Body wraps for weight loss - a detailed description of the types, tips, contraindications

The first wraps were used to combat cellulite, but over time it was observed that each treatment reduces the volume of the body is 1-2 cm. Homemade body wraps for weight loss useful for the whole body and for individual sections. Some experts argue that the effect of the reduction of the volume in the combustion of body fat, while others believe that it is a result of the withdrawal of large amounts of water, which is then to recover.

Anyway, the skin is tightened, rejuvenated, and as a result strengthen exchange ducts improves lymphatic flow. Increases the tone, fades orange peel, the skin is saturated with minerals and vitamins. To fix the result, wrap it is better to combine with exercise and proper nutrition. At home you can use any special means, and also different compositions prepared independently. Best house hold compression procedures using normal cling film.

Body wraps for weight loss are divided into hot and cold. More effective hot, when through the open pores removes toxins and wastes. Cold treatments well tone and rejuvenate the skin by narrowing the blood vessels, and by redirecting toxins to the bodies of internal cleaning. These procedures are indicated for edema, fatigue, feeling of heaviness, useful for tightening loose skin.

body wrap for weight loss

Wrap slimming belly at home: about the procedure

Best of all, this procedure will work, if carried out on an empty stomach. In this day stick to a liquid yogurt, kefir, tea, in General, drinking diet. It is advisable not to eat before and after the procedure, about 2-3 hours. The rate of fluid on this day - 2 - 2.5 liters to drink in small portions. For preparation of mixes for home wraps you can take different ingredients, it is best to experiment to find the most effective prescription that's right for you. Choose a time, preferably in the evening, and carry out the procedure before going to sleep through the day.

Body wraps for weight loss - a few original recipes

Recipe 1: Chocolate wrap. Melt two bars of chocolate in a water bath and apply the warm mixture on the stomach.

Recipe 2: Blue clay - the most effective form of all kinds of colored clay. Dissolve the powder in a bowl with water to the consistency of sour cream.

Recipe 3: Seaweed (kelp or fucus), are sold in dried form in most pharmacies. Pour hot water about 3 tablespoons of kelp and infuse for half an hour. The mixture should swell, after about half an hour, apply it on the body.

Recipe 4: Wrap with pepper and cinnamon. Take ground cinnamon (10 grams), red pepper flakes (1-2 tsp), sunflower oil (2 tbsp), citrus essential oil (6-7 drops). Do not drink before and after the procedure, do 10-15 times a month. Pepper must not be used on varicose veins and vascular asterisks.

Recipe 5: Coffee is highly effective wraps for weight loss based on the action of caffeine, actively promotes the breakdown of fat. Dilute 3 tablespoons of brewed coffee don't, breed until you get a thick slurry with warm milk.

Recipe 6: Oil wraps for weight loss in 20 ml base oil (almond or olive), add 3 drops of one of the species – juniper, lemon, lavender. Heat in a water bath heated to 40 degrees and stir well.

Recipe 7: Another variant of algal recipe. Kelp pour hot water and infuse for 15-20 minutes. Add yolk 10 drops of citrus oils - lemon, orange or grapefruit, 20 drops of camphor oil. Stir the mixture until smooth.

How to prepare your skin for the treatments

A wrap for slimming is carried out to an exceptionally clean skin - use a scrub. Washcloth to massage the abdomen, to steam it and wipe dry, then apply the chosen mixture. Tightly wrap your belly with plastic wrap and roll up a blanket or quilt to lie down and try to relax. Hold for 40 minutes. After the procedure, take a shower, wash away the mixture and apply it on the cream.

Honey wrap for weight loss

Rate honey wraps monthly will help you to achieve amazing results. The skin, as with any other recipe, pre-clean. Honey is slightly warm and apply on cleansed skin evenly. Wrap in cling film problem areas. The first turn of film around the waist should be thick enough, width – 30-35 cm

Two subsequent turns down to the right leg, stopping at the level above the knee. Then climb on the right foot at waist level. Order wraps repeat on the left leg. Not to nip the limbs to not upset the circulation. In conclusion, we make several turns around your waist. Cover with a warm blanket or wear warm clothes. At the end with a contrast shower to wash off the honey and apply on the skin cellulite cream.

Honey wrap for weight loss – popular recipes

1. Honey +essential oils. Heat the honey and add a few drops of essential oil (50-60 grams of honey 3-4 drops of oil of pine, tangerine, grapefruit, orange). To dissolve, stir. Do not overdo it with essential oils - they can cause burns on the skin. Apply the composition with soft circular motions, rubbing it into the skin. The film is twisted in a spiral.

2. Honey mustard wrap for weight loss.Mix the honey with mustard powder (two parts honey, one part mustard). To add to the powder a small amount of water to all the powder was filled with the water. Apply only on problem areas. Mustard can cause a burning sensation on the body. You can change into gym clothes and do housework or moving exercises. This will enhance the effect, further increasing the effect of blood circulation. Repeat wraps 2-3 times a week. Honey is best to take only natural and fluid, as if his ignis mollibus nutrients are lost. Be careful not to use the honey for the allergies.

Vinegar wrap for weight loss

Prior treatments with vinegar should do the warming-up massage with massage gloves or brushes. To prepare a solution of vinegar and water, dampen a sheet, wrapped in it completely or the part that has more problems. Even if you do the vinegar wrap for weight loss at home, it is better to have an assistant who will be able to wrap on all sides to restrict air flow. The sheet to close with several layers of film. Keep about 1.5-2 hours, partial wrap for weight loss - 40 minutes.

Another method for partial wraps - instead of sheets use a t-shirt and shorts, to wet linen in a solution of vinegar, to put on top of warm pants. On the cervical area to wrap the shawl and wrap woolen scarf. In this case, it is possible to move, to do things, but try not to do abrupt movements in order to the body not the air to flow.

It should be noted that in this wrap for weight loss the body reacts in a certain way. First to be cool, then the body will start to sweat. You can drink more and diaphoretic tea with herbs - lime, mint, raspberry, thyme. This helps to eliminate capillaries. If there is a problem, after removing things that were in vinegar to take a shower and apply the capillary lotion. Acetic wraps helps to lose 1-3 kg of weight.

Body wraps for weight loss: contraindications

  • It is impossible to carry out the procedure at:
  • pregnancy;
  • gynecological diseases;
  • tumors;
  • the abnormalities in the kidneys;
  • cardiovascular failure.

For holding the hot wraps for weight loss, there are several serious contraindications.

Women with varicose veins, thrombosis and other vascular disorders can be carried out only cold wraps. Please note – you cannot perform the procedure if allergic to at least one ingredient, and at a temperature, painful condition and dizziness. Stop the procedure immediately if you feel unwell during its implementation.