Diet for beginners to lose weight menu for days

Diet for beginners less strict but, nevertheless, effective. The main task – to change the attitude of useful products, to be perceived not as a cure, and the result is culinary creativity. The main skill that need to master the novice is the use of spices. Thanks to them, familiar dishes sparkle with new taste and flavors.

The stages of the diet

diet for beginners to lose weight

The duration of any diet is determined by the initial data goal. This means that the sequence of steps for those wishing to become a little slimmer and to remove a few centimeters in the waist and hips will be different from the approach for representatives of weight category "100+".

Stage diet for beginners conditional. Each stage is designed to solve one problem that the body was easier to adapt to unusual conditions. Below their description.

The first stage is training the body to diet. Many decide to start a new life on Monday, so it days aim to address a coming shortage of a calorie and "off" last. It is fundamentally wrong. You can't just dramatically change eating habits and to abandon the usual food. In the best case, newcomers will always feel hunger, and when a little cupcake can occur breakdown. In the worst case for a beginner facing an eating disorder (bloating, nausea, flatulence, diarrhea).

Where to start: for two or three days before the start of the diet, refrain from heavy products. Include in the diet more vegetables and fruits. Don't forget about protein – cheese, lean meat, legumes. Portion sizes can be familiar, only need to reduce the amount of food consumed for dinner. Alcohol also should be avoided, so the body does not store excess water.

The second phase - gradual reduction of calorie intake. To calculate the optimal number of calories per day is possible by means of special programs and formulas, but generally accepted are the following indicators. For athletes energy value of a menu is 2000 kcal. For beginners, practicing 2-3 sessions in the gym or at home in a week, at sedentary work caloric intake per day is 1500 kcal. For those who are on duty is always on his feet, to get rid of excess body weight by 3-5 kg per month, reducing the usual diet of 300-400 calories.

Where to start: the first dietary restrictions must relate, first and foremost, sugar. Throw an extra thanks to coffee or tea without sugar. Replace it with honey. The same applies to adding sugar to your meals. Casserole with honey instead of sugar is as sweet, but much healthier.

Third step: "throw an extra" (cleaning). It lasts 1-3 days. Due to the fact that in the previous days, the menu was not heavy, the body is much easier to remove excess liquid and toxins. The main components of the menu at this time needs to be meals that contain fiber. The latter is a dietary fiber, which swell in the intestine and provide a feeling of fullness for 4-5 hours. On the other hand, menu-based fiber stimulates digestion. For weight loss is very important. The body does not experience a shortage of energy, but full of energy, not to miss classes at the gym or at home.

Where to start? For Breakfast, you need to include in the menu any cereal except rice (rice secures and retains water). For beginners to lose weight porridge can be cooked in milk mixed with water. Allowed a small amount of butter (teaspoon a day). Day – steamed vegetables and fruit salad. Dinner menu should include dairy products. Kefir and fermented baked milk can be taken any fat.

slimming products

And, finally, rebooting. When the phase "throw an extra" left behind, the body can get from foods are much more nutrient (previously their the blood flow was inhibited by the accumulated toxins). Ideal – eating dishes that do not require heat treatment. A lot of experts who teach Eastern practices claim that products produced without violence against nature, the body can get much more benefit. According to their doctrine, the milk is considered "dead", and the meat is almost poison. On the other hand, the use of only one plant food with too fanatical attitude could lead to such a condition as anorexia nervosa (a syndrome consisting in a complete lack of appetite while objective needs of the organism in food). And certainly this diet is not suitable for athletes, whose nutritional deficiencies are fraught with injuries.

Review dietitian. Many people mistakenly believe that the call to "throw an extra" means a denial, in principle, not only from fatty foods, and from food. In fact, those who lose weight at home needs to understand one simple thing: if the body gets enough fuel, it can run on high, and hence, its energy consumption will increase. The lack of calories leads to slower metabolism, which can lead to rapid weight gain after the diet. Of fat meals there are some nuances. You need to refuse from fried foods and one that contains TRANS fats (modified molecules that appear to be unsaturated (vegetable) oils and fats in the process of high temperature treatment). But the diet must be oily fish, avocado, cheese, milk, not low fat. Thanks to them, the body synthesizes hormones. This is especially important for active athletes, but also for women in menopause.

Maintaining a proper diet. It is believed that the formation of any habit takes place within 21 days. During the first 7 days she is stressed. Over the next weeks adapting and modifying its activities. Only in the last week on days observed qualitative changes (improves condition of skin, nails and hair, eliminates puffiness, restores water-salt balance, etc.). As a rule, during this period, even those with a sweet tooth no longer want sweets, chocolate and biscuits, as the body has learned to get the missing substance of useful products.

What to do? Motto: "Throw an extra – tighten the belt" at this stage no longer relevant. Here, on the contrary, give a little slack mode. One day a week can make a bootable" - there is everything your heart desires and in any quantity, but until 17:00. Thanks to the newly-established eating habits of the body for satiety need much less food than before the diet.

Diet for those with different body types

According to one of the classifications distinguish the following types of shapes: "Apple" (slim legs, large reserves of fat in the abdomen). Type "pear" (narrow shoulders, wide hips). Type "rectangle" ( waist is almost not visible). Type "triangle" (a subtype of shape "Apple" - broad shoulders, narrow hips). Type "hourglass" (developed in proportion to the shoulders and hips, narrow waist).

A particular diet for each type of figure are:

Features diet The type of shape
Apple, triangle Pear Hourglass, rectangle
Exclude Fast carbohydrates (pastries, sweet fruits) Foods rich in starch (rice, potatoes, pasta) Sweet bakery products made from white flour, dried fruit and nuts
Lean Soy, fish, nuts, raw vegetables Tomatoes and tomato juice, cheese, fish, seafood, greens, seaweed Protein foods (beef, chicken, eggs, fish), fresh vegetables, greens
Drinks Organic coffee, ginger tea (a teaspoon of grated ginger to litres of water) Cranberry juice, green tea Fresh juices, diluted with water in proportion 1:2, dried fruit compote
Fasting day A kilo of cucumbers or zucchini, 2 apples, green tea 500 g of cottage cheese, 2 liters of yogurt or sour milk 700 g boiled beef, 2 liters of juice

Diet for middle age ladies

We are talking about those who are over 45 years old. In this case, lose weight help sessions and a special diet. The goal is not only weight loss, but also normalize hormonal levels.

To cook better at home for a few days in advance, as each of them will perform its function.

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What products should be in the diet:

  • Milk. First and foremost, the cheese, because of its high content of calcium makes the bones stronger.
  • Oily fish. Sardines, salmon, mackerel, trout will not only help to reduce blood pressure, but also to stimulate the synthesis of hormones.
  • All cereals. They are rich in iron and b vitamins, potassium and magnesium, which positively affects the cardiovascular system.
  • Vegetables. Greens, onion, garlic not only strengthens immunity, but also thin the blood, preventing thrombus formation. Cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage is the best source of fiber necessary for digestion.
  • Berries. Blueberries need for immunity and digestion, raspberry – for the heart.
  • Dried fruits and nuts – a source of potassium and magnesium.