Slimming and skin softening: the truth and myths about soda

Star diets — is not the modern fashion. The English poet Byron, aristocrat Albion two centuries ago, tea is savored in the finest porcelain cocktail of soda and water. Once their idol told that thanks to this drink 30 extra pounds to his weight dissipated like fog over the Thames. And now, few people today immediately call a line from the poems of Lord Byron, but his diet soda these days at the hearing at all.


Soda diet

Fans of this diet also compose a poem: soda in the house, the fat is in a coma. Their views, they argue so: ware from fat soda rubbed to the skin, why not dissolve the same way and our body fat? And on this magical, according to some, properties of soda over. It, they say, and arthritis can be cured and the ulcer. And teeth it is useful.

Whether the contents of the famous orange tutu more effective than expensive drugs? What ailments soda cures actually, and in some cases the contrary can erase health powder?

It is necessary to type in the Internet search engine the word "soda", will be one of the most popular requests: how much soda should eat to lose weight. The answer will be hundreds of articles about how soda burns off extra pounds. Moreover, these articles are divided into two categories: unfounded and those signed under which put health workers. Some doctors advises soda as a means of eternal harmony.

Neurologists suggest every morning for 30-40 minutes before meals to take this solution on an empty stomach.

This is the easiest way to reduce weight. Doctors claim that soda is unique in its price, availability, and ease of action. When a person drinks a glass of soda solution on an empty stomach, after a while it starts to work the bowel. That is, it is a simple a laxative effect.

From the point of view of the neurologist who specializiruetsya on the reflexes, everything right. That's just the dieticians and gastroenterologists such advice are urged not to listen and not apply. It is dangerous and absolutely contraindicated for people suffering from peptic ulcer or gastritis. Has soda and diuretic. Due to this, the number on the scales can also crawl down. Only a short time. However, supporters of weight loss soda find other arguments.

According to some doctors, the kernel fat is a glycerol molecule, that this molecule of glycerol attached residues of fatty acids. Soda influencing on the fatty acids, there is a neutralization reaction. Resulting in the oxidation of fat. Biochemists do not confirm this. Fat accumulation and soda solution are not in contact at all. It is impossible in principle.

Other experts believe that club soda can't act on the entire body. He can't thin out blood, can't thin out the fat and get to where he is deposited in thighs, stomach and so on.

Diet soda

So diet soda solution, though simple, but absolutely fabulous. And if you do not ingest soda, but only to brush her teeth with lemon juice? Supporters of traditional medicine claim that and it turns out cheaply, and effectively. Dentists agree that baking soda really whitens. Its small crystals quickly clean off plaque from the enamel surface, but together with the enamel. With the same success it is possible to brush your teeth with sand, chalk, any small hard substance that acts as a Polish. But perhaps those are right who successfully used the soda in diseases of the joints?

It is believed that this is a cheap tool eases foot pain is not worse than the expensive ointments and creams. Because the joints ache due to accumulation of salts, as soda destroys them. However, the reason a painful crunch in the joints, explain to podiatrists, not salt. All in excessive friction between the worn surfaces of the joints, and soda, no salts through the skin, muscles and fat cannot dissolve. Eases the pain just warm water.

However, pour in the warm water of the soda still has meaning. It is well in the water softens rough skin. Another advantage of using soda - soda solution is ideal for oily pesticides from fruits and vegetables.