Diet for weight loss menu for each day

To make a menu for each day for weight loss is very simple. Especially if you are used to a relatively normal diet. Cereal whole grains, lean meat, fish and dairy products, eggs, vegetables, fruits will not leave hungry. The secret is to vary the products from time to time. Classic dietetics believes that in this way you can get more variety of vitamins, minerals, and also to satisfy the psychological need to enjoy a delicious variety of food. Beginners can not even count at first calories and nutrients.

menu every day for weight loss

How to make a menu for each day for weight loss

Nutritionists estimate that for the active weight loss we should be eating roughly the following:

  • 1 serving grain, 1 serving of protein for Breakfast, 1/2 a serving of fruit or berries as desired;
  • 1 serving of fruit (and protein, if the person is practicing) for a second Breakfast;
  • 1 serving grain, 1 serving protein, 1 serving vegetable, 1 serving of fat for lunch.
  • 1 serving of fruit 1 serving of protein (again, for those who train who are still there – just fruit) in the afternoon;
  • 1 portion protein, 1 portion fats, 1 portion of vegetables rich in fiber for dinner. From time to time, especially in heavy training day can be added to your diet another portion of carbohydrates, that is, the side dish of cereals or a slice of bread for dinner. You can vary the menu to remove the fat from dinner and add to the first meal (for example, an Apple with peanut butter) for dinner and to do a side dish of steamed broccoli, etc.;
  • 1-2 extra servings of green vegetables can be added to each meal.

This food will comply with the recommendations of most health organizations. Train people, in General, can choose additional food – serving of simple carbs before and after workout, about 15 g in pure form. It could be something like honey, syrup, etc.

The portion sizes are usually determined according to the scheme:

  • cereals and other carbohydrate side dishes ( already cooked) – 100 g in pure form, or "Cup", that is a measuring Cup of appropriate weight, visually the amount of cereal around with a tennis ball spoons – 4 tablespoons boiled:
  • bread – 30 g, slice;
  • fruit with an average weight of 220 g 1 piece, or a Cup of berries equivalent;
  • cheeses – low-fat 30-40 m, the usual 10-20 m;
  • oil – 1 tablespoon;
  • avocado – 60 g;
  • nuts – 30 g;
  • meat – 80-100 g cooked fish – 120 g;
  • egg – 2 PCs or 4 protein;
  • cheese 150 g (for trainees and low-fat cottage cheese up to 200 g);
  • vegetables – 200 g without refueling, or how many will fit in a standard 250 ml beaker, tightly.

The "male" portion is 20 to 50 g more than female. In General, the approach is very approximate, but for most people delivers the deficit of 10-20% of the daily energy needs.

This matrix stops working if you train more than 5 times a week for "training" is considered 1 hour of intense sessions, the heart rate above 65% of maximum heart rate.

You need to drink mainly water. Moreover, "prohibited" only ice water during meals. All other "features", like not to drink immediately after a meal, while that is not scientifically based, so you can drink. Tea and coffee is also possible, but very limited – invigorating beverages in the diet should be no more than 2-3 servings. 1 serving is 50 ml espresso 150 ml Americano, or 150 ml of well-brewed tea. Herbal teas usually do not are limited to, if you are not allergic to grass and they are not stimulants.

Menu every day for weight loss in action

Day 1

Breakfast: 30 g oats dry, 4 egg whites, a little cinnamon, sweetener to taste, half a Cup of any fruit or half standard fruit.

Snack: Apple, orange, pear, 100 grams of cheese.

Lunch: 80 g of cooked chicken breast, 40 g low-fat feta, salad mix with olive oil, a portion of boiled brown rice.

Snack: fruit, yogurt.

Dinner: 80 grams of cooked lean beef, a side dish of broccoli and stewed pumpkin.

Day 2

Breakfast: 30 g of rye bread, to cook in the toaster, 2 boiled eggs, Cup of green vegetables (spinach, for example) with tomatoes, coffee.

Snack: carrots with olive oil.

Lunch: 1 pita or lavash for a weight of 60 g, 120 g shrimp, cooked, cucumbers, greens, sauce with 20 ml of the yoghurt with the mustard and avocado, make the roll.

Snack: about 20 grapes.

Dinner: 1 baked potato 150 g low-fat cottage cheese or ricotta cheese, tomato salad, red onion, salad greens with oil dressing.

Day 3

Breakfast: 30 g rye bread, 150 g low-fat cottage cheese, greens. To make the toasts, spread cheese whipped with herbs. You can take ricotta cheese, 5% fat.

Snack: smoothie – a bunch of green vegetables, 100 g yogurt, 1 banana, 100g berries.

Lunch: 80 g chicken breast, 100 g of pasta cooked, mixed salad tomato and cucumber vinaigrette with avocado or carnival.

Snack: celery with spicy salt.

Dinner: serving of beef, steamed serving of brown rice, tomatoes, Basil, salad, dressing of oil with lemon juice.

Day 4

menus for weight loss

Breakfast: 4 protein stir-fried with tomatoes and mushrooms, plus toast, rye bread or 3 Finn crisp breads or other leavened bread.

Snack: fruit salad with yogurt (portion weight about 220 m).

Lunch: 80g chicken breast, 60 g Armenian lavash, 10 g of cheese that you can melt, do the roll, warm up in the microwave, plus a mixed vegetable salad.

Snack: plain latte with no sugar, berries.

Dinner: steamed salmon to plus green vegetables. You can add rice cakes or ready-made brown rice, if you have the desire and the need.

Day 5

Breakfast: 50 grams of rice bread, a Cup of berries, yogurt. Break bread with your hands, mix berries, fill with yogurt. You can add cinnamon, or any seasoning without the calories.

Snack: fruit.

Lunch: ready-made rolls with salmon and brown rice, cucumber, 2 sheets of nori, 1 Cup cooked rice, 1 cucumber, 1 portion salmon, 1 tablespoon of soy sauce.

Snack: a serving of berries or fruit.

Dinner: large mixed salad, Pitta with low-fat cheese, tomatoes, olives, melted cheese, make mini-pizzas. Choosing Pete, take the one in which there is no syrup with fructose. For our country to be an adequate replacement will be Armenian lavash, cooked according to traditional technology, i.e. without the addition of baking powder (in the composition should be only water and flour). You can substitute pita bread 1 piece of any diet-bread.

As for sweets and alcohol, in reality it is easier to do without them than to adjust them menus. But if "do" you have what problem, eat sweet ? standard portions, and then all the fruit from the changing snacking on vegetables without oil. If you drink alcohol, you should abide by the "dosage" is 150 milliliters of wine quality, and, again, change the fruit to vegetables. Throwing side dishes with carbohydrates or skipping meals for the sake of sweet or alcohol allowed.