The recipe of the most effective weight loss

The question is not idle. If aesthetic considerations for you, keep in mind this: a healthy lifestyle is the best cure for the midlife crisis. About thirty-five or forty years, the amount of testosterone in the blood begins to decline. For any men it is a very vulnerable age.

"It was during this period of life proper nutrition and exercise can literally revive people — said Yuri, therapist, nutritionist, researcher of clinical Department of the Federal scientific center Institute of biomedical problems, Russian Academy of Sciences. — I see it on the example of its customers. One of them, a former businessman of an average hand, were without work, and drank, were fat and ugly. 30 kg of excess weight. Relatives come to see me. We together made up a weight loss program. Forced him to go to the gym three times a week. First, as a schoolboy, there was nothing I could do in the gym. But gradually entered into the taste, lost weight, pumped muscles and began to look 15 years younger".

weight loss

According to statistics, healthy athletic man at any age feels more confident and happier. Earns more and lives longer. It is more attractive to women, often sex and receives from it more fun.

Three strong benefits

"In my experience, if men decide to lose weight, they approach more responsible than women, and often bring it to the end, — says Yuri. — I like to doctor them easier to work. Woman ten times break mode, but won't admit to — drink kefir, and that's it. The man is not lying. So directly and report: weekend ate 10 kg kebab and drank five liters of vodka."

In addition, men lose weight faster than women, especially, according to doctors, cardio and weights, swimming. All the classic work nutrition program where it is necessary to limit fat and carbs, especially alcohol. "For three to five months without harm to health to lose 20-30 lbs", — says Olga.

Plus, according to research, men are not as impulsive as the beautiful half of humanity, and it is easier to resist the Goodies. (Girls, don't be discouraged because of the impulse we have faster response and finer intuition!)

Main rules of weight loss for men

1. Find your personal eating routine


Yes, smaller meals four to five small meals throughout the day — optimal from the point of view of dietetics. But if you for some reason are not satisfied, you can make a diet differently.

"I eat twice a day, my body so comfortable," — told me Oleg Malik. This can be a hearty Breakfast: cottage cheese with fresh greens, radishes, salt and pepper. Or oatmeal with apples and honey. Night two chicken patties, chicken breast or fish and lots of veggies. In case of an attack of hunger in the refrigerator always have fresh cheese.

2. Drove fat cardio workouts (running, soccer, Biking, jumping rope, walking, exercises with weights for legs, arms, press, chest and back).

"I started running — first 2 km, then 4 km three times a week, shares his experience of loss novel. Now I play football three times a week."

Oleg Malik goes to the gym next to work and swims in the pool for 45 minutes three to five times a week. When you lose weight, doing cardio for an hour and a half five times a week. "Walk on the treadmill is pretty boring, he warns. — The guys in the audience I was making fun and said that more than a month will not make it. And six months later received a standing ovation — it was nice. It should configure itself and not to retreat."

3. Do not exclude favorite foods and alcohol for good

A couple of times a week, you can eat a cake, roast pork, sour cream, or enjoy a glass of wine or beer. But other days follow the regime. Roman : "I gave up sweets, bread, sausages, canned food, red meat. Replaced it all with cottage cheese, kefir, yogurt, fish, vegetable salads. Not eating after six in the evening, endured". Watch portions: one meal — no more than three of your fists in volume.

4. Try a diet

This is a very effective way to lose excess weight. By the way, among raw foodists quite a lot of men. Paul, the author of "New books on the raw food diet, or Why cows predators," parted on the raw food diet with 25 extra pounds, explains: "I think women are more inclined to cooking, they love complicated dishes. Men gravitate towards simplicity, so it is easier to eat fresh fruits and vegetables with minimal processing. Women need the table and serving. Men can nibble on the go".

5. Get enough sleep

"Lack of sleep dramatically slows down the metabolism, — says Olga. — Besides the main male hormones are produced at night. So need to sleep no less than six hours a day."

6. Keep track of your progress, for this it is useful to visit a doctor in your fitness club to measure how changing your strength, flexibility and endurance. Honestly engaging, you will feel changes: breathing becomes easier, back, head clear.