The programme of weight loss for a month

To correct and improve their own figures women often make different diets and fasting in combination with exercise. All of these methods really help to get rid of extra pounds and make the shape not just thin and slender. Not all have the opportunity to visit the gym or use equipment at home. However, everyone has the opportunity to use a range of activities that are guaranteed to help improve the shape of the figure and your health.

Basic rules of losing weight at home

You should immediately adjust itself to the changes, to determine the final result and not give up the right lifestyle to achieve it. The first subject to correction mode of the day and main diet, the frequency of eating. If possible, there should be a plan of day hourly and follow it at the first opportunity.

Big jeans after weight loss

Observed the following items:

  1. The rise of the.
  2. Taking a shower, charging.
  3. Breakfast, lunch.
  4. Lunch, afternoon tea.
  5. Dinner (if provided).
  6. The care of the house.
  7. For study or work.
  8. Hobby.

Eating is especially important. For the full assimilation of all components and the possibility to use relatively small portions of meals it is advisable to divide into 5 different stages, observing between them approximately the same distance.

If the duties of the person undergoing a weight loss program, including food preparation, it is recommended to try it before dinner and snacking in very small doses, to prevent invisible adding a lot of calories and weight gain. It is advisable not to consume large amounts of food or even refuse to eat after 18-20 hours, depending on the characteristics of the work schedule and stages of digestion.

You should allocate a free 20 minutes daily routine. It is recommended to mark them before one of the morning meals. It was during this period of time you need to spend a small charge.

Follow a small number of exercises: squatting, bending, pushups, leg swings and other favorite action to develop muscles. Will help to lose weight and running. In many cases, exhibit the highest efficiency of push-UPS, stretching. They help to tone the body, which is necessary for uniform weight and formation at the same smooth contours of the body without sagging.

The rejection of alcoholic beverages

To lose weight not only quickly, but for a long time, it is desirable to exclude completely from your diet alcohol. Beer, wine and whiskey enough calories, the benefits of which virtually no. Alcohol effect on increasing appetite. Usually together with alcoholic beverages people practice eating a variety of snacks including cheese, ham, meat, fish or sweets.

Jump rope and hula Hoop

Both of these items need to be in each woman, which set a goal to lose weight. You need to find a convenient and relatively easy Hoop to the torsion caused only pleasant emotions and did not leave bruises. During torsion of the Hoop, you can turn on your favorite music or watch some TV show.

Jumping rope and Hoop

Also useful for jumping rope, but they are relevant only in the case if the room has enough space for jumping and similar exercises not to disturb anyone. To maintain the shape enough 40-50 hops per day, but to acquire a beautiful body contours you need every day to jump, and 100 and 200 times. With twirling the hula-Hoop all the more clear. It is effective, if to continue classes for more than 10 minutes.

Replacement tableware

For effective weight loss good all ways including psychological impact. If you change ordinary dishes into less, and eat people will be less food than before. The portions will be smaller, but supplements are easier to give up than already imposed a greater portion of. Do not mix meals.

Need a hotel for the main dish to side dish of its own, the salad is desirable to impose in a small bowl. If you eat food slowly and chew well the foods, you can quickly feel fuller and prevent overeating.

Start a diary

To results weight loss flaws and you can quickly see the need to record the successes and failures in a notebook or Notepad. There you can make plans for the next week or month. You need to make a list of usus products also take into account the number of performed actions is not useful, for example, Smoking or drinking carbonated beverages.

Daily record the results of control weighing. It is best done in the evening. Once a person confirm that the results, the process of weight loss will be even more effective.


The use of the cream

There is a lot of money of cellulite and other skin problems. They not only help for a short time to smooth the skin, but are struggling with imperfections in the layout of the subcutaneous tissue and the primary fatty layer. If body weight is too large, in the initial stages you can use special slimming belt.

Home charging

The implementation of domestic Affairs can turn into the need exciting action, simulating sports. For example, when leaving the house does not need to use the Elevator and take the stairs, both down and up. An effective method of losing weight is the excretion of unnecessary substances through sweat.

To do this, the implementation of active actions, you can wear warm clothes, creating a sauna effect without any additional devices. If you do things vigorously, you may notice the analogy of many standard physical exercises, or even circuits the use of simulators.

Correction of the diet

You can use a specialized diet and sessions of fame, but not every body can withstand without adverse effects, so it is advisable to simply remove from the diet foods that harm the gastrointestinal tract or do not allow you to lose weight in the formation of excess deposits. Need to allocate a large place in the diet for consumption of meat, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, alternating them with other nutrients.

Exercises for fast weight loss

For quick and comprehensive weight loss fit program, including physical activity and recommendations for the correction of their own diet. If you follow the basic rules of weight loss, not to withdraw even in the slow achievement of results, you can quickly lose even a lot of weight, losing the planned number of kilograms. To a positive effect over time is not lost, you need to keep in shape, continuing to make only beneficial to health and provide a slimming action.