The number of calories per day for weight loss needed by the woman and the man

All nutritionists and nutritionem unanimously affirm that for a healthy metabolism we need to know the individual number of calories per day to lose weight and eat according to daily calories – this will help to gently reduce weight. However, the number of formulas and different online calculators confusing beginners. How to carry out all the calculations and what to do with the numbers?

calories for weight loss

Which means the number of calories per day for weight loss

All food entering the body has a certain "weight". In proportion to this index for an allocated amount of energy from food when it starts to burn. This "weight" or energy value is specified in kcal. If a person eats this amount of calories per day, which equals producitur amount of energy that a single gram of food is not in the "fat depots". When the "weight" of the food exceeds energy expenditure of the body excess postpones turning into fats. The opposite situation leads to weight loss because the shortfall will be filled from existing stocks of glycogen.

Norm of calories per day for weight loss

VISA was launched, the daily energy intake threshold below which fall is impossible, because these numbers are a basic minimum necessary for the body to maintain life. This refers to not only motor activity, but the work of all organs, blood circulation, and even cell renewal. Later, however, nutritionists have found that the "General" norm of calories per day is not quite reasonable, because it only takes into account the division by sex, it is not taking into account age peculiarities, physical activity, muscle mass.

For women daily

According to the who girls need to consume 1200 calories or more a day. This amount is assumed as the minimum even when losing weight, and maintaining weight calorie intake for women can grow to 1600 kcal. After these data were supplemented according to age are listed, and as a result, left the following daily averages calories:

  • Girls under 25 need to keep the scope of 2000-2400 kcal.
  • Women up to 50 years these boundaries should be reduced to 1800-2000 calories.
  • After 51 years it is advisable not to consume more than 2000 calories in the presence of physical activity, and 1600 kcal, with their absence.

For men daily

Representatives of a strong half need much more energy than women because their body mass is a priori more frequently a high level of activity. Minimum daily allowance of calories for men and 1800 kcal, but more accurate nutritionists believe the following:

  • Young people under 25 years of age should eat between 2,400 and 3,000 calories.
  • Men under 50 years need to have 2000-2800 kcal.
  • After 51 years the scope move up to 1800-2400 calories.

How to calculate calories for weight loss

calories for weight loss how to count

We have mentioned that the simple division on the floor does not give correct result, since both sexes can have a completely different complexion and needs. Experts argue that the individual calculation of calories for weight loss and even weight maintenance should be based on the following parameters:

  • age (years);
  • height (in cm);
  • the level of physical activity.

For children the number of allowable calories per day for weight loss not believe, because their food goes mainly for the "construction" of the body and internal organs that are stored as fat only apparent excess. Older people, on the contrary, you need to consume less, especially if they are aimed at weight loss, because metabolism they have slowed down. An important role is played by human activity, which means playing sports, walking, and household works (Ironing, cleaning etc.). Additionally you need to understand that the calculation of calories for weight loss:

  • requires consideration hormonal background, which often brings about changes;
  • for pregnant women is carried out by separate formulas, because they feed from the fruit;
  • takes into account physical status – during illness the body will not actively burn calories.

The Harris-Benedict Equation

The old but still working method of counting the number of calories per day for weight loss called formula, which was developed in the early 20th century. It is based on 3 main parameters – body weight, height and age. The following formula is specialists get increased calories and to calculate calories per day for weight loss, you need to find the product of the result and coefficient of energy consumption, and then this number to decrease by 20%. Similarly, it can be used to calculate the number of calories per day to increase muscle mass.

The basic caloric intake for the Harris-Benedict calculated as:

  • Women: 655,1 + 9,6*kg + 1,85* cm - 4,68 * years.
  • Male: 66,47 + 13,75 *kg + 5 * cm - 6,74 * years.

Formula jeora muffin

One of the ways, which physicians recognized as reliable, it is relatively recently (2005) compiled by the American Dietetic Association formula, which was given the name muffin - San Giora. To remember it a little bit easier than the previous one, since changing only the last digit, and the other is identical for both sexes. The accuracy of the data that will be obtained when the counting is slightly lower than the Harris-Benedict equation. First is to know the caloric intake in – 9,99*weight, add to that a 6.25* height and take 4,92*age. After:

  • women result take 161 unit;
  • men add 5 units.

How to calculate the amount of calories for weight loss online

If you use the formulas and to conduct an independent calculation you do not want or have no time, will help calorie counter online. This is a calculator which runs one of the above schemes, although it may be used and the formula Ketcha-McArdle, or the principle on which the who staff. All these counters help count the number of calories that you can maintain the shape. However, if your aim is to lose weight, you will have:

  1. Additionally, to determine the level of daily physical activity.
  2. To find 80% of the resulting number. If you plan weight loss for obesity, 90% or even 95%. The deficit should not be more than 20% of the base metabolism.

The value of basal metabolism

calories for weight loss low

To calculate the daily number of calories, as already mentioned, helps a number of formulas, the choice between them is individually. Basal metabolism per day, which is an indicator of calorie consumption without much activity, we need to learn to watch my figure. The activity coefficient is multiplied by it necessarily, if the person is not sick, because the fact of movement from home to work/study also involves additional energy consumption. Keep in mind that the online calculator is only suitable for persons over 18 years of age.

The level of physical activity to determine

Gently you can lose weight without multiplying the minimum energy intake of the level of activity, but only in the absence of serious physical exercise. For a man whose sedentary work, the 20% difference that there is between the basic calculation result by the formula and refined, will simple way to lose weight. In other cases, the available value of basal metabolism is multiplied by:

  • 1,375 – if you have short workouts to 3 per week;
  • 1,55 – when training to 5 times a week, each lasting 1-1. 5 hours;
  • 1,725 for daily trainings for 3-4 hours;
  • 1,9 – professional sport (training to compete, etc.).

Table calorie foods and ready meals

Calories per day to lose weight – it's not a hungry diet. If you examine the calories and foods allowed on the diet, you will notice that you can generate a menu even with some violations" in the form of biscuits or dried fruit. Vegetables, berries and fruits are not listed, because their calorie content ranges from 22 to 70 kcal. A rough picture is this:

Product The caloric content (100 g) Dish The caloric content (100 g)
Oatmeal 303 kcal Boiled chicken fillet 170 kcal
Buckwheat 343 kcal Baked chicken 102 kcal
Rice white 344 kcal Boiled potatoes 82 calories
Figure black 260 kcal Boiled beef 254 kcal
Pasta 371 kcal Mashed potatoes with milk 65 calories
Nuts 550-670 kcal Omelette protein 39 kcal
Cheese 2% 103 kcal Trout baked 102 kcal

Zigzag calorie

Alternative name for this method of weight loss – cheating. This program is designed for individuals who at some point noticed stopping weight, although caloric intake has not changed in a big way. Zig zag calories for weight loss prevents the metabolic slow down, therefore fat burning is approximately the same speed. There is even a day when the normal amount of calories above the base – may be relief in food.

How to calculate calories for weight loss zigzag? The system is the following:

  1. 3 days of minimal carbohydrate, caloric intake reduced by 10% daily.
  2. 2 days – large amounts of carbohydrates, caloric intake at the level of basic metabolism, or 5% higher.
  3. 3 days – balanced proportion of protein, fat and carbs as calories as jumping "rule, the surplus to 10% deficit at 15%".

Minimum calories per day for weight loss

We have mentioned that women are not desirable to lower the calorie content of your diet for the day below 1200 calories and men below 1800 kcal. However, there is a safe calorie deficit, that is, a decrease in individually specific base metabolic rate for a certain number of units. According to doctors both genders need to consume daily "VGO - 500 calories". So, if your VOO – 1480 kcal, if you want to lose weight quickly to cross the border in 980 kcal prohibited.