Experience in the use of Fito Spray

The story we told Alex to Berlin. The man spoke about the effects of spray for weight loss Fito Spray and shared their results.

I want to share my story of struggle with excess weight. Perhaps it will help someone.

My story is similar to many others. All my life I played sports and was in good shape guy. Even in the first grade, my parents sent me to Tae Kwon do in high school, I became interested in kickboxing and left the former sport, though it has managed to achieve in this milestone. After high school, my parents insisted that I go to law University, but I saw myself only in sports – about the office was not even considered.

I joined the faculty of Olympic and professional sports, in the 4th year married, which was probably the main reason that after graduation, I did not want to make a career and went to work as a trainer in the best fitness club in the city. The money paid well, for a family enough. I had different customers, but the majority were, of course, people with excess weight. I made them a personalized nutrition program and training, and we had great results.

At that time, when I saw full of people on the streets, I wondered: why? Are they satisfied with their appearance? Why they don't want to deal with this problem? After all, it seemed to me that it's pretty simple: I came to a nutritionist, joined a gym, and a year and a half has led. Little did I know that very soon not just be in the place of the people I look with condemnation but himself give the answer to the question, why they are, and why such I now.

What the result of hard work without proper rest

But is not about that. I worked very hard, weekend arranged only on the big holidays, on vacation, could not be considered at this time I had 5-6 sessions a day. But one day I just couldn't get out of bed. It was a terrible feeling of helplessness and horror – I have no pain, but just didn't have the strength. I got a call at work, everyone was shocked by my absence, but I didn't even want to explain anything to them. Wife called ambulance and I was hospitalized and after diagnosis, was diagnosed with a malfunction of the endocrine system on the background of acute fatigue.

As I confessed at the time that did not want to hear your body and work wear, but this realization came too late. I got treated and sent home, prescribed hormonal therapy and promised that after payment of my health fully back to normal. Perhaps it would have been, if back home with me began to happen something very strange: I felt pretty good, but didn't want to go to the gym, just lay on the sofa all day, and even walk outside the house I did not have to persuade.

My wife, this situation is not acceptable. Not only that, I did not bring money into the family, and nothing helped her, but to look at the person around the clock stares at the ceiling – not a pleasant. As a result, the wife just took the baby and left me. I stayed in my depression, starting to eat his pain and loneliness. A year and a half I was not to know – from a healthy strong man I became a patient with obesity old. Friends tried to get me out of this condition, but it was useless. That's when I realized that not all fat people are able to pull myself together, stop eating and start working in the hall. Many of them apparently were in such a emotional state that simply prevents them to change.

Changes for the better

Once, when my daughter came to visit me, she brought me Fito Spray (ex-wife decided to buy it for me) and requested that I at least tried. I pretended I agreed, but she realized that I'm not going to do even a small thing, to help itself, which began to cry. Then me like an electric shock – I began to realize that enjoying his helplessness, hurt all those people who love me. And even this little girl suffers from the fact that I don't want to click on the spray bottle several times a day. Her tears almost made me sober, and I decided to try it.

This spray really gave me a second life thanks to him I have lost the desire to continuously something to chew on. Then I started to want the food that I was eating before, and all these buns, cakes, fried meatballs and potatoes become heavy and unpleasant to the taste. Such a change of diet helped me to reduce body fat mass, which in turn gave impetus and desire to be healthy again. Gradually I began to go to the gym, of course, not as a coach, but as a customer. All this time continued to use Fito Spraythat helped me to stick to the nutrition program that I myself made up, and most importantly-it was easy for me not to eat in the evenings.

The experience of using Fito Spray

In General, I very quickly regained his old form for nearly six months I managed to lose 57 pounds! Hormonal therapy was canceled, his wife and child returned, and I could live again the past life. Now I better understand its customers, so I made some adjustments that I designed weight loss programs. Now I pay more attention to the psycho-emotional work with clients, and, of course, suggest they spray Fito Spray.