How to start losing weight right at home step by step instructions

A real woman always wants to look good, be slim, toned. But the opportunity to visit the gym or fitness to do coach, is not at all. And also not everyone can afford to lose weight under the supervision of a dietitian. If this sounds like you — don't worry: we'll show you how to start losing weight right at home. Step by step guide will help you develop an individualized program of weight loss, calculate your hand to tune the result.

proper weight loss

Step one — analysis

So, once it became clear that the mirror does not look beautiful and fragile creation, and someone with chubby cheeks and folds at the waist. Need to lose weight.Extra pounds do not magically appear overnight, they accumulate over the years — slowly but surely. Try to remember when you began to recover, that was the reason. Perhaps in your past lies the situation, deductis weight gain, disease, pregnancy, hormonal drugs. In this case, before to lose weight at home, be sure to exclude the likelihood of health problems: consult a doctor, get tested.

Many shapely ladies found appetizing forms after profound nervous shock: many people subconsciously tend to "jam" a lot of stress that hinders to lose weight. Often women unknowingly suffer from bouts of compulsive overeating. This model is a psychological disorder characterized by food "daret", when the periods of normal power switch flashes uncontrolled appetite, which lasts from one to several days. Useless to blame yourself or give unrealistic promises, we need the help of a specialist, otherwise you start to lose weight fail.

If, however, hated the fat appeared as a result of constant overeating, abuse of junk food, a sedentary lifestyle, it's much easier — you can start to lose weight on their own, at home. To do it right, read our instructions to the end.

The second step is graph weight loss

Try not to give yourself vague promises: the phrase "grow thin by the summer", said on the eve of new year holidays subconsciously relaxes — until the summer time, you can safely eat all the calories, and to lose weight later on. A familiar situation? The caveat is that the habit of overeating is not going anywhere, as the extra weight.

Set goals in another way: determine the accurate number of pounds that you want to reset, set a specific time frame with regular intermediate loops.

Deciding to lose weight in 10 kg in 5 months, it would be correct to make a schedule of losing weight, putting:

proper weight loss methods
  • The initial weight. He will become a top reference point — a benchmark to which you can return;
  • The desired end result, no matter how fantastic it was not;
  • A few points for intermediate weightings. It is optimal to not weigh every day, once a week. This technique allows to keep the motivation to lose weight at home, and daily approaches to the scales rather de-motivate, relax. Finding during the next weighing, which is not behind schedule, you will be very pleased with themselves, feel like there is excitement, help to lose weight;
  • Leave a place on the record volumes — always a pleasure to note that the waist is thinner. It happens that the weight stops, but the body continues to lose weight. Measurements it is recommended to do monthly, possibly accompanying photos to illustrate the process.

Schedule, it is important to establish a realistic timetable, otherwise your enthusiasm will soon be replaced by bitter disappointment.

Do not rush things, nutritionists recommend to lose weight slowly on a 3-4 kg per month. Of course, you can lose weight much faster, but this method is wrong, dangerous to health: the body needs time to adapt to new forms.

Step two — proper nutrition

The most common mistake of losing weight at home — adherence to strict diets. To withstand long-term starvation is not easy, failure is inevitable for him comes the guilt. If breakdown did not happen, to lose weight permanently, this method will not work, pretty soon the weight comes back: the body has experienced the stress, tends to store fat, to argue with nature is useless. To begin to lose weight, limit caloric need, but it should be done correctly:

  • Count the calories. There are many special formulas that allow to calculate the required energy value of the food per day. Their values are very different and sometimes it is unclear what conclusion is correct, to begin to lose weight. The easiest solution is to line the notebook sheet in half, and then in the first column, write everything you ate for the day, and secondly exactly what I was doing. Evening debrief: how many calories did much is spent. To lose weight correctly, you need to spend every day on just 500 calories more than you consume;
  • Define the requirement in proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Energy value of food consists of proteins, fats, carbohydrates — all of them needed by the body for normal functioning. To begin to lose weight, you need to calculate their required ratio. 1 kg weight: 1 g protein, 0.5 g fat, 2-3 grams of carbohydrates. So a woman weighing 70 kg per day is necessary to obtain from food 70 g protein, 35 g fat, 210 grams of carbs to continue to lose weight correctly. Along with weight loss, this figure will decrease, you will need the conversion;
  • proper nutrition for weight loss
  • Create a menu for each day. To not be tempted to eat something sweet or fatty, it is impossible to go hungry. Try to paint the diet for the week ahead with the necessary caloric way to go for 5 meals, the intervals between which do not exceed 4 hours. The principles of proper nutrition is simple: most of the menu is vegetables and fruit, followed by oatmeal in the water, steam lean meat. During snack you can treat yourself to nuts, dairy products. Five meals a day to accelerate metabolism to lose weight easier;
  • Normalize drinking regime. To lose weight properly is possible only at the expense of losing body fat, not dehydration and muscle damage, like mono-dietas. On 1 kg of weight a person needs not less than 30g of pure water, and tea or coffee are not taken into account, only water.

To start eating healthy food better gradually, over a few days, alternately refusing the usual harmful meals. Don't forget to conduct an audit of the refrigerator and kitchen cabinets on the subject of prevent to lose weight the temptations — chocolates, cookies, sausage. If possible do not house hold products such that the risk of failure was minimal.

Step four — physical activity

It is believed that training at home are inferior in effectiveness training in the gym. The case in the presence of the company's interests: group classes, where you can see someone else's result is the competitive moment, urge to lose weight. Visit the gym usually prevents employment, but at home you can always find half an hour to yourself.

Review your day, identify the time when you want to perform the exercises — this can be early morning, late evening. Selecting the time interval, try to stick to it everyday to exercise became a habit. At home you can train in the following ways:

  • Download ready video course-exercises specially designed to lose weight on their own. Start with a simple version, with a consequent increase in stress;
  • Make your own set of exercises that includes all muscle groups. To begin to lose weight, you need to get to work the whole body. You can use inexpensive compact equipment — dumbbells, weights, Hoop, rope;
  • Buy an exercise bike or treadmill;
  • Exercises aliquam ball is also very effective and it can be done at home;
  • Make a nice route and enjoy Jogging, Nordic walking. Maybe soon you will meet in a nearby Park people who are ready to lose weight.
Whichever activity you choose, to start practicing at home should be very carefully, without fanaticism. Excessive zeal in beginners is fraught with health problems. If you have any ailments, it is better to discuss sports plan and desire to lose weight with your doctor.

Tune in to success will help buying beautiful sports clothing — every woman loves new clothes. Training should be fun, energize, positive. Extremely important regular employment — even if it's only 20 minutes, but every day. You will be surprised how quickly your body will begin to lose weight and health will improve.

Step five — the motivation

People who get rid of excess weight in the home, often say that losing weight is easier at first, until a new menu is not boring, exercise is not tired, the enthusiasm is at the maximum. It will take quite some time and it will become clear that to lose weight have long.

The principles of motivation

It is important to await the development of sustainable habits for a new lifestyle, otherwise your efforts will go down the drain. Need motivation, help to lose weight in the moments when you want to quit and eat the cake, but preferably two.

Take care of this issue better:

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  • Write down on a piece of paper all the benefits of a future slimness. The opportunity to wear beautiful clothes, the envy of her friends, the admiration of men, and for someone's health, the chance to conceive a child — choose what suits you. Because you try so hard not just to lose weight, probably, there are goals to achieve which necessary harmony. Reread the list as soon as motivation weakens;
  • On the fridge attach a photo of the model, which would like like. Your photo to weight gain too;
  • Don't forget about the chart weight loss, log your results, it will give strength to lose weight on;
  • Argue with someone. To lose weight will be more interesting. Proven and a little children's method works flawlessly, especially if you bet money;
  • Eat in front of the mirror. The sight of his fat folds, probably, reduce appetite, stimulate the desire to lose weight;
  • Wear clothes one size smaller. Tight jeans or skinny blouse will constantly remind you to lose weight.

Live motivator can be a dog, because it is necessary to walk twice a day, and to deny invitingly queribundus one is very difficult. At this point, our tutorial ends, you now know how to start losing weight at home — we wish good luck, everything will work out.