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Everyone wants to be slim and strong, stay fit, feel comfortable and to please others. Men and women, young and old, everyone thinks about their figure. The form is very easy to lose. Should relax a bit, treat yourself to a few days – and now, your favorite jeans are not fastened, the numbers on the scale upset. But do not worry. Diet for weight loss of 10 kg will help to correct the situation nearly as easily as it was created.

diet for weight loss 10 kg

It is important to lose weight wisely

It is realistic to lose 10 pounds in a week. But if you do it incorrectly, you can severely affect your health, and then again gain weight. To avoid this, you need to remember one thing. It is not enough just to lose weight, it should be supported. If you have some extra pounds – so your lifestyle is balanced incorrectly. Most likely, you eat very nutritious food for your activity level. And they will appear until you solve the problem reaches a balance. Diet for weight loss of 10 kg will help you to acquire a desired shape, and then she needs the support. That is, strictly limit yourself you don't need, but other habits to develop definitely.

To lose weight in a week to 10 kg is quite a serious stress to the body. It is not necessary to resort to such measures often, especially to comply with such a diet for too long. After all, the purpose of all this – beauty and health. A broken digestive system can lead to problems with excess weight, skin, to spoil the feeling... Just go ahead, using common sense and reducing excess weight will be easy, effective and safe.

Very important is the right diet.

  • Do not return too abruptly to a normal diet. Even if you plan to substantially increase the volume and nutritional value of food, do it gradually.
  • Exclude from the diet fried, smoked, sweet and richly flavored flavors. Don't ban your favorite dishes or products, but if they are included in this list – limit their use.
  • Remember, how does the digestive system and meals in accordance with the rules.
  • Enter follow the diet. If you starve all day and for dinner eat all dreamed about during the day – the weight will fail.
  • Refrain from drinking alcohol and too salty foods. They are able to negate the effect of any diet.

And, of course, important discipline. Follow the directions of the diet, properly go to casual mode and don't forget to stick to it all the time and you will achieve a flawless figure.

Quick diet for weight loss

On this diet you can lose up to 10 pounds in a week, the volume of consumption of grains is not limited, but it is not necessary to cook. This is no joke, but an alternative and more useful way of cooking.

A Cup of buckwheat to pour two cups of boiling water and leave for 12 hours or overnight. During this time it will absorb water and become soft, almost like always. But it contains more nutrients and fiber, this is the whole magic. In addition, it is forbidden to add anything in the sack no salt, no sugar, nothing.

To eat the whole week only buckwheat is not necessary. Here is a list of products, which allows to use this method for weight loss of 10 kg with healthy it's even necessary.

  • Fat-free yogurt
  • The conventional pure water – at least 1.5 liters per day
  • Unsweetened tea, preferably green
  • Green apples
ways to lose weight

You can't eat while on a diet of bananas and grapes because of the sugar in their composition. And any other products should be excluded from the diet, the diet worked the way you want.

For clarity here is an example menu for the day.

  1. For Breakfast. A Cup of buckwheat in the form of porridge – about 100 g yogurt or tea
  2. For lunch. One Cup of oatmeal and an Apple.
  3. For dinner. A glass of no fat yogurt, a Cup buckwheat porridge.

If you stick to this diet a week, it will not only help you lose weight, but also saturate the body beneficial trace elements and vitamins, and will also improve the digestive system. But if you stick with it for more than 10 days, too often to return to it, you can greatly harm your health. Don't overdo it!

Fasting fasting for weight loss of 10 kg Diet doctors

It's not exactly starvation. This is a very strict diet that was developed by physicians and helps to minimize the risk of starvation, maintaining its efficiency. It is an effective diet for weight loss of 10 kg, which you need to stick with caution. During fasting, the body is in extreme conditions of severe shortage of calories, it can cause weakness, dizziness and even fainting. Therefore, watch your health carefully.

Just before beginning the diet do not lean on fat and nutritious food to the jump was very sharp. Eat as plan to maintain weight after a diet.


  • First day. The whole day it is forbidden to eat solid food. All your diet is a 1.5 liters of pure non-carbonated water. In any case, don't gulp it – it must be 5 cups drank during the day. Spread in advance and drink on the clock. If you want more – you can drink more but not more than 3 L.
  • The second day. The same hourly spread of 0.8 liters of skim milk. Its quantity can't be increased, if thirsty – drink water. 30 minutes before bedtime, eat one green Apple.
  • The third day. Only water.
  • Fourth day. You can eat non-starchy vegetables. Without salt. You can prepare a salad from cabbage, carrots and fresh herbs, lightly season with olive oil. To drink only water.
  • The fifth day. Milk and Apple, as on the second day of the diet.
  • Sixth day. For Breakfast allowed one boiled egg without salt and spices. A day – 100 g chicken, preferably chicken breast. Too boiled. And the same of green peas. An hour before bedtime – a couple of green apples.
  • Seventh day. On this day 500 g fat-free cottage cheese – it is better to divide into several meals. Of course, no additives. A liter of milk. In the evening you can eat a green Apple.

This is a very strict diet for 10 kg, while which also is cleansing the body, normalizes metabolism, you will lose weight very rapidly and is not refundable, if in the future to observe the correct diet. However, the exact personal results depend on your state of health, activity and how many extra pounds you had at first.

Diet "The Mayo". Minus 10 pounds in 7 days

The basis of this interesting diet is a special soup. His prescription should be strictly adhered to, but then its amount in the daily diet is not limited, the more you eat – the better. Weight loss of 10 kg occurs without feelings of hunger, which is very valuable. The soup diet there are additional products, but also strictly regulated.


Thus, the method of cooking soup.

  • Ingredients.
  • 2-3 large solid tomato
  • 6 medium heads onion
  • Cabbage – not very big
  • Celery stalks
  • 2 colored peppers
  • Bouillon cube
  • Wash the vegetables and peel
  • Cut into small, roughly equal cubes
  • First boil all the vegetables on high heat for about 10 minutes, then reduce the heat and leave to boil a little. The soup is ready when the cabbage becomes soft.
  • In the end, add a bouillon cube to make the soup more appetizing.

Menu days a week.

  1. Soup you can eat as much as necessary. Drink as much water as possible. You can add to the diet, any fruit except grapes and bananas.
  2. In the soup added a baked potato with butter, 2-3 medium potatoes.
  3. On this day, the potato is prohibited. But you can eat any vegetables without adding oil and spices. And, of course, soup.
  4. Only soup and water. As much as possible of both (without fanaticism), additional products this.
  5. To binding the soup is added 400-500 grams of beef, but only boiled without spices.
  6. Prohibited potatoes and bananas, everything else you can eat, but soup should be eaten more than all the rest together. It is best to add in the soup, the apples and cabbages (broccoli, cauliflower), but you can be guided by your desire.
  7. This is the last day of the diet, the conditions of repeat of the previous day.

Apple-kefir diet for weight loss 10 kg

This diet lasts for 9 days with clear mode. Unlike previous versions, there is no diversity of products. And very few carbohydrates, so while the diet may occasionally feel dizzy – but it does mean that the process is going. It is an effective diet for weight loss 10 kg, but risky to use it often or procrastinate too long.


  • The first 3 days, only yogurt. Fat strictly 1% for the day to drink 1.5 liters.
  • The next 3 days on apples. Every day, 1.5 kg of hard green apples.
  • 3 more days on yogurt.

Many diets, they all work, but different people are more suitable different. To choose can be difficult, and not always necessary so strict measures. If you typed quite a bit and want to quickly fix the situation, or if you develop a long-term system power to maintain weight loss, remember a few rules.

During the diet

  • If you have selected a specific diet – do not deviate from the rules. Eat only those foods that are specified in the rules.
  • Absolutely under any regime and in any diet a person must drink daily 1.5-2 liters of clean water without gas. It improves mood, skin and even enhances the effectiveness of weight loss.
  • In regards to eating, it's hard to keep track of the daily norm of vitamins and minerals. So buy at the pharmacy, an appropriate mix and drink vitamins every day.
  • We all know that to achieve the beautiful figure you must not only eat right but also to move actively. However, during weight loss diet 10 kg, especially with a deficit of carbohydrates, excessive physical activity dangerous. And benefit from it will not – the muscles that do not receive adequate nutrition do not develop.

Rules after the diet

  • Is to forget about store-bought beverages. They contain too much sugar and harmful substances, and as a result, you drink much less useful clean water. Even store-bought juices do not benefit – replace them with fresh. It's not a big loss: after a while you will forget them sharp tastes and return to it not want.
  • Control starchy foods. White flour is not much use, but greatly accelerates the formation of fat. If there is bread – whole wheat, if the treat for tea – a piece of dark chocolate, if sweet snack with some fresh fruit.
  • To wean yourself from sugar. Sweeteners are also not very reliable friends. Actually, not to sweet tea and coffee and no dessert after eating quickly, but in extreme cases, replace the sugar with honey.
  • In the work our digestive system has a certain routine.
  • Foods with carbohydrates have up to 12 hours and a separate protein – in the second half of the day.
  • Protein is best absorbed if ingested simultaneously with fiber. That is not sweet vegetables without starch.
  • For a couple of hours before bedtime, do not need to eat at all, to the stomach time to process food before going to sleep.
diet on apples

Treat your body responsibly. The optimal weight is very important, but equally important to good health, beautiful skin, healthy hair, strong bones. Do not forget about the pleasures, including the satisfaction of eating not only healthy, but tasty.

It is not difficult, if to always remember the rules of proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.