Diet for weight loss belly and sides

The body of most people is arranged in such a way that the volume of the abdomen and sides of the first increase in weight gain and decrease the latter – at his loss. Improper eating habits along with physical inactivity very quickly lead to the appearance of fat in these problem areas. In addition, the abdomen and flanks can increase under the influence of increased anxiety and stress or several other reasons:

slimming belly
  • in the presence of any disease (most often liver diseases, dropsy, etc.);
  • in women after pregnancy and childbirth;
  • men from excessive consumption of beer (so-called "beer" belly).
It is very important that diet for weight loss belly and sides were chosen correctly depending on the root cause that caused the increase in their volume as well as figure type, individual characteristics of the organism and the quantity of excess weight.

However, note that to get rid of most of these problem areas for 3 days or a week will not work. We can somewhat reduce the amount of waist and hips by removing excess fluid from the tissues and colon cleanse content. But to remove the stomach and hips fully, you need a longer weight loss program, based on a combination of proper nutrition with appropriate exercise.

The principles of nutrition

To properly determine how to clean the sides and belly as efficiently as possible, while choosing the weight loss methods should be based on the cause of the increase in their volume and weight in General:

  • if the problem is the constant overeating, addiction to fatty, sugary and other high calorie food, then you first need to radically change your diet and nutrition;
  • if the fat deposited due to a sedentary lifestyle – you need to increase physical activity, move more, exercise that gives the load on the waist area and allow you to quickly remove fat in problem areas;
  • if you suspect the presence of diseases of the liver and other abdominal organs before to remove belly fat, you must first pass the examination and conduct the appropriate treatment;
  • if the stomach became after pregnancy, it is possible to regain form, using a short diet in conjunction with sports;
  • if the cause of obesity is the excessive consumption of beer, to reduce the volume of the body first we need to abandon this habit and go on an appropriate diet.
In most cases, to get rid of fat around the waist no need to sit for a long time hard weight loss programs. For the short-term effect, for example, before an important event, you can use a short strict diet, and to achieve a stable result – go to a proper diet and systematic workouts.

In General, to reduce the volume of the abdomen is recommended to perform some mandatory rules:

  • to observe the drinking regime, drinking at least 1.5–2 liters of water per day – upon waking, then 30 minutes before each meal;
  • to abandon harmful to figure products, to reduce the consumption of salt;
  • to control the size of a single serving – it should not exceed 250 g;
  • eating 5-6 times a day with an interval of a maximum of 3 hours;
  • to increase physical activity.

Be aware that any diet against belly should be based on a fractional power. Eating small portions with small breaks will provide the body with the necessary amount of energy will prevent strong feelings of hunger, and, most importantly, will reduce the volume of the stomach that allows you to feel full on less amount of food will directly affect the size of their belly.

It is also important to create a daily menu based on those foods that do not lead to deposits of visceral (internal) fat that is the main reason for the increase in volume of such products include:

  • lean meats (chicken, veal, rabbit);
  • greens, fresh vegetables, fruits, berries (except potatoes, bananas, grapes);
  • dried fruit, walnuts;
  • legumes, cereals;
  • fish, seafood;
  • eggs;
  • lowfat lactic products;
  • olive and Flaxseed oil.

Also we should completely abandon fatty, fried, starchy dishes, smoked meats, semi-finished products, fast food, sweets, other harmful for beauty and slimness products. If they will be present in the menu, to reduce the amount of waist will be difficult, and in most cases quite impossible.

This should take into account that there is scientific evidence for the ability of some products to speed up the metabolism and start the fat loss process in places of the greatest congestion of fat that is on the abdomen, flanks and hips. Nutritionists recommend eating:

  • ginger;
  • cabbage of all kinds and varieties;
  • fresh cucumbers;
  • dairy products, except milk;
  • green tea;
  • grapefruit;
  • cinnamon;
  • fuck.

Also helpful red wine in small quantities (100 ml per day), because it contains resvertrol, breaks down and prevents the development of fat cells.

To stimulate the body and speed up weight loss in problem areas need to move more, to regularly visit the bath or sauna, to massage and wraps. But most importantly, you need from a great variety to choose the right kind of diet, because they differ greatly from one another in the composition of the products, constraints, and durations.
slimming stomach diet


To determine the most effective diet for weight loss belly and sides, it is necessary not only to consider the above reasons for the increase in their volumes, but a number of other factors:

  • the individual characteristics of the organism;
  • health;
  • the total number of extra pounds;
  • the goals and means of achieving them (endurance, willpower);
  • personal taste preferences.

Since there is a large variety of diets aimed at reducing the volume of the waist, to pick up and buy for all the specified parameters will be easy. The most famous of such methods is the classic diet on buckwheat, yogurt or rice.


Mono-diet on the buckwheat well and in a short time allows you to get rid of a large belly and reduce the waist size. This quick and fairly simple method does not require the preparation of special dishes, but too monotonous menu makes it very difficult to implement. But it is due to this diet by cleansing the digestive tract, removes excess fluid from tissues and as a result, weight loss in these problem areas.

The essence of the rules

The duration of a rigid diet may be 3-5 days, during which time you must eat only buckwheat and indignans to drink pure water or green tea. If desired, you can expand your menu low-fat yogurt (no more than 1.5 l).

Buckwheat-kefiric menu will be less stressful to the body and thus will give the same high efficiency as a strict mono-diet. In addition, fermented milk drink will help to normalize the GASTROINTESTINAL tract, make intestinal cleansing more quality, ensure supply of protein and is useful for microbial substances. On Buckwheat-kefiric diet you can get rid of belly and sides for 1-2 weeks, to achieve more visible results.

To choose the yogurt is required in accordance with the peculiarities of the digestive system:

  • the high acidity and tendency to heartburn is recommended to drink a day drink;
  • with increased gas – to three-day product.

It is also allowed to use the herbs, adding it to cereal or blending a green smoothie. Coarse fiber of herbs not digested and not absorbed by the intestine and passes in all departments, scraping from the walls of accumulated toxins. This contributes to a more thorough emptying of the digestive tract and, as a consequence, the reduction of the abdomen.

Sample menu

In hard version there are no special recommendations on the menu – porridge can be consumed in any quantity necessary to saturation, and in between meals to drink at least 2-2,5 liters of water and unsweetened tea. All other products should be abandoned. The only requirement of buckwheat mono – observance of technology of preparation of buckwheat. According to diet recipe cereals must be steamed for the night in a thermos (or wrap) in the ratio 1:2 (1 Cup buckwheat to 2 cups boiling water).

Buckwheat-kefiric menu is more diverse. The drink can be served with buckwheat.

  • alternating doses of these products throughout the day;
  • pouring cereal in yogurt (instead of boiling);
  • indignans mixing porridge with a drink immediately before use.

When using mono is not recommended to increase physical activity, and Buckwheat-kefiric embodiment shown moderate exercise, which can significantly improve the results of techniques. To reduce your waist volume, you must do special exercises for weight loss belly and sides. With a clear follow all recommendations per day dieting, you can lose an average of 1 kg of excess weight and 0.5 cm of waist size. But keep in mind that these indicators largely depend on the individual characteristics of the organism.

A contraindication to the compliance of buckwheat or Buckwheat-kefir diet are diseases of the GASTROINTESTINAL tract and hypersensitivity to the components menu. If you cannot or do not want to eat buckwheat, you can eat only kefir using kefir mono-diet or its more benign varieties.


Kefir – the best product for slim waist and flat stomach. During its regular use improves bowel activity, which leads to natural weight loss, reduce volume and rejuvenating the skin. This fermented drink has beneficial effects on the digestive tract, preventing the growth of harmful microflora, preventing constipation and ensuring the quality of cleansing of the body. Nutritionists developed several systems of weight loss, based on the beneficial properties of yogurt – fasting days quite to long diets for a few weeks and even months.

slimming belly kefir diet

The essence of the rules

A day of fasting and 3-day mono-diet on this fermented drink is characterized by great severity, because during this period it is assumed the use of only one product. But this very strong fast acting technique really allows to reduce the stomach and hips for a very short period of time.

Use kefir mono-diet for waist recommended not immediately – better to start with days of fasting to accustom the digestive system to the new food. After these last 3 days a lot easier.

Such a strict method of weight loss is contraindicated with gastritis or ulcers. You also cannot observe mono-diet kefir more than 3 days, since prolonged lack in the diet of carbohydrates can disrupt peristalsis, leading to constipation or diarrhea. But if you also enter in the menu, some useful for the waist products of the system of food can stick to much longer.

Sample menu

Daily diet this method of losing weight depends on the selected option. In the case of the fasting day, or simply mono, you can use:

  • low-fat buttermilk (1% fat) – up to 2 liters;
  • pure water, herbal or green tea – 1.5 L.

Daily intake of the product should be divided into 6-7 portions and drink at equal intervals of time. The remaining liquid should be taken between meals drink.

In addition to strict diet for weight loss belly and sides can be used the combination of this drink with other components.

Kefir cheese

In this variant diet the daily diet are low fat dairy products:

  • 300 g of cheese;
  • 1 liter of kefir.

The specified number must be divided into equal portions and taken throughout the day together or separately.

This methodology also refers to the relatively rigid and is designed for no more than 1-3 days. It is good that the use of these products stimulates the metabolism, makes the body to spend more energy and intensity to lose extra inches around the waist.


Kefir diet with fruits can last 3-5 days as it is easier tolerated by the body due to the presence of carbohydrates. During this period daily allowed to eat:

  • 2 l of kefir;
  • 1 kg unsweetened non-starchy vegetables.

Make the products separately or to prepare smoothies and shakes. The result of the 3-day diet should be the loss of 2-3 cm on the sides.


Method of weight loss yogurt with cucumber lasts up to 5 days and may cause during this period to a loss of 5-8 kg and 3-4 cm in the waist. This option diet menu for weight loss belly and sides is very simple – the day is:

  • 1.5 liters of low-fat lactic acid beverage;
  • unlimited number of cucumbers.

Cucumbers can be eaten alone or make a salad with herbs and lemon juice.


Diet effective but very strict and requires adherence to rules. For 9 days you must eat according to the following scheme:

  • 1-3 days – every day is consumed only 1.5 liters of nonfat kefir;
  • 4-6 days 1.5 kg sour apples;
  • 7-9 days, and 1 liter of nonfat yogurt and 1 kg of apples.

To withstand 9 days on this diet quite difficult. But this method is among the most effective diets from the stomach and sides.