Lose weight with exercise

A certain amount of fat is necessary, but health drops, if fat accumulates more acceptable. The habit women for this situation is to lose weight through diet, but low activity it does not reach the planned results. Sedentary work requires strict dieting, will power, which is enough, not all women. Effective measures to deal with the situation – exercise.

Weight loss

Features workouts for weight loss

Diet lead to the removal of extra pounds, but also deprive the body of essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Therefore, following the diet in women begins zhor. The body requires nutrients, in the absence of physical activity girls gaining weight again. To break the cycle, you need to play sports.

But a closer look at the daily diet not as a necessary set of exercises for weight loss at home, and proper nutrition. Correction of the diet, added exercise, will quickly lose weight body. No need to go on a diet, follow the simple nutrition advice:

  • Exclude products on the basis of baking: white bread, pastry, cakes, pasta;
  • Remove from the diet of fried side dish, instead of frying the meat cook better;
  • Eat vegetables, fruits, dairy products;
  • Last meal - 2 hours before bedtime. Do not eat at night!
  • Follow the water intake, about 2-2,5 liters;
  • Sit down to eat when you're hungry.

Weight loss comes from the lack of calories for energy for intense exercise. With the increasing intensity of increasing energy cost, in low-intensity consumption is 4-5 calories per minute, when the load increases calorie consumption reaches 10-12 calories per minute.

To cause a calorie deficit it is impossible to eat fatty, sugary foods, and foods rich in carbohydrates: bread, pasta, pastries.

To lose 1kg you need to burn the sport 8000 kcal. Beginners are advised to choose a less heavy load, before the desire to lose weight, do more will lead to injury of muscles, ligaments. The most effective exercise ever for legs and buttocks, these muscles are consuming the most energy. Less efficient workouts for fat-burning are brought to the muscles of the back, the chest, after the shoulders and hands. Load abdominal muscles latest consumes the least amount of calories.

Engage in aerobic activities more than 30-40 minutes a day 3-4 times a week. First, the body consumes the reserves of carbohydrates from the cellular fluid, blood, and liver. Only half an hour later they come to an end, the body is taken for fat cells of internal organs and subcutaneous tissue. Therefore, if the duration less than the specified time exercise useless for weight loss.

Effective classes are the maximum permitted intensity, the upper load limit is determined by the "working" heart rate.

Before and after weight loss

To calculate a "working" load, multiply the maximum 0,65 or 0,85. For minimum stress take ratio of 0.65, maximum-intensity – factor of 0.85.

For example, if the age of 40, the maximum heart rate is 160 beats. Then the optimal exercise for burning fat falls on the interval from 104 to 136 beats. If the number of strokes reaches that section, increase the load, if the pulse is higher than normal, reduce the intensity. With the help of counting the number of strokes, control of the load.

A set of exercises for weight loss at home require execution of some rules:

  • Spend exercise no earlier than one hour after a meal and 3 hours before a meal;
  • Resting between sets, don't sit, walk, it is better to do light exercises;
  • During class you can not drink, say to take a drink, quench your thirst after sport;
  • Breathe deeply, breath in the growth effort, exhale during the slump of the load;
  • Exercise for weight loss at home should take at least an hour, 3-4 times a week.

Warm-up for high-quality training

Before exercise warm up, do the rotational movement of feet, pelvis, shoulders, legs, back and keep your arms straight. Standing perform a body twisting right and left, tilts, leg swings forward, sideways and backwards. Mash the rotational movements of the neck, hands and feet.


For women who suffer from overweight, fit the simplest physical activities – running and walking. Start with walking with a light step, gradually increase the time from 20 to 45 minutes. To enhance the impact of change simple steps to quick sports. Then move on to Jogging. Distance running increase times a week or two by 10%, focusing on the health and pulse.

To exercise without leaving home, buy fitness equipment. Let us consider some options: treadmill, exercise bike, rowing machine and ellipsoid. Load only the first two legs, the latter distributes the load evenly through the body. Also an elliptical trainer requires little effort. Rowing machine shakes the muscles of the back, arms, abdominals, less stress on legs. Rowing machine should be addressed for a balanced development of the body.

Simplified push-UPS

From the male are different in that You in the initial position rests her knees on the floor, but also keep your back straight and elbows not stand far out to the sides. Perform 10-15 push-UPS 2 sets of each.



  1. In the push-up position keep your back straight.
  2. The palm put at shoulder level, elbows maximally zoom in to the body.
  3. Just 10 pushups in the 1-2 approach.

Simplified bridge

From the classic bridge is different because You resting on the floor by the shoulders, not the arms, hands scatter in all directions. Follow 15-20 moves.

The bridge

Lie back, his feet and hands into floor, raise the pelvis as high as possible up. Do 15-20 strokes.


  1. Take the push-up position, but rest on the floor not hands, but elbows, forearms lay parallel to each other, the body keep straight.
  2. Task – to stand so 90 seconds if hard, allow time gradually.

"Squats" on the triceps

  1. Sit on the edge of chair, benches, couch, legs put forward.
  2. Leaning on your arms, lower body of the chair forward, the body weight falls entirely on the hands.
  3. The task is to lower and raise the body, training the triceps of the shoulder, at the top right hand at the bottom almost touching the floor of the pelvis.
  4. Make 10-15 movements in a 1-2 approach.


  1. Get on all fours, lift bent leg back and up.
  2. First, 15 times for one leg after another.

Upside down caterpillar

  1. Lying on your back, simultaneously raise straight legs and hands, lifting your shoulder blades off the floor.
  2. Carefully return to the starting position.
  3. Just 10 times in the 1-2 approach.

Raising the legs above the floor

  • Option 1: lie on back, raise feet above the floor for 20-30 cm blades also tear off the floor, hands on his forehead. Keep your legs and chest for 60 seconds.
  • Option 2: same as above, but performed lying on the stomach. Lift legs and chest off the floor, put your hands on your head, keep them in one minute.


The exercise is performed lying on your back, bent legs, lift and tighten the abdomen.

  1. Imagine that you ride a bike, throw forward then one leg, then another on a circular path.
  2. Move your feet a minute.

Side lunges

  1. Stand up straight, throwing one leg out to the side, squat down, touch the leg opposite arm, keep your backs straight.
  2. Do 15-20 lunges for each leg.


For correct execution it is better to do standing sideways to the mirror.

  1. Make sure the back was straight, hips in squatting parallel to the floor, knees not to breed.
  2. Do 25-30 sit-UPS 2 sets of each.

Lunges jump

  1. Make a lunge forward, the knee of the back leg not touching the floor.
  2. Jump and change feet, and then jump switch to its original position.
  3. Do 20 lunges for each leg for 2 sets.

Exercise burpee

  1. Sit down deeply, hands rest against the floor slightly jumped, throw both the legs back, take the emphasis lying down without rising from his squat.
  2. After pushing off with their feet, quickly pull your legs under yourself.
  3. Follow the movement 20 times for 2 sets.

The pose of the eagle

  1. Stand straight with arms extended, hands squeeze into fists, and thumb reveal that You are all "okay".
  2. Then turn the arm so that the thumb looked at the floor and keep your arms parallel to the floor within 2 minutes.

Wide squat

  1. Feet wider than shoulders, spreading her knees out to the sides, do a deep squat.
  2. Perform a total of 20 squats.

Jump zahlest

  1. Standing on the floor, keep your arms lowered, high jumping, heels hit himself in the ass, and hands touch the back of his head.
  2. Saddle up for 20-30 jumps.

Jump group

  1. Standing straight, hands hold the waist, high jumping, keep your knees to the abdomen, and hands touch the front part of the Shin.
  2. Perform 20-30 jumps.

Hitch – right finish exercise

Gradually by tilting and rotational movements in the joints of hands, feet, reduce the intensity of exercise. The delay will distribute the blood evenly over the body, and stagnation of blood dangerous varicose veins. To improve the effects of sports walk on home, walk on the street.

Scheduling training

The training plan should be based on body weight, with severe obesity high exercise is not possible, under normal excess weight can increase the load almost to normal limits. To do this, you need to calculate the body mass indexis body mass (in kilograms) divided by height squared (in meters). The optimal number for women is 21, men 23, a normal figure for any floor should not exceed 25.

To start exercise should be 3-4 workouts a week, for weight loss, 45-60 minutes at a time. An effective workout should alternate between aerobic exercise (running, stationary bike) 2 times a week and 2 times weight training (press, squats, and other described herein).

Under normal body mass index for the week, the intensity you need to bring to movements and approaches described in the article. When overweight to one half the above quantity, to fully implement the complex can be started in a month. Obesity is better to train in a gym and not at home, because such body mass accompanied by various diseases. In this case, it requires constant supervision from a professional doctor and the trainer.

How much can you lose

Upside down caterpillar

A lot of people dream to lose in the first month to 10 pounds, but this may be harmful to the body. Optimum speed reduction in a month is 2-3% of body weight. In the first month the results can be more than modest, is a weight loss can detect its increase, all due to muscle building.

Muscle weighs several times more than fat, so the waist and hips rapidly decreases, as body weight falls slowly. For weight loss normal goal is to lose in the first month of about 2-3 kg (weight 60 kg) 5-7 (weight 100 kg).