29 HARD errors when losing weight. How to lose weight

the essence of weight loss

The scope of a slender body in our country and around the world takes on a whole new look. Becoming more people who want to have strong muscles, a slender body, raised body, health. A major contribution to the growing popularity of the slender body have made the development of information technology.

Thanks to the development of the Internet, information has become more accessible, more visual, more interesting.

Now, any person can find everything he needs just by typing your query into the search bar of Google or Yandex.

A huge leap in the popularity of harmony occurred in the last 10 years.

Naturally, the number of qualified coaches and experts in this area could not grow in direct proportion. Although I must admit that progress in this direction.

This article highlighted for you 29 the major mistakes of people wanting to lose weight.

1. Desire to burn fat through the "greenhouse effect", or using the massage

People believe that the next miracle cream, slimming belt and inflating the abdominal muscles, a bath, clearing of fatty deposits on special simulators will help them lose weight.

Fat loss is using a dedicated blood fatty acids and glycerol, the result of lipolysis as an energy source.

Now you understand how foolish it is to wrap yourself in cling film, to use all kinds of stuff, like belts for weight loss, to hope that from a sauna or a bath you will lose weight?

There is no "greenhouse effect", if we are talking about fat burning does NOT EXIST!

In the sauna fat and other cells of our organism LOSE WATER! But the nuclei of these cells do not become less.Guess what happens after the bath you will drink a couple of glasses of water? Fat cells are filled with water and the weight will be back.

2. The desire to lose weight only in one part of the body

"I'm fine, only I would lose weight in the thighs and abdomen".

I think you often hear it from their friends and acquaintances.

But then again, no "the distillation of fat" from one place to another or of burning fat in one place is impossible (there are a number of studies about the local fat burning, but reliable evidence yet).

Fat burning is triggered by our hormones, which circulate THROUGHOUT the BODY.

The hormone may not circulate only in one place (e.g., hips), it will be carried around the blood flow of both blood circuits, penetrating everywhere will be able to get (capillaries, veins, arteries) and contact the tissues through receptors.

3. The almost complete refusal of food

Another common error.

Sharp refusal of food leads to a slowing of metabolism, which almost completely stops the fat burning.

And after you fail (and it will happen) you will gain even more fat, because the body will think: "what if it happens again? It is necessary to protect themselves in case of famine".

4. Failure to comply with the basic rules of any diet

The Foundation of any diet is creating a DEFICIT of CALORIES (energy) in our body.

  • If you consume MORE calories than you expend, you GAIN WEIGHT!
  • If you consume more calories as much as the spending, you remain the same!
  • If you consume more calories LESS than you expend, you lose WEIGHT!

Nothing in the body is not taken out of nowhere.

If you get less energy than you expend, you will lose weight.

5. The lack of fractional power

Reducing caloric content can lead to slower metabolism which will stop fat burning.

Therefore, we need to trick our body by starting to eat more often but in SMALL PORTIONS!

The body will think: "Eat often, hence it makes no sense slowing metabolism, lack of energy".

But the amount per day you'll eat LESS! So will lose weight.

6. Complicated power supply circuit at the initial stage

People think that everything unusual are unusual ways.

Therefore, there are various idiotic diets and meal plans.

Kremlin diet, Japanese diet, chocolate diet, cabbage soup diet, green diet, etc.

The more degrees of freedom (products in diet, supplements, change of diet), the more DIFFICULT to analyze the results.

7. Ignoring daily and other activities, in addition to training

Many people think that how much they will lose weight depends on training.

People do not pay attention to their physical activity throughout the day + a basic pool of energy (metabolism, heat transfer, etc.).

For example, it consumes 2000 kcal per day.

He works in an office all day sitting on the fifth point, and in the evening go to the training, control the food. Indeed, he gradually begins to lose weight.

What if this man is a porter and worn like mad all day, with weights on the hands and back?

The 2000 kcal per day would be too LITTLE, because he will be on 400-700 calories a day to spend more.

Hence the slowing of the metabolism and stop fat burning.

You should lose weight gradually.

8. The use of effective types of physical activity

've heard a thousand times: "what if I don't like to lift weights? It's so stupid. I'd rather go for swimming or dancing."

It is not that stupid and uninteresting and what is not.

Is what is effective and what is just going to exhaust you (or will suck your money), taking your time.

Physical activity in the gym not only allows you to get rid of excess fat, it allows you to make more beautiful your muscles!

9. Ignorance of their "reference point"

The starting point is the number of calories that you need throughout the day, not to plump and not to lose weight.

Need it in order to begin to gradually reduce the calorie content.

Calorie reduction leads to weight loss.

10. The lack of consideration calorie

Follows from the previous paragraph.

If one day you ate 1800 calories, and the next in 1920, then 1750, then 2100, then what about fat loss can be a speech?

You don't know where to start to gradually reduce daily caloric, so marking time.

11. Lack of consideration in the proportions BZHU

Necessary caloric we can gain if we eat one potato, but is it right?

For the normal functioning of our body we should use:

  1. Proteins.
  2. Fats.
  3. Carbohydrates.

Not counting the vitamins, minerals and other macro and micronutrients.

Each CIBUS plays in our organism an important role. With a lack of any of them may be not useful for us, the imbalance.

12. The use of large quantities of food with high glycemic index

The glycemic index (GI) is a QUANTITATIVE measure of carbohydrate utilization.

After eating foods with a high glycemic index carbohydrates that are quickly digested, basically) in the blood starts to circulate large amounts of GLUCOSE.

In response to the receipt of glucose, our pancreas begins to produce INSULIN (a transport hormone in our bodies that transportorul glucose to use).

Insulin is the antagonist of growth hormone (growth hormone is one of the hormones that helps burn fats).

In other words, the INSULIN STOPS the fat burning PROCESS.

Therefore, the more sweet and starchy foods you eat, drinking this beer, the harder it is for you to lose weight.

13. Too frequent change of training program on drying

Extra stress during the energy shortages completely useless.

Therefore, the desire to do better, which may make things worse.

The stronger the training stress during drying, the more likely to lose more muscle.

Best option: leave the strength training without changes. Plus, add cardio.

14. Increasing the number of repetitions, abbreviated relaxation training

The decrease in working weights will lead to a reduction of muscle size (why the body's large muscles consume a lot of energy when you can reduce them and reduce energy consumption?).

Plus the new exercise intensity will cause unfamiliar stress to the body that will really help catabolism of adipose tissue, but unfortunately, not only fat.

Much faster will burn and our muscles.

Therefore, if time is limited and you don't care how much muscle you have, it is, in principle, a way out, but if the muscles for you to play a key role, leave your own training program without changes.

the absence of the muscular sense

15. The lack of a developed "muscular sense"

Most people are not willing to spend 1-2 months to work with lower weights to work on technique and learn to FEEL the contraction of the target muscles.

In the end, they immediately begin to work with the workers, at that time, weights, to quickly pump up a specific muscle.

The irony is that ultimately they lose time a lot more, because inlinuntur load misses the target, can only work at the initial stage.

16. Daily lack of sleep

In nature has not yet invented a better way to "reboot" the system, than a dream in one form or another.

During sleep our body to actively run the recovery, tissues and energy.

If we constantly ignore this process, sleeping for 4-5-6 hours, then we consciously have to understand that we can not recover until the end.

Especially if you still like to walk with friends on the weekends.

Over time, some of the systems of the body gives in and starts to act up.

17. The lack of a training diary

Training diary will give you understand how much you need to do in each approach. In each exercise.

18. The effect of "fuck it all"

There is a psychological moment when someone sits on a diet, and then allows herself to eat something that is not provided in the menu.

For Example, "Snickers".

Then comes the guilt...

And people instead just continue to eat right, eat even more, thereby worsening the situation.

19. Excessive self-pity

Try to get rid of this habit. Almost no one is interested. People are inherently selfish.

20. Lack of understanding why all this is necessary

There are situations when you do not understand why you are doing something.

She begins to go to the gym, but very quickly her motivation falls.


She starts slacking off at training, and then they jammed the whole thing of ice cream.

Zero progress, the mood is bad (my husband doesn't want), motivation is at zero.

What to do?

Understand why it is BENEFICIAL to YOU!

21. Too abrupt a transition to a new kind of power

Suppose a man were eating somehow, but suddenly he decided to change his body and life.

It severely restricts calories and starts to eat according to the plan.


Sudden lack of energy is stress to the body. It will help to ensure that you eat a little more.

You will be terribly hungry, to feel tired and lethargy (metabolism slowed down, the body tries to use less energy), want to sleep.

Go to a new kind of food is GOOD. But don't do it abruptly. The more gentle you make this transition, the less likely that the body will react negatively.

22. Masochista

Many people think that they eat a little, although in fact they eat too much!

They have a meal plan, but between them they eat the banana, yogurt, candy with tea.

As a result, they constantly fall out of the corridor calories and even start to gain weight.

It's not even their fault.

Our body has an amazing adaptive mechanisms.

If you decide to lose weight, stick to a set plan, otherwise you risk to spend a lot of time wasted.

23. Insufficient water intake

Almost all reactions in the body involved water.

With its lack of all reactions naturally slow down.

Try to drink 2-3 liters of clean water a day, and you will see how your progress can accelerate.

The lack of analysis and correction of weight-loss

24. The lack of analysis and correction of weight-loss

Consider its caloric content, analyze the results every week (weight, reflected in the mirror), and improve your progress.

25. The expectation of instant results

If you spent your whole life eating the way I wanted and not exercising, gained 110 kg, then do not expect the process of weight loss will be immediate.

Over time, our body shifts the "point of reference" and getting used to his weight and body composition.

Accordingly, the more you complete, the harder you lose weight.

Bear with me. If you do everything right, then progress is inevitable, but do not expect that you will immediately, within a couple of workouts or unnecessary procedures to get rid of the weight with you.

26. Eating at night

We all have different schedule, different amounts of free time, but a big mistake is the almost complete absence of food during the day and grazing at night.

Such large breaks in food slow down the metabolism.

And eating before bed makes hard work of our pancreas, injecting into the blood large amounts of insulin.

Insulin decreases the effect of hormones that promote the burning of fat produced during sleep (HGH, for example), because it is their antagonist.

Such manipulation is not very useful from the point of view of weight reduction and health.

27. Hope for weight loss, with no diet

Girls buy a lot of different fat burners.

And you wonder, "Why am I not losing weight?".

But because there are ACCELERATORS weight loss but there is NO SUBSTITUTE.

If you do not control diet, to lose weight very, very difficult.

28. For too long the transition from knowledge to action

There is a type of people: the eternal students.

They constantly learn new things, get some new information, but NEVER IMPLEMENT!

Sometimes, the most difficult is to BEGIN to do something.

When you start to do at least something, then it will be easier to adjust your movement, because the theory, as a rule, VERY FAR from practice.

29. The lack of specific targets and insane desires

When you don't know what you want, and the result will be inlinuntur and mild.

A lot of people said: "I want to bulk up, but without the fat, well, and on the bar you want to get, and still will dance, and Boxing". In the end, all fail.


"Bi-directional nature of the burden being unexpressed average result"

No wonder there is a proverb:

"Chasing two hares, you will catch neither"