5 effective exercises for slimming the abdomen

Proper nutrition and exercise help a person to keep the body in good shape and health at a high level. The main thing is balance and a systematic approach. It is important to pay attention to regular exercise and selection of power circuit.

The first thing you need to start is with your eating habits. And the sooner the better. It is advisable to start the process of changing diet for a few weeks before the start of training. So the body has time to cleanse as it should and give the maximum amount of energy to exercise.

The press are doing in the kitchen — the basic rules of nutrition. Best lunch for weight loss

The food must be approached with the utmost rigor. No workout will bring results, if there is no order in the kitchen. A healthy diet includes how the selection of high-quality, low-calorie foods, and perfectly matched mode of food intake.

No wonder they say that the press is in the kitchen.The first step is to deal with their own fridge. A on the machine Breakfast, lunch and dinner, and do not always reflect what is in the shopping cart.

It is important to drink at least 1.5 litres of water, the water will start the metabolism and weight loss will go faster.

In order to eat properly you need to remember the following Golden rules:

  1. The food must be varied. The more types of vegetables and fruits, fish and meat, various cereals and nuts will be on the table — the better.
  2. Primarily from the food chain excludes products with high caloric content (e.g., bread, mayonnaise, potatoes).
  3. Eat less but more often.
  4. It is advisable to eat slowly, the meal should be given at least 30 minutes, all thoroughly chewed.
  5. It is desirable that the basis of the diet consisted of fruits and vegetables.
  6. Protein foods are recommended to eat for Breakfast and dinner.
  7. The body for the normal functioning of at least one day a week to unload (you can use dairy products, fruit).
  8. On the table should be just cooked food. No canned food. Products are only homogeneous and natural.

Lunch can include complex carbohydrates — buckwheat, rice, pasta from durum wheat. It is important to include fresh vegetables.

As dinner specialists in nutrition suggest to take only vegetables, meat and fish, steamed. They are quickly absorbed. Two hours before bedtime is best not to eat at all. At night, the body will absorb the substances obtained during the day and remove toxins, it in no event it is impossible to overload.

Exercise vacuum how to do and how it works

After the power is normalized, it's time to think about adding physical activity to improve your well-being and getting rid of extra pounds.

Exercise vacuum

The vacuum exercise is one of the most effective lessons for weight loss in the waist area. A flat stomach can be done by yourself at home, without the help of a fitness trainer and going to gym. The main thing regularity.

Please note, the vacuum there are few contraindications: pregnancy, period after surgery or childbirth, menstruation. If the actions cause pain in the abdomen, such physical activity is better to postpone or to consult with the doctor.

With involvement comes a massage of the internal organs. Metabolism occurs due to large blood flow. In General, the healthier the organs of small pelvis and abdominal cavity. The stimulation of digestion, the intestine starts to work in the correct mode, and strengthen abdominal muscles. For a few months with proper nutrition will appear press.

The mandatory conditions when performing exercises is the cessation of food intake for four hours. If during the day there is no possibility to eat a period of time, perform the vacuum should morning before Breakfast. Repeat the task, you need regularly every day.

For exercise you need to put feet on the width of the pelvis, and then slightly bend them at the knees. On the thigh it is best to rely hands. The body weight is transferred to the region owner, it's important to feel the support, the wall of the abdomen and waist relax. After run the locks. First — Mula-Bandha, where the muscles of the perineum is first reduced and then held in a static position. Through such action can be great to tighten the lower abdomen.

The throat lock is performed by pulling the crown up, chin goes to the jugular notch. You need to try to swallow saliva. This lock covers the windpipe.

When performing a language lock you need to turn up the tip of your tongue and put it on the top of the sky to the teeth. During practice, the body should be filled with warmth, which means moving in the right direction.

The plank exercise — how to do slimming belly

To work out the muscles of the shoulder girdle, hips, buttocks and back running exercise strap that means work almost the entire body. Plank is a great option for those who have limited time for sports. The most important thing in this matter is correct hone technique.

To work out the abdominal muscles, you need to put the hands under the shoulders. Knees do not bend, your back is only in a straight position. The President is directed straight ahead. Press maximally strained.

A beginner, experts advise to do the plank exercise not more than 1 minute. Every two days run time, you can gradually increase by 30 seconds. Plank is gradually brought up to 3 minutes. To enhance the effect, you can use a more complex version, for example, perform a plank on your elbows. You can do it at any time.

Exercise bike for abs

Exercise bike

For effective pumping of the press fit exercise bike. The job runs at home, and gives much more benefit than intensive training on quality cardio equipment. The bike helps improve metabolism and blood circulation in the body and work the abdominal muscles.

Some people, after a system of exercise for several months more productively gastrointestinal tract. An additional burden facing the gluteal muscles, helps to remove extra inches, and to visually pull the thigh.

To make a Bicycle, you need to take a starting position lying down. Thigh strictly perpendicular to the floor surface. Hands during the execution of the exercise should be strictly kept for the head, as otherwise the muscles are not worked sufficiently. Fibulae hands in the castle is also not recommended because you can get a neck injury.

Then you can safely begin to mimic riding a two-wheeled vehicle. First one leg is straightened, and then the other, and Vice versa. One leg should be bent. The movements are repeated in a circle.

Trainers recommended in the early stages to do no more than 8-10 reps, gradually increasing the load. Optimum number of sets from 3 to 4. The maximum number of repetitions equals 20.

Curl lying — lift body slimming belly

The exercise, twisting on the floor trains the abdominal muscles. This task is performed in the health club and at home. Depending on the selected option, the exercise worked different parts of the body.

For a classic twist on the floor works the upper part of the press. To start the exercise you need to lie on your back. Further, at a right angle to compress the knees. Feet are on the floor, hands behind his head. On the first exhale, off shoulder blades off the floor, abdominal muscles tense. To return to the original position follows on the exhale.

To perform oblique crunches, you should lie on your right side. Legs are pressed against each other, and the knees bend, the left hand rests behind your head. First, we need to stretch the obliques and then twist them to the highest point. Gradually the body falls down. The same number of times the exercise is repeated on the left side.

The amount of execution of twisting the norm at everyone. For one person it will be quite a few approaches, other forces are enough for a few dozen. Also it all depends on the level of study of muscles and their strength.

Miracle cushion or method Fukutsudzi from the stomach

Japanese method of weight loss reduces the waist and enhances growth. The method includes the doctrine that the person simply misplaced the bones of the pelvis and upper quadrant, namely violated their natural state. Dr. Fukutsudzi was sure posture can make slimmer and the waist area thinner.

Exercise with cushion

To correctly perform the exercise, you need to wring the towel (reinforced with regular thread). It is best to do it on the floor. Divorce feet hip-width apart. Feet should be angled so that your thumbs are touching. Hands are behind head. Palms on the floor are in such a position that the face exclusively the little finger. Then the back relaxes, in this situation it is recommended to spend at least 5 minutes. If you do not have the patience, it is desirable to begin with 1-2 minutes.

This exercise experts recommend at least once a day. Only in this way is achieved a visible result. Remember that to get rid of the method Fukutsudzi of extra pounds do not succeed, it needs to regularly engage in cardio workouts. Exercise will help to establish a good flow of blood to the waist, improve posture, increase height, to relax the place, which had previously been clamped, and visually correct shape.