Proper nutrition: menus for every day for weight loss

Women who on a regular basis adhere to healthy food, improve metabolism and help to eliminate the extra pounds.

Proper nutrition involves drawing up a specific menu for each day that you need to follow for weight loss. Nutritious diet for girls plays a crucial role for those who want to permanently lose weight.

menu for girls

The basic principles of healthy food

Proper nutrition is always based on certain principles. The menu on these principles is created for girls who are worried about their figure every day, specially for weight loss. Results appear gradually, but over time they become more noticeable.

  1. Drinking regime is really important. At the same time every day is recommended to drink 1.5-2 liters. That water affects the metabolism and removes toxins from the body.
  2. Breakfast is a must. It is important to note that in the morning people can supply the maximum energy the next day. If the person refuses Breakfast, he will overeat throughout the day. It is recommended to plan for Breakfast complex carbohydrates, rather cereal.
  3. Consumption of simple carbohydrates should be limited. First of all, eliminate from the diet of sweets and fast food. If you want to eat — fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, fermented milk beverages. If you wish to eat, you can schedule useful sweet, which include dried fruits, marshmallows, dark chocolate. However, these Goodies are planning for the first half of the day.
  4. Exclude from the diet fried food and flour. Proper nutrition is based on proper thermal food processing: boiling, stewing, baking, steaming.
  5. The basis of the diet should be cereals and solid pasta, meat and fish, fruits and vegetables.
  6. While eating is highly undesirable in a hurry. Otherwise, people may overeat. If you eat slowly and chew your food slowly, can be you feel fuller. This can eliminate unwanted overeating.
  7. Smaller meals is best. For this reason, you need to eat small frequent meals. Such smaller meals will allow you to digest foods, speed up metabolism, avoid overeating and spikes in blood sugar. It is advisable to get up from the table with a slight feeling of hunger since satiety can be felt over time.
  8. The last meal is recommended 2-3 hours before bedtime. It is important to note that at night metabolism always slow down and increase the risk of fatty deposits. Moreover, a hearty dinner will have a negative impact on sleep. Before bedtime desirable to eat protein foods minimum fat.

The above principles of weight loss are universal, so they fit almost everyone. Besides, this diet will establish the gastro-intestinal tract and metabolic processes, prevents the undesirable emergence of feelings of hunger.

How to distribute food for a whole day

Every girl needs to be prepared for the fact that food is distributed in a certain pattern all day. This depends largely on the absorption of nutrients, support metabolism and prevention of weight gain.

  1. Immediately after waking up it is advisable to drink warm water, as it will launch the digestive tract and improve metabolism.
  2. Breakfast should be hearty and light simultaneously. While complex carbohydrates are extremely important because they guarantee the emergence of a sense of fullness. The Breakfast usually consists of light useful of porridge, fruit purees, fruit and vegetable juices. If you wish, for Breakfast you can eat a healthy treat that will satisfy the need for sweets.
  3. Starting from 12 noon up to 2 hours is recommended to eat abundantly. Of course, you need to remember is moderation with food. However, at this time of day expect a healthy lunch that will allow you to experience a feeling of satiety and to obtain the largest percentage of calories for the whole day.
  4. At 18-19 o'clock in the evening usually plan dinner. While recommended vegetables and proteins.

The diet also include lunch and afternoon tea, but these extra meals should be very light.

Sample menu of healthy food for girls

A healthy diet is a special system, which aims for effective weight control and prevention of set of unwanted pounds. Every girl has the right to plan the diet according to their taste habits and preferences, health status, and lifestyle.

The diet should be correct and varied. For this reason, it is recommended to include proteins, fats and carbohydrates, vitamins, macroelements, microelements

  • complex carbohydrates – cereals and pasta;
  • protein foods – dairy products;
  • healthy fats, fish, nuts, vegetable oil.

As you can see, a varied diet is considered really important, since it determines the possibility of effective weight loss and simultaneous obtaining of all necessary substances. It is very important to develop the right menu for every day for weight loss. While girls have their own particular power to which it is advisable to get used to.

1 day

  • Breakfast: oatmeal with fruit or dried fruit, coffee or tea;
  • lunch: fruit, a handful of nuts;
  • lunch: low-fat broth on meat, fish fillet, vegetable salad, juice or compote;
  • afternoon snack: yogurt, fruit;
  • dinner: rice, stewed mushrooms, cabbage salad and carrots.

Day 2

eating the right foods
  • Breakfast: baked Apple with natural honey, walnuts, cinnamon, tea or coffee;
  • lunch: vegetable soup, salad, pudding;
  • afternoon snack: dried fruits;
  • dinner: baked potato with cheese, vegetable salad;
  • before bedtime you can drink vegetable juice.

Day 3

  • Breakfast: toast with natural honey, tea or coffee;
  • lunch: any citrus fruit (e.g., orange);
  • lunch: pumpkin cream soup with fresh herbs, lettuce-based unsweetened fruit, tea or juice;
  • snack: low-fat dairy drink;
  • dinner: boiled chicken, steamed vegetables, Apple compote.

Day 4

  • Breakfast: scrambled eggs made from two eggs, vegetable salad, fruit juice;
  • lunch: chicken soup, stuffed peppers, salad from cabbage and carrots, any unsweetened beverage;
  • afternoon snack: fresh fruit;
  • dinner: salad of potatoes and seafood.

Day 5

  • Breakfast: curd average fat content with fruit or berries, tea;
  • lunch: fish soup, rye bread, salad with cucumbers and tomatoes, vegetable juice;
  • snack: boiled egg, Apple or grapefruit;
  • lunch: vegetable casserole with cheese, fresh fruit.

Day 6

  • Breakfast: cereal with skim milk and berries;
  • lunch: soup of colored chicken, diet chicken, salad, vegetables, fruit or berry compote;
  • lunch: unsweetened tea, bread with a thin layer of oil;
  • dinner: barley porridge (recommended for small serving), Kale salad, stew, vegetable juice.

Day 7

  • Breakfast: pancakes with natural honey, the milk;
  • lunch: a piece of dark chocolate or dried fruit;
  • lunch: mushroom soup, salad from tomatoes and canned corn, berry juice;
  • afternoon snack: cottage cheese pie with berry filling;
  • dinner: grilled fish, steamed vegetables;
  • before bedtime can drink a glass of fruit juice.

Such a diverse and thoughtful menu have the highest priority. In this diet you can make yourself, but it is desirable to consider the basic principles of healthy food. Besides, it should aim to balance foods for optimal calorie and simultaneous obtaining of all necessary substances. Caloric intake is calculated individually, but in any case, you need to consume fewer calories and spend more.

Features of development of a diet based on the type of shape

The diet is desirable to develop a given shape type. This also depends on how proper and effective planned weight loss.

Figure like a banana

Usually girls with this shape are slim and have less to follow the diet. However, the diet should still be useful products.

It is recommended to eat dairy products low-fat cheese. Moreover, healthy meals that are rich in proteins and fiber. However, the desired restriction of carbohydrates.

It is important to remember that the Breakfast is compulsory and at bedtime you can't eat.

Figure like an Apple

The main objective is the rejection of fast carbs, which lead to increased insulin, diseases of the heart and blood vessels, diabetes, increase extra pounds. Any cakes, pastries and other sweet pastries, it is considered highly undesirable.

It is recommended to focus on complex carbohydrates. The diet includes beans and grains, fruits, vegetables and fruits.

Simultaneously, limit animal fats, which can also lead to an increase in weight. For example, it is recommended to choose only soy, fish, lean meat.

For snacks you can have dried fruits, citrus and other fruits and nuts. Useful are herbal teas, fruit teas.

Figure like a pear

The diet for such a figure would be special. It is advisable to choose natural foods with minimal amount of fat. Moreover, you can choose nutritious fat burning foods.

It is recommended to include in the diet cereals, fresh vegetables and fruits, vegetables, salads. It is advisable to give up chocolate, pastries.

Proper nutrition for each person is special, but it is highly desirable to develop the most appropriate menu and stick to it. From food depends on how efficient and fast promises to be the weight loss.