Aerobics — effective fitness slimming

Selection of aerobic of weight loss programs today is so great that it's possible to get lost — what to choose, what to guide the choice of what to pay attention during class, what should be the duration of training for best results? These and many other questions will be discussed next.

fitness slimming

What is aerobics?

All processes in the human body can be divided into aerobic, occurring with the participation of oxygen, and anaerobic, which do not need oxygen. Weight training activate the processes of anaerobic — muscle tissue damage during exercise, further repair and strengthen in response to training stress. Aerobic exercise does not impact so harshly on muscle fibers — it activates the oxidation process, which directly consumes energy.

It is known that aerobic exercise uses a lot more energy than on force. Apparently, this is the reason for the popularity of aerobics the fair sex. The more that aerobics and looks much more feminine than pulling barbells and dumbbells. In fairness it should be noted that for the purposes of weight loss, strength training with weights is also needed — in combination with aerobic.

In General, this form of exercise like aerobics, has the following advantages:

  • high energy consumption;
  • effective training of the cardiovascular system;
  • development of coordination of movements, plastics, grace;
  • the lack of necessary fixtures or special conditions;
  • the opportunity to study at home independently and within a group to boost motivation;
  • a large variety of training programs.

Aerobics is not suitable in case of large excess weight, like putting a strain on joints that are full of people and so overwhelmed. For this reason, with caution to aerobics need to treat people with diseased joints. In any case, before the training it is highly advisable to consult a doctor.

How to do aerobics?

Getting started with aerobic exercise, it is important to pay attention to the following aspects:

  1. Before exercise it is good to warm up joints: RUB heat creams, insulate and stabilize with the help of knee pads, elbow pads, elastic bandages.
  2. During training it is important to monitor heart rate: if heart rate is not high enough, exercise is not effective, if excessive heart rate the heart load is too large. To calculate your personal corridor, within which should be the heart rate during exercise, subtract 220 from your age, calculate 0.6 and 0.8 of the figures, respectively, the minimum and maximum heart rate. Example calculation for a 40 years old: 220 – 40=180, 180 x 0.6=108, 180 x 0.8=144. Thus, for forty years a person's heart rate during aerobic exercise should be between 108 to 144 beats per minute.
  3. The duration of training is chosen individually taking into account age, fitness, state of health. Aerobic exercise to lose weight should be continuous. At the same time from 20 to 40 minutes (depending on traffic intensity the body will use the glycogen stores in the muscles and liver, and only then begin to use the deposited fat. Exception – short high-intensity interval training, but they are only available to trained people.

Aerobic dance for weight loss

Of all types the most popular is, perhaps, aerobic dance. This is not surprising — as a result of training not only consumed 500 Calories, but also significantly improves mood. Of the benefits of increasing the plasticity and coordination of movements.


Aerobic dance, in turn, is divided into many areas:

  1. Belly dance. Belly dance, on the one hand, the well-known styles of dance art and popular type of women's group exercise for weight loss and improvement body. In all respects the perfect type of activity: improves posture, flexibility, grace, uses all muscle groups, even deep ones that are hard to load. Allows you to adjust the load, increases sexuality and even promotes female health.
  2. Strip dance. Strip-dance — seduction in a modern way. Sensual movement not only improve the female figure, but also increase libido as well as visual appeal of girls. The training complex includes generally a power unit, in fact, dance and stretching.
  3. Jazz aerobics. Significantly improves posture, running at a moderate pace, smoothly and continuously. There are a lot of wavy movements with a loose plastic arms that give a heavy load on the spine. This kind of aerobics is great for girls with choreographic preparation.
  4. Hip-hop aerobics. It is considered the most energetically expensive form of aerobics. One lesson takes 450-500 Kcal. Almost as intense Rock-n-Roll aerobics — a lot of movement and jumping, high temp.
  5. Latina aerobics. Recently especially popular, for example, Zumba, which is in almost every fitness club. Fiery Latin rhythms, is not very difficult technically, but very sexy moves. Rhythm, elastic step, the intensive work of the hips. All this ensures good physical activity and high spirits, despite the fatigue.

Of course, dance aerobics can be practiced at home.

Step aerobics in the home and in the audience

Step aerobics has long been prescribed in almost all gyms — intense jumping around the platform proved its effectiveness in building the perfect body. This kind of aerobics can even be called power, because the more advanced complexes include training with weights, and after hopping part is definitely the power unit and at the end of the stretch.

Classes in the hall is better first, because you'll need inventory platform, dumbbells or the weights, and secondly, the coaching and group classes motivate not to stop, but the steppe is a rather heavy kind of aerobics, so the temptation to feel sorry for yourself occur more than once. However, at home it is possible to organize a full training process, especially if you have self-discipline. Inventory easy to buy in the sports store or even to replace with improvised means.

If you plan to do at home, choose a platform with a width of 40 cm and a length of about a meter — some exercises are awkward to do in a very long benches. The height should be chosen for their physical condition, it is not necessary to start with high. In sport shops you can buy a model with adjustable height is very convenient for a beginner.

If step aerobics is to follow a few simple rules:

  • Half an hour before a workout, drink 250 ml of water, during training drink a little and in small portions.
  • When lifting on the platform to move entirely through the leg, without involving the back (it should be straight).
  • The movement should be smooth, without jerks.
  • Foot on the platform put your entire foot.
  • The same movement can be done not more than one minute, and then switch to the other leg (arm) or following exercise.

All the exercises step aerobics performed by a person to the platform (although some authors programs, there are other options, but they are for "advanced users"). The knees of both legs slightly bent to avoid injury. The body must be kept straight, core muscles and the press is tense, the shoulders are lowered, chin raised.

All the complexes of step aerobics are based on a few basic steps: Top-up Basic step, Step touch, V-Step, etc.


Water aerobics for weight loss

Perhaps the only disadvantage of Aqua aerobics that she can do at home (well, except that you have a personal pool). In all other respects is a perfect option for everyone, regardless of weight and age. Due to the fact that classes are held in water, not overloaded joints (primarily the knee), which is very important for people with a large overweight.

To load if this turns out to be very good — at the expense of water resistance to make exercises harder than on land. It is also nice that you don't sweat, you can safely swim to warm up and after your workout. Water helps to evenly distribute the load, to simulate beautiful figure. Actually, for a very fat lady — Aqua aerobics only option intense aerobic activity.

If you wish to get rid of excess weight need to buy an expensive gym membership — the Internet provides a great opportunity to do aerobics at home programme, developed by leading coaches and fans. You can easily find the lessons of Oriental dance, or Zumba, the complexes of step aerobics or rhythmic gymnastics. Choose what you like more and start classes.