The most current ways to use ginger for weight loss - best recipes

This interesting shaped root called ginger, a native of East Asia. At first when it appeared on the shelves of supermarkets, a questioning look saw it, not knowing what it is. For the sake of interest put him in the basket, to somehow understand the taste of ginger?


Professional chefs began to skillfully introduce it to meat dishes, giving the cuisine its spicy and unique taste. But very soon the ginger root has become especially popular among women because of the properties of ginger in body slimming simply stunning.

Special assistance our body gets from the ginger late autumn. In addition, the root gives the dish a bright flavor and promotes weight loss, it has another quality - a great remedy for colds. Today we will learn about this exotic root a lot, look at how to lose weight with ginger, discuss the most effective methods and recipes of drinks and miracle meal.

Ginger root for weight loss – recipes at home

At home, each of you can prepare this healing drink that will help you not only to part with their excess weight, but also support the figure in norm. In addition, ginger drink has an invigorating effect. Therefore there is no need to use morning coffee!

In order to ginger tea has reduced your appetite, it is recommended to take before the meal. But! You need to remember the Golden rule – do not overdo it!

Now we will learn how to brew ginger for weight loss. The drink will fulfil its fat-burning properties, but only subject to the following rules of brewing.

Method 1. Grind a small piece of fresh ginger and place in a container with a lid. Boil a glass of water and pour into the vessel. Leave for 30 minutes. Before use, be sure to strain it through a thick sieve. As a sweetener, add honey only.

Method 2. Grind 100 grams. ginger root and drop it in a two liter thermos. Pour boiling water over top and cover. In the morning, good tea can not only Wake you up, but also reduce the appetite all day. To consume this drink can be no more than 2 liters a day, small portions. Add honey or slices of lemon will improve the taste.

Now you understand how to use ginger for losing weight, it remains to develop some rules.

  1. You cannot use ginger to pregnant women, the sick, the gastrointestinal tract, and cardiovascular diseases.
  2. Daily dose of ginger drink - 2 liters.
  3. To prepare ginger drink you will need only fresh roots.

How to lose weight with ginger recipes ginger drink

The truth is, there are a variety of recipes. We will consider only the most effective that you can prepare at home.

Ginger, lemon, honey

Ginger, honey, lemon

First place is occupied by a mixture of ginger, green lemon and honey for weight loss how to take and how to prepare, we are now together consider.

  • Ginger – 200 g
  • Lemon – 2 PCs.
  • Acacia honey - 100 g

Take of ripe and juicy lemons. Will wash them under warm water and cut into slices with peel. Clean the root and cut in cubes. Pass through a meat grinder or blend both ingredients. Put in a glass jar and add honey. Set aside to infuse for a week.

This healing paste perfectly cleanses the blood vessels and effectively fights with excess weight. The recommended dose of 1 tbsp, diluted in a glass of water half an hour before meals in the morning.

In addition, a useful combination of ginger, honey, lemon in the recipe for weight loss reviews it receives from all over the world. It turns out that this medicinal paste is also affects men.

It is worth noting that ginger is an aphrodisiac. In particular it affects men! Aphrodisiac will make a woman desirable! And unless happy woman becomes more beautiful and slimmer? Please take note of this!

Ginger, yogurt, cinnamon

Another effective recipe yogurt, ginger, cinnamon for weight loss reviews, which are just awesome. But you need to remember to prepare such healing cocktail is not difficult. The main thing - to choose for themselves a scheme of drinking a cocktail.

So, you will need:

  • fat-free yogurt – 1 Cup
  • grated fresh ginger root – 2 tsp,
  • cinnamon – 1 tsp,
  • red pepper flakes - pinch.

Whisk all ingredients in a blender and consume immediately after preparation is the main requirement!

  1. Healing cocktail to take half an hour before eating and always on an empty stomach. In this case, the cocktail reduces appetite, allowing you to reduce daily calorie in take food.
  2. The following regimen drink after a meal after 1 hour. Noticeably accelerates the metabolism, therefore, the stimulation of burning calories.
  3. Daily rate – 1 liter of cocktail. Make small portions. To Supplement the food and diet you can only 2 liters of natural water.

Those who will use the first two methods of reception of cocktail, bye for a month with 3-4 kg. Proponents of the third method, say goodbye to 7-8 kg in a month.

If you want to increase the effect, resorting to 1 and 2 method of reducing weight, nutritionists recommend to move actively, more walk in the fresh air and recharge yourself with positive emotions only aimed at a positive result.

Killer recipes – ginger with lemon for weight loss

This recipe is ginger for weight loss received the title of Most current method.

  1. Green tea with ginger will cope with your problem. Take a fine grater and grate the root of our wonder plant. Carefully strain through a sieve. Enough 1 teaspoon of juice for one Cup of tea. Green leaf tea along with ginger juice, steamed with boiling water and 20 minutes for flavor, add a little lemon juice and a spoonful of honey.
  2. Cool boiled water to room temperature (2 l) and add 3 tbsp of grated ginger. Steep the tea for 15 minutes. Before use, be sure to pass the drink through a sieve and add to taste the honey.
  3. Exotic tea with garlic. Grate 20 g of ginger root and 1 clove garlic. Pour 250 ml of hot water and set aside for 20 minutes. Enjoying the taste of tea, you can eat a slice of juicy lemon. The effect is stunning!

These methods are effective if you stick to proper nutrition. No fat burning drink can not fight with the cakes and mayonnaise.

So, how to drink a drink from ginger, to lose weight fast – for you have not the secret. But! The properties of ginger don't stop there. We invite you to consider another equally effective recipe – pickled ginger.

Pickled ginger – a remedy for weight loss

Pickled ginger for weight loss

Most of you now, probably, will object to us. After all, above we wrote that for weight loss is only suitable fresh ginger! That's right! But to enhance the slimming effect, you can vary your diet. You already know how to make ground ginger to reduce the volume of the body. In addition to this drink, prepare meals with the addition of pickled ginger.

Pickled ginger is the basis when filing Japanese dishes such as sushi. Moreover, it will add a special spicy flavor to any meat dishes, you can marinate the steaks in it, thus to give them a special richness, to include it in the ingredients when making salads.

Now it's up to you. Everything is in your hands. Our tips will help you see desired results. Remember that to lose weight with ginger – it's not lightning fast, reliable and efficient. Therefore, you will need patience, but the result is worth it!

Good luck to you!