 days

The chocolate diet only one of its name may intrigue women who want to lose weight. However ahead of time to rejoice not worth it. This system weight loss applies not only to the strictest but also the most harmful. To get rid of extra pounds, you will need to abandon all foods and beverages leaving the...

Diet for the lazy

Wanting to have a slim beautiful figure, to lose weight, not everyone can make a serious effort to comply with diet, or to abandon the prohibited products. There is a special diet for "lazy" that allows you to lose up to 12 pounds without changing radically their habits and lifestyle.

The diet of a warrior

The warrior diet is not just another trend in nutrition. This modern concept of "combat" power, based on years of historical and biochemical studies of its Creator. Yell neither a nutritionist nor a doctor nor a writer. He is a former special forces soldier and artist.

Express diet

Beautiful ladies are always interested in methods rapid weight loss, because life is filled with moments that require urgent, almost instant getting rid of extra pounds. If important events in your life in a few day, and favorite outfit does not fit at the waist, it is acceptable to use the Express method.

Lunar diet

Experts believe that during a full moon, and new moon is very useful to observe the particular lunar diet. The fact is that these days changes in atmospheric pressure, and with it changes the movement of water on our planet.

Watermelon diet for weight loss

The basic principle of losing weight on the watermelons is that from the body of excess fluid. It is important to ensure that there was no dehydration. To do this throughout the day you should drink water (minimum volume is 1.5 l).

English diet 21 day: pros and cons

The English diet is built on the alternation of protein and vegetable days. This allows you to increase metabolic processes in the body and get rid of excess weight. The calorie content of foods permitted to be eaten, not high, but the painful bouts of hunger people experience will be.

Diet with melons: options, menus, pros

Excess weight for most women is a serious problem, so to combat it they are ready for more. There are many different diets, some of which are very strict. However, it is possible to find a power system that won't drive the body to the stress and even pleasure.

Diet soups

Diet soups are low calorie methods of reducing extra weight. The menu presents a minimal amount of carbohydrates that are the main source of energy for the body. So he begins to draw energy from its own fat. Despite the fact that soup diet gives you the opportunity to lose weight, she doesn't deprive...

Korean diet

To date, a relative novelty is the Korean diet. A total of 13-14 days, you are invited to lose 4-8 kg weight loss. The diet involves eating foods of plant origin. You can also eat pickled vegetables, which are a basic component of Korean cuisine.

Sports diet

When a person is involved in sports nutrition should be aimed at achieving the desired result. Sports diet is not only professional athletes but also Amateurs. Depending on your goal, diet can help to gain weight or to lose it, to achieve the required fitness.

Fruit diet

Fruit diet for 7 days can get rid of 10 kg of excess weight. It should be the choice of those people who set a goal to lose weight quickly. If speed is not a priority, it is better to give preference to nutrition and sports. Practice fruit diet, it is better to choose in spring and summer.

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