How to lose weight in stomach women

The first place where fat felt, getting waist. So if you want to lose weight focuses on this area. And not just to the abdominals, training the abdominal muscles. The woman will have to control the foods that enter the body, since only low-fat food combined with exercise and body wraps will help you lose weight.

For many women, the most problematic area is the stomach and hips. A slim waistline is a guarantee of femininity, grace and youth. Unfortunately, the deposition of excess fat in this region face not only hold the body "Apple". The paradox lies in the fact that the sides are the most difficult to lose fat deposits, although it was there most of the time they are deployed. Let's try to understand how to lose weight in the abdomen and women may rediscover a perfectly flat stomach.

The main reasons for the collection of excess fat in the waist area


As a rule, young girls enjoy a flat stomach and smooth sides, wear a 42-44 size clothing and not think about the fact that sooner or later this area of the body will be the most problematic. For thirty years it becomes impossible to get into the pants or jeans without appearing nasty "rollers" on the belt. It becomes difficult to choose a wardrobe, you have to make a choice in favor of dresses for women of age, maximum hide figure flaws. Excess fat deposits can ruin the self-esteem of any women. Is it possible to prevent the appearance of extra weight in the waist area? Yes, but will have to abide by the following rules:

  • You need to eat in moderation. Overeating and disruption of the balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates – the main cause of fat deposition in the abdominal area. And it is painful not to change their dietary habits at the time when the problem is already there, and prevent the problem from starting correctly and to eat a balanced youth. If the parents are unable to instill the correct eating behavior create it themselves. You are the only one responsible for the health of your body and the waist. To overeat, to overindulge in simple carbohydrates and saturated animal fats – a direct path to a huge belly.
  • Alcohol: beer, cocktails, wine, liquor and any alcoholic drinks that contain sugar is not only a blow to the body, but also a direct path to the so-called beer belly. Do not think that it can be formed only of men who abuse beer. Slim, pumped torso is only possible in complete elimination of alcoholic beverages from the diet.
  • Food eaten less than three hours before bedtime, not time to digest. This contributes to flatulence, bloating, occurrence of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. This load for digestion is detrimental. You need youth to instill a habit not to eat anything three to four hours before bedtime.
  • Sports load. This should not be a burden – physical training should bring joy. Note playing sports, yoga, Pilates, Latin dances. The main condition – need consistency. Two to three workouts nothing will come of nothing. Find a form of exercise that would bring joy lit in you a passion. Not necessarily to the point of exhaustion pump the abdominal muscles in the gym: fat belly will just melt even simple aerobics! The main thing – regularity.
  • Drinking regime is important because it displays the body of toxins and helps to get rid of the swelling of tissues in the waist area. Kg shall carry not less than 30 ml of pure water.

What to do with a fat belly

beautiful belly

If you missed the moment when he could help preventive measures and now your waistline is far from ideal – don't get upset! How to lose weight stomach a woman if overweight is already gathered? You can always return to slim the waist – but this will have to be patient. You need to rebuild your way of life and eating habits.

Here are foods that you can eat in unlimited quantities, at any time (excluding the time three hours before bedtime):

  • low-fat cottage cheese;
  • boiled egg white;
  • omelet of egg white and milk (without butter);
  • boiled chicken in soy sauce;
  • braised beef, previously marinated in onion sauce;
  • nonfat yogurt, fermented baked milk and other dairy beverages;
  • cottage cheese 1.5% milk.

As you can see, the main condition of selection of products is minimal in carbohydrates and fats. All the fast diets are based on protein-rich foods – take it to the service. Of protein products can make a hearty and healthy diet for a long time. The main thing – not to break and not to make your body "carbohydrate explosion" in the form of cakes, pizza and chocolates. After six months of this diet, you will be surprised with the results.