Weight loss: the most effective free methods of weight loss

Every woman wants to be slim. Want even the most slender models, not realizing that they so perfect. So they spend huge sums to have their body always look elegant and attractive – diet, fitness, massages, swimming pools, sauna... not every woman can afford such expenses. But it is possible to lose weight absolutely free!

effective weight loss

Ways to lose weight

All you need is willpower. As well as a huge desire to achieve their goal and view their food habits. It is no secret that the temptation is great, delicious food in the form of candy, cakes and fast food around a lot.

But the feeling that very soon can again wear my favorite dress, become close, and jeans, which always looked amazing, overpowering – because then men will delighted to see the look slender figure and girlfriends burst from envy – gives you strength and patience in the struggle with weight.

To start you need to lose weight with replace old habits with new, that is, starting with Breakfast, it should be very different. This means that is necessary not when used or when accepted, and when you want. And not what is in the fridge, and what want.

First, old habits do not allow the body to feel your real needs, but you just need to listen to yourself and not regret it time.

And not to forget the new dress soon be. According to statistics, women in my life spend about a year on thinking what to wear from your wardrobe. And allow yourself to think about choosing dishes will give the possibility to stop in the future to think about what kind of thing to wear to hide figure flaws.

Food should have pleasure, turning it into pleasure. After all, the most effective methods of weight loss are those that bring joy. Like new lace underwear instead of boring t - shirts- don't wear at once, and first, admire, consider, wear slowly, listening to the pleasant sensations.

We should remember that the human body was not designed originally for eating large quantities of meat, and treated in small portions of food mainly of plant origin – fruits and nuts. And none of the distant ancestors were not overweight.

To lose weight fast five kilograms or more, just weeks. But have to eat the entire this week only fruits and vegetables, not overeating – half to two kilograms of food day to be the optimal number. And, at the same time, to improve the condition of skin, once turned up a case is to choose those fruits that are suited to skin type losing weight the man – so say the dermatologists.

Dry skin goes with ripe, sweet red fruits; dry with unripe, sour and quite astringent; normal and mixed skin takes all kinds of fruits and vegetables equally. But to make the process of weight reduction was faster in the evening you need to take the tub is definitely warm, preferably with hydro-massage. If not, then self-massage for fifteen minutes is substitute technique, and the skin starts rejuvenate with stunning speed.

ways to lose weight

Another forgotten form diet reminded of the beauty of the last century. If Breakfast unsweetened tea or coffee with 40 grams of cheese, to eat one boiled egg, 120 grams toasted without oil a piece of meat and 20 grams of cheese, lunch unsweetened tea or coffee, and to eat the same meat and salad from fresh vegetables with a drop of vegetable oil, then after a week you may not know in the mirror. Pounds that poison life will disappear like magic!

But to lose weight a week it's boring. Therefore, there is a better method weight loss extremely fast, only one day. The method is simple, as all brilliant – no food all day only special tea. Preparing it this way: in a thermos, poured a spoonful of tea leaves and poured a liter of hot milk. And no sugar, of course. The day goes easily two pounds. But for a long time this method does not apply.

All of these diets are not require special expensive, especially if you limit yourself, for example, salt. Just enough to stop salting all the food, and the pounds will begin to melt – in fact tasteless food will not want to eat in large quantities. Will leave pounds, if to refuse from flour and sweet. And much faster than if there is not salty foods.

But is there a way to lose weight, where does not need to spend money? Yes, of course – there is a huge many of these techniques. One of them is diet. Its essence lies in the what you need to choose seven favorite foods and assign them to days of the week. And then there are every day only the product that is chosen. For example, in Monday – bananas, but not as much as you want, and only five pieces. And on Tuesday – buckwheat, a plate for Breakfast, lunch and dinner. And not to add any other food and drink only clean water.

And if you compare all the free methods of weight loss, this is one of the most free, because you don't need to go to the gym at the gym or buying fat burning drugs. Another method is called "children's tableware". You can eat all that like, but only from a very small plate – sockets for jam and tea saucers. The kind of food, but the portions are small. And eat need not where it was prepared, and in another room, to for more had especially to get up and go.

Actually there is no special secret. Case that the brain immediately perceives from the stomach, the signal of saturation, always there is a delay about five to ten minutes. And if, after eating a bowl of cereal, want more, better to wait five to ten minutes. And then go for more. Most interesting is that when people open the lid of the pan to put currently still serving, he will feel that you do not want. Brain finally got the long-awaited signal.

Very useful to arrange fasting days. This is not necessarily to starve. You can make kefir or Apple day, and is to this day only this kind food, as long as it was the least caloric. One day a week it's four or five days of fasting in the month that is four or five days weight just goes effortlessly! But in other days you should just tell yourself "stop", when the arm is habitually reach for an extra slice of cake. And then the weight is too to go, though not as fast as when unloading.

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So, you can lose weight quickly. You can lose weight expensive. You can lose weight interesting. But the most enjoyable option to lose weight for free by combining the speed and fun without spending extra penny and anticipating their future slim figure!