Effective exercise for weight loss belly and sides: 4 best tips

Women around the world with enviable regularity are struggling with excess weight, no matter how a lot of these pounds. As a rule, the less you have, the sharper the struggle. Recently, the tendency to take care of your body and nutrition has spread to men, which can not but rejoice. Problem areas for men and women are not too different: the abdomen and thighs, and therefore, the lovers of cakes, fast food and passive lifestyle, let us understand what exercise for weight loss belly and sides need to meet in order to achieve the best results.

Why do I get fat

Fat deposits on the belly is much more dangerous to the body than on the thighs, buttocks and other places. So if there was a sharp jump in weight, consult your doctor, because some types of fat are associated with diseases of internal organs.

belly fat

In General, there are several causes of fat.

  1. Incorrect posture, which is a consequence of sedentary work and passive lifestyle. Due to the displacement of the spine internal organs are slightly pushed forward – increasing the abdomen, which in the absence of regular sports or normal loads starts storing fat.
  2. Decreases with age the production of sex hormones, resulting in disturbed metabolism and break down fats worse.
  3. The adrenaline rush because of the strong stress disrupt hormonal balance and adversely affect metabolism. Hence the sharp jumps in weight.
  4. During pregnancy a woman's weight is greatly increased because of the double stress on the body – there are fat deposits on the thighs and buttocks, the skin of the abdomen stretched and after childbirth can very quickly be filled with subcutaneous fat.
  5. Hormonal disorders and genetic predisposition can also provoke an increase in the percentage of body fat. In both cases it is necessary to consult a specialist. If you have problems with hormones, self-medicate can only worsen the situation and cause further difficulties. A genetic predisposition may mean a higher risk of diseases that affect the formation of body fat, often dangerous as diabetes.
  6. Improper sleep and food. The average person should sleep at least 7 hours a day, if not, the body begins to protect itself from stress. You should eat at least 5 times a day but small portions – and then the food will get digested, and the feeling of hunger will not torment, and the body will work like a clock.

Training rules

To get rid of excess weight, remove belly and flanks are easy, if time to get serious and persistently to achieve the goal, respecting the main rules: exercise, proper nutrition and good sleep.

Choosing to remove yourself from the belly and flanks are at home, people often neglect those rules of training, which workouts at the gym are self-evident.

  • Before a workout room better ventilated, but must get rid of the draft before the start of classes – I don't think a stuffy nose and cough will contribute to weight loss.
  • Remove any distractions: mobile phone, social network, roommates – all of which can interfere with focus. Turn on upbeat music, a concert or a selection of clips, you can even put on the background of the film with some unobtrusive plot.
  • When no one is home to do even naked, but this is very disturbing and reduced self-organization. After all, you do sports that seem like it should be in the training: sports form and sports shoes.
  • Well, if you've done your homework and stocked up on sports equipment: dumbbells, hula-hoops, jump rope, etc., but if not – no big deal, there are many effective exercises without equipment.
  • Prepare regular drinking water. Drinking you will want in any case, but it does not have to be distracted and to bring down the mood.
  • Start your workout with warm-up all groups of muscles, walking or running in place for 5 minutes. So you bring the muscles in tone and to the load they will react, and hence to root the habit less.

Treat training as a positive event, find the positive and have fun – and then classes are a joy, and their effectiveness will increase significantly. Speaking of efficiency...

Effective exercises for weight loss

Do not get hung up on just one kind of exercises: respiratory, cardio, strength and stretching are perfectly combined in the complex. In addition, the body will normally take a load, and execute complex it will be possible to stretch (usually, the body gets used to certain type of loads, the maximum per month, after which the complex is necessary to amend or Supplement). So there you go.

Exercise for weight loss

Before beginning any exercise from this series, must lie on the back.

  1. A classic exercise is known to all "Bicycle", when remaining in a prone position and lifting the legs, people legs "pedal".
  2. "Curl is working fine obliques, so it is correct to run with a small amplitude. Legs bent at the knees, lower back pressed to the floor, and hands behind his head. To inhale slowly and gently lift your head and shoulder blades off the floor, then return to the starting position.
  3. "Reverse curl" is performed, but with the head and hands you need to raise and pelvis. The lower back should not come off the floor.
  4. Hold hands for some steady support, press the lower back to the floor. Now raise your legs towards the head without bending. Hard, but works fine.
  5. The bridge is performed to strengthen the muscles of the thighs and buttocks. Here also involved the abdominal muscles. Stretch your arms along the body (you can use them as extra support).
  6. Bend your knees, tighten your buttocks and raise your upper body until your shoulder blades so that it formed a single line, without sagging. In this position it is possible to fix the time (30 seconds, enough to start), and it is possible to perform quantitatively – 15 reps.
  7. The plank is a great exercise that you will hate the one, and then you will understand its charm. Performed with emphasis or on elbows or on straight arms and toes. The torso should be one line without sagging.
  8. Pushups (on my knees). Hands on width of shoulders, torso without sagging down, and then to its original position.

Aerobic exercise

Breathing techniques are great exercises to remove belly and flanks. Bodyflex breathing exercises Strelnikova, "Oxisayz" and "Jianfei" – these techniques are most effective.

  1. The body is saturated with oxygen, which oxidizes the fat cells, helps to maintain optimal for weight loss, PH, promoting the formation of ATP, reduces stress, speeds up the metabolism (more oxygen in the body, the faster it works).
  2. Can involve one or more muscle groups to be focused on stretching.

Before you begin training, be sure to learn the technique of diaphragmatic breathing.

Breathing exercises for weight loss belly and sides is not suitable for women during pregnancy on early and late pregnancy and lactation, people with spinal cord injuries or diseases of the cardiovascular or respiratory systems.



Cardio workout includes exercise for weight loss belly and sides, is able to increase the frequency of heart beats up to 130-150 per minute. The most common types of cardio are running, Cycling, swimming, brisk walking and aerobics. The latter is very convenient to do at home.

Calculate the forces and perform complex non-stop for 20-25 minutes. What exercises to do to remove belly fat?

  1. Running on the spot in the notes is not needed.
  2. Running in place with high raising of thigh – lift the hips as high as possible to the breast as often as possible and changing feet.
  3. "Overcasting Shin" – running in place with bent leg at the knee when the foot comes almost to the buttocks.
  4. Jumping. Feet together, arms along the body. Jump legs apart, simultaneously raising his hands to the side to position above head. Jump back to starting position.
  5. UPS. You can choose as the object of a chair, bed or something else. Lifting the right leg, the same leg and go down. Perform two sets of 10 reps for each leg.

Cardio workout or should be included in the warm-up, or end power (20-30 minutes).

Contraindicated for people with vascular problems, heart and respiratory systems, joints. For pregnant women there are special complexes.

Strength training

Wondered how to quickly remove belly and flanks? Strength training involve training with weights and other devices. Thanks to them, is the strengthening and building of body muscles, burn fat.

At home, use dumbbells for various kinds of squats, lunges, carry out cultivation of hands in the parties. Deadlifts are perfectly tightens the buttocks. The hula Hoop is working fine abdominal muscles, burn fat.


Testimony to the complete rejection of all classes a little:

  • asthma;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • stone disease of kidney and gallbladder;
  • insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus and some others).

The main part of the contraindications can be successfully overcome using constraints. They are the same as cardio.

How to eat

The issue of nutrition for weight loss and exercise is solved with the help of a fitness diet. It includes proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Last used during training. Protein is needed for building body muscle. A SMALL amount of fats the body needs to function properly.

Drink more water – helps to remove cleavage products of proteins, fats, toxins and saturates the body with oxygen.


So, exercise for weight loss belly and sides can be done at home. Important point is the regularity. From 1 workout a week the pounds and inches will not go away, so do the complexes at least 3 times a week, eating right at the same time.