The basic rules of weight loss for men

But is it looking at the slender peers, I would not want to follow their example? In addition, most women consider a big belly and double chin unattractive.

If you, at least deep down, think so too and want change, then read our useful tips and you will look worse than Ben Affleck in his ' 44.

I want to note that rational and proper nutrition, it is advisable not only to maintain good physical shape, but also for the prevention of diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

Major mistakes in nutrition

  1. Eat more than necessary. We should not continue to eat when it is saturation, but the food is on the table still. This feature is borrowed from our ancestors who ate plenty, not knowing when you have to dine in next time. Also often this habit stems from childhood, when boys are taught: eat a lot you will be strong and big.
  2. A large number of "heavy" food. Many men believe that broccoli and steamed fish – food is for wimps, preferring fat, fatty meat, white bread with mayonnaise and all that high in calories and quickly saturates. Of course, calories is needed, but not in such numbers.
  3. Snacking in front of the computer (TV). Often they turn into a full meal, while a man believes that such food is only one tooth. The danger lies in the fact that eating under a TV or a computer, you lose the sense of proportion.
  4. The calories in alcohol. Seemingly innocuous beer (even the bottle after a hard day) awakens the appetite and reduces the feeling of satiety. And the calories that are ingested with alcohol, don't just disappear, especially in combination with sugar that contain sweet beverages (juices, lemonade, etc.). Because of this, as a rule, deteriorating metabolism, and the body is dehydrated.
  5. Sports will remove the effects of poor nutrition. It is naive to think that sports activities will produce the desired result, if before and after them to continue to eat incorrectly. This fact was confirmed by the study. If you systematically go to the gym, of course, better blood circulation, but excess weight will not go away. Need a comprehensive program: diet + sport.
weight loss for men

You have a growing belly, but no one lives in?

Or rather live and excess cholesterol, proteins, fats and carbohydrates, which are firmly settled and do not want to leave the body just so.

There are three main reasons for a large belly:

  1. A sedentary way of life. Most of the time people migrate between an office chair, a car seat and sofa (obliques become weaker).
  2. Changing hormonal levels. It can happen with age or after stressful situations (deposited fats on the thighs and stomach).
  3. Poor nutrition. To this point include: overeating, junk food and high-calorie beverages (generally deteriorating physical form).

The deposition of fat in the body not only does not give any advantages, but is a sign of predisposition to diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.

The experts made the calculation: if the growth of 170 cm the waist is 94 cm, the risk of middle disease. When the waist reaches or exceeds 101 cm, the risk is high.

Many people wonder: "What can I do to lose weight?". The answer is simple – diet and exercise. In addition, the products must be not just useful for the intended target. They have to have magnesium and zinc for the productive formation of testosterone and support the cardiovascular system.

Foods containing zinc:

  • fish and other seafood;
  • pumpkin seeds);
  • sesame;
  • lentils;
  • boiled beef;
  • cocoa;
  • barley and oats;
  • the berries are fresh, especially the blueberries and raspberries.

Foods containing magnesium:

  • dried fruits;
  • cocoa;
  • buckwheat;
  • bread whole wheat;
  • flour from soy;
  • beans.

A strict diet is not for men?

Many men believe that a strict diet is not for them. It's annoying monotony and the need to control himself. However, not necessarily every time, clear time, for example, for Breakfast eat only buckwheat. The diversity of the diet, consisting of wholesome food is appreciated. So you can do they desire different combinations of food. In addition, the number of meals is the same as in normal mode most people 3 times a day.

Options for healthy Breakfast

Most nutritionists reasonably believes that Breakfast is the only meal when you can eat more normal portions. Also will benefit, if the person eats Breakfast at the family table. The wife will be able to control the quantity and quality of food.

It was noticed that men who eat Breakfast at home, rarely observed in overweight compared to those who prefer Breakfast in the cafe on the way to work or fast food.

A healthy Breakfast is the right path to improve physical fitness and health. We offer its variants:

  1. the whole-wheat toast with a spread (a mixture of vegetable oil and butter) or cottage cheese with herbs;
  2. oatmeal with skim milk and fresh berries or fruit;
  3. air omelet with vegetables (you want to cook on a Teflon pan by adding 1 teaspoon of olive oil);
  4. toast with tomato, avocado and thinly sliced bacon;
  5. 2 boiled eggs and whole wheat bread.

Also for Breakfast you can drink a vegetable smoothie, for example, carrots, broccoli and celery.

Supplement Breakfast can be a juice or tea better green. But if you want to drink coffee, do it after Breakfast.

Food during the day

Day is best to eat soup. It not only nourishes without overloading the calories, but also good for the stomach. After the soup you can eat stew with vegetables and lean meat, and vegetable salad. Food does not need to drink in order not to impede digestion, since the liquid decreases the consistency of gastric juice. Recommended to drink 30 minutes after a meal.

Dinner should be no later than 2 – 3 hours before bedtime. In the evening meal can enter the protein, but low-fat foods, and vegetable salad. As proteins are suitable lean meats, tofu, fish and other seafood.

What you can and cannot do with diet

To metabolism was complete, every day we need to drink plain water. The recommended intake is 2-2. 5 liters every day. To efficiently create the testosterone, and the heart and arteries functioned without breaking, you need protein, calcium, and vitamins: A, b, C, D, E. In this regard, to fully limit yourself to meat is impossible. It is important to choose lean.

Should abandon semi-finished products, fast food and sauces from the stores, because they have large amounts of sodium and sugar. Not suitable for diet and food made in oil. But you can feast on food cooked on the grill.