Spray for weight loss: as the mouth freshener will help to reduce weight?


Appeared on the market a new product that allows you to fight obesity, even the most lazy. If there is no time to exercise is not have the willpower for diets, this tool is for you.

We are talking about spree for weight loss, which has already struck a lot of criticism, although in some places flashed and positive feedback. It's a small spray capacity 30 ml, filled with a freshener for the mouth (it says so on the packaging). The subtle taste of mango and mint, selected manufacturers, like it is all because of its specificity and neprivychnosti.


Without violating the best traditions of dietary supplements, such Spey includes only natural ingredients of plant origin, thereby affirming the safety of weight loss with it:

• L-carnitine — a fat burner;
• acai berries, superfood of the XXI century, blocking the deposition of fat;
• Garcinia cambogia – it dulls the feeling of hunger, stimulates lipolysis, inhibits sugar cravings;
• Goji berries are another superfood that is included in many supplements for weight loss, accelerating metabolism;
• green coffee improves metabolism;
• citric acid – normalizes digestion, removes toxic substances from the body;
• mango — helps with ease to carry even the most strict low-calorie diet;
menthol, peppermint — components exclusively for fresh breath.

Many doctors and nutritionists doubt that the spray effective as a tool for weight loss as the concentration of all these useful and natural ingredients too low. So what about the metabolism and improve digestion as a result of applying a freshener for the mouth is not necessary.


Manufacturers (which, by the way, there is no information) claim that with regular use spree provides the body is simply invaluable, and this applies not only to weight loss:

• reduces appetite;
• eliminates hunger;
• accelerates metabolism;
• promotes the breakdown of fat;
• improves the portability of the diets;
• gives vivacity and cheerfulness;
• nourishing it with nutrients;
• for long-lasting fresh breath.

How it works in reality is difficult to explain. Even if for 1 time to do 2-3 pshika, the body gets a minimal amount of liquid because most of it settles in the mouth.

The only way that can work spray for weight loss — it's impact on the parts of the brain via the taste receptors. Due to this, hunger can prituplyat'sya and people will eat a portion smaller than usual.


As with any Supplement, the spray has the typical contraindications:

• the age of 12;
• pregnancy;
• lactation;
• a predisposition to allergies;
• individual intolerance of the drug components.

It is unknown whether it can be used in the presence of disease or exacerbation of viral herpes labialis. If he acts through the receptors of taste on the parts of the brain, it is possible to combine its intake with mental illness? Many questions remain unanswered, that does not honor this brand.

Instructions for use

Apply this remedy for weight loss is very simple:

1. spray in the mouth, pressing the dispenser 1-2 times;
2. use between meals, when overtaken by hunger;
3. frequency of 3-4 times a day;
4. do not use before bedtime as green coffee which it contains, has a tonic effect.

Rules for the use indicated in the instructions right on the package. Experts and many people who can say that without a diet (it is recommended to consider protein-uglevodnujy) and physical activity weight loss through spray — no more than a myth.


Those who have already hudel using spray-in detail to paint all his faults, about which it is better to know before an expensive purchase:

• This spray is certified as a freshener for the mouth, and not as a tool for weight loss;
• includes all of the same exotic plants (acai, Goji, Garcinia), whose influence on the human body cause experts serious doubt;
• the packaging is not available application instructions;
• the combination of mango and mint gives a very unusual taste and smell that not everybody likes;
• no results;
• valid only on a psychological level, a person convinces himself that after another pressing the dispenser it no longer wants to eat;
• expensive: to 30 ml of air freshener to the oral cavity will have to pay almost 1 000 rubles — a lot of people complain that it is a Scam;
• side effects: nausea (after dosing), irritation of the mucous membrane of the mouth and throat, increased stomatitis and herpes;
• quickly ends;
• official website of the drug is of dubious quality, where there is no information about the manufacturer.

Another feature, which should know those looking for reviews about it on the network. Many resources publish interviews with famous people who supposedly lost weight using it. In fact, if you watch the real videos with these stars, they talk about the diets that helped them to buy a slim figure, but no mention of this bright spray. So be careful and pereproveryaite all the information you will find on the Internet.